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15 Best Tech Suits For Swimmers- The Ultimate Racing Suits Guide

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Are you looking for a new and innovative tech suit to assist you in reaching new heights as a swimmer? Well, in that case, you’ve come to the right place because in today’s article we will be taking a look at the 15 best tech suits for competitive swimmers.

There is nothing like picking up a new tech suit after months and months of hard training, spending hours upon hours in both the pool and the gym to ensure that you are as ready as it gets to swim fast.

Tech suits are like the final piece of the puzzle and they are built and designed to enhance your performance in the water, here’s how-

A recent study (1) published in the Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine by researchers Jean-Claude Chatard and Barry Wilson found evidence that tech suits have the ability to provide swimmers with an overall performance benefit of roughly 3.2% when compared to normal training suits.

Additionally, there were findings that tech suits were able to reduce drag by more or less 4.4% to 6.2%, there is also evidence of a notable reduction in the energy cost of swimming rounding to about 4.5% to 5.5% in total.

The study concluded that tech suits have the ability to significantly reduce passive drag, resulting in a decreased cost of energy while swimming as well as increased distance per stroke and a faster stroke rate. Allowing for faster swimming performances.

15 Best tech suits to dominate your swimming

Here are the best tech suits for swimmers-

  1. Speedo LZR Pure Intent tech suit 
  2. Arena Carbon Air 2 
  3. TYR Venzo tech suit 
  4. Finis Rival 2.0 
  5. Speedo LZR Pure Valor tech suit
  6. Mizuno GX Sonic IV tech suit 
  7. Dolfin Lightstrike
  8. TYR Avictor tech suit
  9. Arena Carbon Flex VX
  10. Jaked JRush
  11. MP Xpresso
  12. Dolfin Titanium tech suit
  13. Blueseventy Nero 14 tech suit
  14. Budget suit- Finis Fuse
  15. Budget suit- Arena ST 2.0
All the tech suits and their key features as well as my thoughts on them are listed below the table.

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Tech SuitRecommended Events For SuitMaterial CompositionOur RatingView Latest Price On SwimOutlet
Speedo LZR Pure Intent tech suitAll 50, 100, and 200 events73% nylon, 23% lycra10/10>View Price
TYR Venzo tech suitAll 50, 100, and 200 events70% nylon, 30% lycra10/10>View Price
Arena Carbon Air 2All freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly events65% polyamide, 34% elastane, 1% carbon fiber9/10>View Price
Finis Rival 2.0 tech suitAll events44% elastane, 41% polyamide, 15% polyester9/10>View Price
Speedo LZR Pure Valor tech suitIM and long-distance events65% nylon, 35% lycra9/10>View Price
Mizuno Sonic GX IVAll eventsN/A9/10>View Price
Dolfin LightstrikeAll events42% nylon, 32% polyester, 27% spandex8/10>View Price
TYR Avictor tech suitDistance events, and IM events70% nylon, 30% lycra8/10>View Price
Arena Carbon Flex VXAll 50, 100, and 200 events52% nylons, 47% elastance, 1% carbon fiber8/10>View Price
Jaked JRush tech suitAll freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly events67% polyamide, 32% elastane, 1% carbon fiber8/10>View Price
MP Xpresso tech suitAll events56% polyamide, 44% elastane8/10>View Price
Dolfin TitaniumAll events56% polyamide, 44% elastane8/10>View Price
Blueseventy Nero 14All events80% polyamide, 20% elastane7/10>View Price
Finis Fuse (budget tech suit)All events71% polyamide, 29% elastane7/10>View Price
Arena ST 2.0 (budget tech suit)All events71% polyamide, 29% elastane6/10>View Price

1. Speedo LZR Pure Intent tech suit 

Speedo is a great and popular swimming brand among competitive swimmers, and they never fail to deliver excellent swimming gear. The LZR Pure Intent is one of Speedo’s latest tech suits and it is absolutely feature-loaded with a design built for fast racing.Speedo Women's LZR Pure Intent Tech Suit SwimsuitSpeedo Men's LZR Pure Intent Jammer Tech Suit Swimsuit

The LZR Pure Intent tech suit has some awesome features like dual compression layers for enhanced blood circulation, textured fabric zones for decreased drag while swimming, and a new band technology allowing for an enhanced kicking cycle.

Overall, the Speedo LZR Pure Intent is an excellent tech suit with some awesome features and a neat and durable design. 

Here are some features of the Speedo LZR Pure Intent tech suit-

  • The Speedo Pure Intent has dual compression layers in its design, this will allow for intelligent muscle compression, ultimately enhancing blood flow to muscles.
  • The suit has an ergonomic seam construction, when this is combined with the dual compression layers it allows the suit to connect critical muscle groups for increased power output while racing.
  • The Pure Intent has a triple fabric construction with bonded seams, allowing the swimmer to have a greater range of motion in the water.
  • Textured fabric zones in the suit target drag reduction for enhanced swimming performances.
  • New band technology in the Speedo Pure Intent allows for a powerful leg kick while racing.
  • Lastly, the suit has a premium waistband engineered to reduce water ingress, ultimately reducing drag and resistance.

2. TYR Venzo tech suit 

The third tech suit on our list is the TYR Venzo. TYR is another great swimming brand with some really good tech suits. The Venzo is TYR’s latest and most innovative racing suit. The suit has some cool and new features and technology built into it and if that wasn’t enough- it also comes in some awesome looking patterns.TYR Women's Venzo Genesis Tech Suit SwimsuitTYR Men's Venzo Genesis Jammer Tech Suit Swimsuit

The TYR team did some hardcore research on aspects like the types of fibers used in the suit. This has allowed them to create a frictionless fiber construction, ultimately allowing for far less drag in the water.

Additionally, the suit also has excellent muscle compression as well as some other drag reduction features built into its design. Overall, the Venzo is a superb tech suit with an outstanding design.

Here are some features of the TYR Venzo tech suit-

  • The TYR Venzo has a frictionless fiber construction. The TYR team has analyzed drag on a microscopic level to design a suit that utilizes ultra-smooth fiber, allowing for a frictionless and durable fabric.
  • Surface lift technology in the suit stops water from permeating the fabric of the tech suit, ultimately resulting in a higher body position in the water. This can reduce resistance and make you swim faster.
  • The TYR Venzo contains an endo compression cage. This forms a flexible and compressive cage of support for the abdominals, obliques, and quadriceps and creates a snapback effect that increases distance per stroke.
  • Seamless Exo shell design is aimed at streamlining body position while decreasing drag.

3. Arena Carbon Air 2 tech suit

You are probably familiar with the all so popular original Arena Carbon Air. Well, Arena has upgraded that suit to deliver us the Carbon Air 2. The Arena Carbon Air 2 is a great tech suit with a very solid design and a nice bundle of features to come along.Arena Women's Powerskin Carbon Air2 Tech Suit SwimsuitArena Men's Powerskin Carbon Air2 Jammer Tech Suit Swimsuit

It has many of the same awesome features that swimmers adored in the original Air, but it also has a few nice upgrades making it far better than the original Carbon Air.

The suit now utilizes a single fabric construction, instead of 2 separate fabrics to reduce drag. It is more water-resistant and has enhanced comfort and compression, and allows for increased range of motion. The Arena Carbon Air 2 also comes in some really cool patterns.

All in all, it is a great tech suit with some solid features and a nice overall build. Personally, I really like this suit because of its lightweight and functional design.

Here are some features of the Arena Carbon Air 2 tech suit-

  • The Carbon Air 2 has a single fabric construction, this reduces drag by removing the side seams on the suit. It also decreases water absorption, increases comfort and makes the suit easier to put on.
  • Carbon bands in the suit allow for comfortable and intelligent muscle compression. They attach to important stretch points to provide compression on overextended zones, improve core stability and enhance power when required.
  • The Arena Carbon Air 2 allows for a greater range of motion. The internal lining is made up out of 3 different panels to allow for increased freedom of movement.
  • The Air 2 has an ultra-lightweight design with a material composition of 65% Polyamide, 34% Elastane and 1% Carbon Fiber.

4. Finis Rival 2.0 tech suit

Next is the Finis Rival 2.0 tech suit. In my opinion, Team Finis has really outdone themselves with this suit. The Finis Rival 2.0 is an exceptional tech suit with some top-notch features and a splendid construction.FINIS Women's Rival 2.0 Tech Suit SwimsuitFinis Rival 2.0 men's jammer tech suit

Some of the performance-enhancing features include ultra-water resistant fabric for decreased drag as well as a longer-lasting design, flexible hip panels for increased range of motion in all of the strokes, and hip-lift technology for enhanced body position and decreased drag.

All in all, a really great tech suit with some nice features built-in. The Rival 2.0 has an aesthetically pleasing and simplistic look and will definitely provide your swimming performances with a boost.

Here are some features of the Finis Rival 2.0 tech suit-

  • The Finis Rival 2.0 tech suit utilizes fabric technology to retain very small amounts of water. This ultimately creates a shield-like effect while reducing drag and friction in the water.
  • Shield-tech proprietary fabric allows the suit to move with your body. It also allows for a tough and durable fabric.
  • The Finis Rival 2.0 has flexible hip panels built-in. These single-layered panels on the inner thighs allow for increased range of motion in all of the strokes.
  • Hip-lift technology utilizes innovative seams on the back of the legs to increase muscle compression and to lock the swimmer into a perfect body position.
  • Ultra-lightweight design with a material composition of 44% Elastane, 41% Polyamide, and 15% Polyester.

5. Speedo LZR Pure Valor tech suit

The LZR Pure Valor is also one of Speedo’s most recent and innovative tech suits, it was released at about the same time as the Speedo LZR Pure Intent but focuses on different swimming events.Speedo Women's LZR Pure Valor Tech Suit SwimsuitSpeedo Men's LZR Pure Valor Jammer Tech Suit Swimsuit

At a quick glance, it looks like the suits offer a very similar design and set of features, but in reality that is far from the truth. The LZR Pure Valor contains lower levels of muscular compression as well as more range of motion when compared to the LZR Pure Intent. 

This essentially optimizes the suit for middle- and long-distance swimmers, as well as breaststroke and IM swimmers by making it more of a multi-racer suit rather than a pure sprinting suit.

Overall, the Speedo Pure Valor tech suit is a great tech suit with some awesome and unique features loaded into its construction. I recommend this suit if you fall into the category mentioned above or if you are a versatile swimmer with a large set of events and stroke specializations.

Here are some features of the Speedo LZR Pure Valor tech suit-

  • Lightweight design with a material composition of 65% Nylon and 35% Lycra.
  • The Speedo Pure Valor has moderate compression, making it a good suit for middle- and long-distance swimming events.
  • Compressive inner leg seams allow the suit to provide greater muscle support while racing.
  • The Pure Valor suit is designed and constructed to support an increased range of motion in the water. 
  • It has flat-bonded seams and improved finishes for optimal hydrodynamics.
  • Lastly, the Pure Valor also has a new and improved leg and waistband, built to reduce water ingress, allowing for reduced drag and increased durability of the suit.

6. Mizuno GX Sonic IV tech suit 

Mizuno tech suits have taken the competitive swimming world by storm. It only took a few weeks for the Mizuno suits to be rocked onto pool deck by a large number of both elite and professional swimmers after being introduced to western markets.Mizuno Women's GX-Sonic IV Tech Suit SwimsuitMizuno Men's GX-Sonic IV Elite Jammer Tech Suit Swimsuit

In my opinion, the Mizuno Sonic GX IV is easily one of the best tech suits currently available.

The suit comes in 2 main variants- The Sprinter edition (ST) and the multi-racer edition (MR). The ST has higher compression and is built for shorter distances while the MR is a great overall tech suit for all of the strokes. (similar to the Speedo LZR Pure Valor)

All in all, the Mizuno Sonic GX IV is a feature-loaded racing suit constructed to help you swim at your fastest speeds. The suit has great compression, great buoyancy, excellent drag reduction, and to top it all off- it comes in at a really good price.

Here are some features of the Mizuno Sonic GX IV tech suit-

  • The Mizuno Sonic GX IV is engineered and constructed for speed.
  • The suit combines grooved sonic light ribtex II fabric with Sonic Line Design X taping to lift the swimmer’s lower body, support body-position and to enhance the kick cycle throughout your race.
  • Ultra-lightweight design.
  • Sonic light ribtex II fabric contains water-resistant material, ultimately allowing for minimal water resistance, while providing compressive muscle support.
  • The design X taping in the suit supports both up and down kicking while offering a hip-lift sensation throughout your entire race.

7. Dolfin Lightstrike tech suit

The Lightstrike is Dolfin’s most advanced and innovative tech suit ever created. This suit is the combined result of years and years of research in biomechanics, drag reduction, fabric innovation, and muscle compression.  icon iconDolfin Women's Lightstrike Tech Suit SwimsuitDolfin Men's Lightstrike Jammer Tech Suit Swimsuit

The Lightstrike tech suit has some of the most unique features of any tech suit currently available. It utilizes the most compressive and elite fabrics to ever be approved by FINA and it is also the first-ever tech suit with variable muscle compression in its design.

Overall, the Dolfin Lightstrike is a mind-blowing tech suit with some very solid features and superb design. It is optimized for every swimming stroke and contains some great customization technology.

Here are some features of the Dolfin Lightstrike tech suit-

  • Super lightweight construction with a material composition of 42% nylon, 31% polyester, and 27% spandex.
  • Stormlight shell and hyperlight lining fabric provide the highest strength to waist ratio of any previous FINA-approved tech suit fabric.
  • Perfect micro-sizing design provides all swimmers with a superior fit in the 3 most important zones, namely the chest, torso, and legs.
  • Patent-pending tape around the torso area is exclusively engineered to compress, control, and activate the core for enhanced swimming performance.
  • The Dolfin Lightstrike tech suit is the first-ever tech suit to utilize variable compression fabric, swimmers can now customize their major muscle control to fit their range of motion requirements and race plan.
  • Vibration control taping mimics human anatomy to reduce drag while increasing muscular compression and controlling muscle groups for additional energy return.

8. TYR Avictor tech suit

The TYR Avictor is a slightly older tech suit when compared to some of the other suits on our list. Nevertheless, it’s still without a doubt one of the best tech suits available. The Avictor presents some nice features and has a solid overall design, optimized for all of the swimming strokes.TYR Women's Avictor Tech Suit SwimsuitTYR Men's Avictor Jammer Tech Suit Swimsuit

It has a very neat feature called “hydrosphere technology”, this essentially causes water to surround the suit, ultimately creating a visible hydrospheric effect and effectively reducing drag. The suit also offers good compression and has a lightweight and mobile design.

All in all, the TYR Avictor is a feature-loaded tech suit still widely being used by many elite-level competitive swimmers. If you are looking for pure feature, however, I recommend going with the slightly more expensive and newer model- the TYR Venzo, listed above.

Here are some features of the TYR Avictor tech suit-

  • Hydrosphere technology, causes water to surround the suit creating a visible hydrospheric effect. Ultimately reducing drag and boosting speed in the water.
  • Supersonic flex bonding seams in the suit allow for maximum comfort and stretch. Ultimately, allowing for a stretch up to 360° and 100% natural movement.
  • Lightweight design with a material composition of 70% nylon and 30% Lycra.
  • Ultra compressive design allows blood to rapidly circulate through the muscle tissue allowing for effective blood circulation and enhanced performance.
  • The TYR Avictor offers core-stabilization and overall muscular support for increased power output in the water.

9. Arena Carbon Flex VX tech suit

The Arena Carbon Flex VX is another top-notch tech suit. Similar to the TYR Avictor it also features a slightly older design and may lack some of the features found in the more recent suits.Arena Women's Powerskin Carbon Flex VX Tech Suit SwimsuitArena Men's Powerskin Carbon Flex VX Jammer Tech Suit Swimsuit

With that being said, it is still an absolutely excellent tech suit and in my opinion, one of the best tech suits Arena has ever made.

Despite its slightly older design, the suit is still actively being worn by many professional and world-class swimmers, such as Adam Peaty for example who is the current world record holder in both the 50m and 100m breaststroke events.

And yes, I am aware that this suit is very popular among breaststroke swimmers, but nonetheless, it is still a great option for all of the other strokes as well.

Here are some features of the Arena Carbon Flex VX tech suit-

  • The Carbon Flex VX has a multi-panel design that utilizes anchor points and high-strength elastic tape to create tension along the back of the upper legs. This helps the swimmer to maintain a good body position while reducing drag.
  • V-flex design removes the lower leg side seams allowing for maximum flexibility and range of motion in the hips and glutes, the suit also allows unrestricted flexion in all directions.
  • Intelligent muscle compression allows for increased blood circulation through muscles.
  • The Arena Carbon Flex VX has a lightweight design with a material composition of 52% Nylon, 47% Elastane and 1% Carbon Fiber.

10. Jaked JRush tech suit

The JRush is Jaked’s most recent and advanced tech suit. The JRush is a feature bundled tech suit with a great overall design and some impressive specs to come along. The JRush suit has a unique weave contain carbon fiber for reduced weight and added performance benefits. iconJaked JRUSH Women's Tech Suit Swimsuit Jaked Men's JRUSH Jammer Tech Suit Swimsuit

Some of the other features include a compression optimized design, a drag-reducing construction, and a seam-free leg build engineered to provide swimmers with maximized freedom of movement. 

Overall, the Jaked JRush is a great tech suit with some nice features. The suit will definitely provide some good physical benefits allowing for enhanced swimming performances.

Here are some features of the Jaked JRush tech suit-

  • The Jaked JRush tech suit contains carbon fiber thread in the woven fabric design for enhanced performance properties.
  • The design provides optimal muscle compression for improved blood circulation.
  • The JRush is built to reduce vibration for optimized drag reduction.
  • The suit is constructed to reduce friction drag in the water.
  • Seam-free leg design with silicon bands provides the swimmer with maximum range of motion without the risk of the fabric slipping.
  • Special water-repellent treatments allow the suit to repel water molecules very effectively allowing the swimmer to experience optimal glide while racing.
  • Lightweight and high-quality design with a material composition of 67% polyamide, 32% elastane, and 1% carbon fiber.

11. MP Xpresso tech suit

The MP Xpresso was designed and built under the guidance of the legendary Michael Phelps. The Xpresso is also a slightly older tech suit, but it still packs some solid features and will definitely throw a punch or two in the direction of swimming performance.MP Michael Phelps Women's Xpresso Tech Suit SwimsuitMP Michael Phelps Xpresso Jammer Tech Suit Swimsuit

Personally, I still see many competitive swimmers rocking this suit to their big and important meets and for good reason too-

The MP Xpresso tech suit doesn’t fail to deliver in terms of compression, its aqua-core, and exo-foil fabric enhance muscular compression while the important compression panels are placed along the femoral artery to ensure for optimal blood circulation to the legs and feet.

Additionally, the Xpresso packs some other critical features such as optimized freedom of movement, a comfortable fit, and a lightweight design. All in all, it’s a great tech suit and it even comes in a few cool color patterns if that interests you.

Here are some features of the MP Xpresso tech suit-

  • The MP Xpresso suit utilizes aqua-core and exo-foil 3D Fabric to allow for better muscle compression in the water.
  • Relatively light-weight with a material composition of 77% Nylon and 23% Lycra. 
  • The higher nylon content ultimately contributes to a more comfortable tech suit.
  • Leg grips are designed for a tight and secured fit.
  • Compression is paneled along the femoral artery, allowing blood to be delivered faster to your feet and legs.
  • The MP Xpresso tech suit allows for an increased range of motion and optimal flexibility while racing.

12. Dolfin Titanium tech suit

The Titanium tech suit is one of Dolfin’s slightly older models, but it is still hugely popular and packs some fantastic features. The Dolfin Titanium tech suit is built for high-performance swimming and it contains a 4-stage framing system allowing for superior muscle compression and energy return. iconDolfin Women's Titanium Kneeskin Tech Suit Swimsuit Dolfin Men's Titanium Jammer Tech Suit Swimsuiticon

The superior hydrophobic coating turns the suit into a water-repellent machine ultimately stopping any water absorption and weight gain. Vertical control welding ensures for an optimized body-position while the construction allows for maximum range of motion.

Overall, the Dolfin Titanium is a great tech suit with some solid features and a great overall build. It’s slightly older than the new Dolfin Lightstrike, but will certainly suffice as a valuable racing companion.

Here are some features of the Dolfin Titanium tech suit-

  • Precise compression wrapping provides zoned muscular control and compliments body position and streamlining.
  • The built-in booster shield uses control welding to enhance muscle return while reducing vibration in the key areas of the chest, torso, thighs, and glutes.
  • Super-hydrophobic coating minimizes friction and fabric weight gain while swimming.
  • The design allows for a durable and long-lasting tech suit.
  • 3D profile design enables maximum tensile strength in all directions of the body allowing for uniform muscle compression.
  • Long-axis vertical control welding enables a streamlined body to provide superior stability and control over major muscle groups.
  • The suit is engineered to ensure no restriction in any dynamic swimming motion.
  • Lightweight design with a material composition of 65% polyamide and 35% elastane.

13. Blueseventy Nero 14 tech suit

The Nero 14 is Blueseventy’s latest tech suit and it’s packed with some solid performance-enhancing features. The Nero 14 tech suit also features a new contoured fit as well as seam welding to provide you with an edge over your competitors. icon iconBlueseventy NERO 14 Kneeskin Tech Suit SwimsuitBlueseventy NERO 14 Jammer Tech Suit Swimsuit

The high-quality and compressive fabric of the suit allows for effective blood circulation while the internally placed stability panels optimize your body position in the water. The design is highly hydrophobic and will repel any water molecule that dares to weigh you down.

All in all, the Blueseventy Nero 14 is a great tech suit with some nice features. The suit has a high-quality design and the fit has been perfected with the feedback from countless tests with real swimmers.

Here are some features of the Blueseventy Nero 14 tech suit-

  • Designed from highly compressive fabric to ensure enhanced blood circulation.
  • Internally placed core stability panels optimize body position and reduce drag while swimming.
  • Refined fit allows for superior hydrodynamics while swimming.
  • Welded seams and low-profile waistband reduces overall drag.
  • Lightweight and quick-dry fabric.
  • The hydrophobic design effectively repels water and reduces friction.
  • Engineered for maximized comfort and optimized range of motion during every stretch, reach, pull, and kick.

14. Budget suit- Finis Fuse

The Finis Fuse is easily one of my favorite budget tech suits. This suit has the look and feel of a premium suit while coming in at a very affordable price. The Fuse is packed with some solid features and it has a solid and comfortable design.FINIS Fuse Race Women's Tech SuitFINIS Men's Fuse Solid Jammer Tech Suit Swimsuit

The suit is built with flexible muscle compression allowing for both enhanced blood circulation as well as a good range of motion while swimming. High-water repellent technology allows the Fuse tech suit to effectively reduce weight while the double panel design reduces drag in the water.

Overall, I really like the Finis Fuse tech suit. This suit is great for saving some money if you don’t want to pick up one of the more expensive suits. It’s important to note that the suit may lack some of the high-end features since it does come in at a far lower price point.

Here are some features of the Finis Fuse tech suit-

  • The suit contains flexible muscle compression to allow for increased blood flow and a full range of motion while swimming.
  • Welded seam technology in the suit incorporates bonded seams with a double panel construction to reduce drag in the water.
  • The Finis Fuse tech suit is designed to repel water effectively in order to reduce drag and turbulence while swimming.
  • Optimal compression technology in the suit allows for high-levels of muscle compression with resilient elasticity built-in.
  • The Finis Fuse tech suit has a versatile fit with its bonded seams and durable features.
  • Silicone watertight edges allow for a comfortable grip while wearing.
  • Quality fabric with a material composition of 71% polyamide and 29% elastane. 
  • It comes in at an affordable and budget price point.
If you are looking for some more awesome budget tech suits then I suggest you check out my article- “The 10 best budget tech suits” by clicking here.

15. Budget suit- Arena ST 2.0

The final tech suit on our list is the Arena ST 2.0. Now, as mentioned this is a budget tech suit and it comes in at a significantly lower price than some of the other high-end tech suits on this list.Arena Women's Powerskin ST 2.0 Tech Suit SwimsuitArena Men's Powerskin ST 2.0 Solid Jammer Tech Suit Swimsuit

If you are looking for a purely feature optimized suit, then I would go with one of the more expensive and recent tech suits. Nonetheless, you could still get some nice performance benefits by rocking out the Arena ST 2.0.

The suit has good muscle compression, a lightweight and comfortable design, it allows for maximum freedom of movement and it also provides some muscular support and stability while swimming.

All in all, not a bad suit, I recommend picking up the Arena ST 2.0 if you are looking for something that still has some decent features while coming in at a lower price.

Here are some features of the Arena ST 2.0 tech suit-

  • The Arena ST 2.0 offers decent muscle compression allowing for increased blood flow to muscle tissues while racing.
  • Relatively light-weight design with a material composition of 71% Nylon and 29% Lycra.
  • The Arena ST 2.0 allows for complete freedom of movement.
  • Ergonomic design allows the suit to offer enhanced muscular support, stability, and comfort while racing.
  • Budget price point
If you are interested in the Arena ST 2.0 and you would like to find out a bit more about this suit, then I suggest you read my full review on it by clicking here.

Why you should invest in a tech suit: some of the physical benefits-

1. Muscle compression enhances blood circulation and improves swimming performance.

All tech suits provide some form of compression. Some suits provide slightly more compression while others provide slightly less.

Compression is a critical feature to have in a tech suit since it allows blood to circulate through your muscles at a higher rate. This blood will then resupply your muscles with oxygen and nutrients, while also removing lactic acid and other toxins.

At the end of the day, this will allow you to swim at higher speeds for longer durations, ultimately allowing for faster swimming times and more PBs and gold medals.

2. Tech suits increase stroke rate and stroke length while swimming.

A study (2) conducted by the Faculty of Sport Sciences at the University of Rouen in France looked at the effects of tech suits on factors such as buoyancy, passive torque, glide, and arm coordination.

In total 15 elite French swimmers volunteered to participate in the study. The final conclusion of the study showed evidence that tech suits had the effect of improving glide and reducing drag while swimming.

This essentially created conditions where swimmers were able to produce faster stroke rates, ultimately improving their performance in the water.

3. Tech suits decrease drag and friction in the water.

Tech suits are engineered to effectively reduce drag and resistance while swimming as much as possible. A reduction in drag will ultimately result in higher swimming speeds and better times when racing. 

Tech suits decrease drag in many ways, but we will be taking a quick look at 3 common and effective methods used in the design with the first being the use of water-resistant fabrics and treatments. This stops water from permeating the fabric and increasing overall weight that can possibly weigh you down.

The second-way tech suits decrease drag is by using ultra-lightweight fabrics and designs. This will ensure that you stay as light as possible while racing.

And the third and final way tech suits reduce drag is by almost completely removing seams or at least placing them in optimized areas. This will allow your tech suit to be more like an advanced second layer of skin, ultimately keeping you smooth and fast in the water

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10 Tips for looking after your tech suit

1.) Save it for your big day.

Only wear your tech suit, when gold or a really important record is on the line. Don’t wear your tech suit unnecessarily. Unfortunately, these suits slowly wear out with every race, so save them for the big ones.

2.) Take your time when fitting into your tech suit.

Yes, yes, I know these suits are tight and a bit uncomfortable but don’t try to get them on or off as fast as possible. 

When changing into your suit at a fast pace you will make yourself vulnerable to a tear. I’ve been in the changing rooms where the guy next to me simply pulls down his suit and has it off within 2 seconds, only to complain about his newly created tear for hours… Not worth it right?

3.) Don’t hang it up

When drying your tech suit, it’s better to roll it up in a towel and wait it out or to simply lay it down on a flat surface. If you hang your suit up it can result in stretching. This will make your suit looser and you will lose some of those nice compression benefits.

4.) Rinse it out with cold water

Chlorine in the pool can damage your tech suit if you don’t rinse it out within a few hours.

When you are done racing for the day it’s always a good idea to rinse out your suit with some cold water to remove any potentially harmful chlorine molecules.

5.) Wear pants and shorts over them in between races.

Unless you are planning on taking your suit off and putting it back on every 20 minutes it is probably a good idea to wear pants or shorts over them. This will prevent your suit from damage or getting caught on something and tearing.

Looking for the best swimming brands for your tech suit and swimming gear? Check out my article on the best swimming brands by clicking here.

6.) Go underneath the lane ropes after your race

I would think this is a pretty obvious one, but clearly not. Lane ropes can sometimes be sharp and pointy and you don’t want your tech suit getting stuck on them after your race. 

It’s best to simply go underneath the lane rope instead of tearing your suit on a broken piece of plastic.

7.) Don’t leave your tech suit in direct sunlight

When you leave your tech suit to dry in direct sunlight it can damage the fabrics and dramatically reduce the suits’ durability. Rather place your suit indoors to air dry on a table or a flat surface. You will thank yourself later.

8.) When tying your drawstrings, cross them to prevent tearing.

This is a slightly more complicated one to explain on paper, but I’ll do my best. 

When tying the drawstring of your tech suit before you go and smash another PB cross the drawstring so that it forms an X.

Do not pull them in different directions from each other when tying them. When you pull them away from each other (in a Y-shape) you put a strain on the fabric and it can result in an unnecessary tear.

9.) Go to the bathroom before putting on your tech suit.

It’s your big day, you have your new suit and you have been training for months. 

You don’t want to have to put your tech suit on a thousand times, because of all those nerves causing you to head to the bathroom since this can result in unnecessary stretching and decreased durability of your suit.

Try to get it all out before changing into your tech suit.

10.) Do not put on your tech suit if you are not 100% dry.

Putting on a wet tech suit is going to require a lot of pulling and stretching. The suit is going to stick to your body while you try to get it on. This can result in you stretching your tech suit and it losing some of its cool features.

Make sure to dry yourself completely before attempting to put on your tech suit. Use baby powder to get unnecessary moisture off your body if needed.

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Tech suits have many performance-enhancing features. They can help us swim faster by improving our physical capabilities, as well as enhancing the mental side of things. In my opinion, every competitive swimmer should be investing in a new tech suit every season or two.

This will help you as a swimmer to stay up to date with the latest performance-enhancing racing technology. Tech suits are constantly getting better and it’s important to make sure that you aren’t being placed at a disadvantage to your competition.

It is also important to remember that tech suits only help to enhance performance, they don’t create performance. So they aren’t going to make up for you skipping training or slacking down when you need to push harder in practice.

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  • I get the whole tech suit thing, and all…grew up as a competitive swimmer way back when it was just all speedo suits!

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