swimoutlet review

SwimOutlet Review- The Web’s Most Popular Swim Shop Reviewed

Your One Stop Destination for Everything Aquatic- SwimOutlet is the premier online destination for aquatics apparel and the web’s most popular swim shop. Since its inception, SwimOutlet has expanded into virtually every activity that takes place in and around water, becoming the largest online specialty store for aquatics in North America (and the world). In …

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disadvantages of swimming

5 Disadvantages Of Swimming You Should Be Aware Of

Swimming is well known for its many advantages such as being a great all-around workout, burning a ton of calories, being low impact, strengthening your heart and cardiovascular system, and many more.  Something less discussed, however, are the disadvantages of swimming- and while there aren’t many- and all of the advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages …

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dryland cardio workouts for swimmers

Dryland Cardio For Swimmers- 7 Workouts To Build Endurance

Swimming is well known as being one of the best cardio workouts out there. That said, many competitive swimmers still incorporate dryland cardio into their training schedule to improve their endurance and overall performance in the water.  One of the main benefits of adding additional dryland cardio to your swimming training schedule is the fact …

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approved tech suits 12 and under

7 Best Tech Suits Approved For Swimmers 12 And Under (2021)

DISCLAIMER: This article is in no way directed towards swimmers aged 13 years old or younger, but rather to the parents of those swimmers who purchase their tech suits and other gear. Tech suits are well known for enhancing swimming performance in the water. These suits utilize innovative fabrics and technology to enhance certain aspects …

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