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8 Best Pull Buoys for Swimming- The Expert Review

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Are you always falling behind in training? How about in competition? Would you like to fix that? 

Are you looking to improve your pulling technique and power, build upper body strength, and swim faster? If so, a pull buoy can be a great addition to your swim workouts. 

According to a study published in the BioMed Research Journal, your arm stroke can contribute upwards to an average of 68.45% to your total swimming velocity. This means that building a strong pull is an essential aspect of becoming a well-rounded swimmer. 

So whether you are falling behind in training or competition and looking to fix that, or if you’re looking for a new pull buoy for training, I’ve got you covered. In this article, I review the best pull buoys currently available, answer some common questions you might have, and provide guidance on how to choose the best pull buoy for you. 

In a hurry? Here are my top recommendations:

best pull buoys

Why Do You Need a Pull Buoy? The Benefits of Pull Buoys 

Quick Summary:

  • Pull buoys can help you improve your swimming technique by lifting your body in the water and removing the kick, enabling you to focus on your arm stroke.
  • By eliminating the kick, your upper body is isolated and forced to work harder, which increases your upper body and pulling strength and endurance. 
  • A pull buoy can be a great way to add variety to your swim workout and mix things up.
  • Pull buoys can help beginner swimmers build confidence by reducing sinking, providing balance, and allowing them to focus on their arm stroke.
  • Pull buoys allow swimmers with lower-body injuries to continue training by taking the strain off their legs or lower back. 

Improve Your Body Position and Refine Your Pulling Technique

Technique is the most important part of becoming a good swimmer. 

While being powerful and strong is important for swimming fast, it doesn’t help much if you are inefficient in the water since drag will eliminate all of your speed. 

A pull buoy not only helps with optimizing your body position (the most important technical aspect of swimming) but eliminates the kick from your stroke so you can focus on perfecting your arm mechanics and hand position. 

Pull buoys are also helpful for finding problems in and improving your stroke rotation. 

To further enhance your technique while improving your breathing, you can use a snorkel in combination with your pull buoy. 

Increase Your Upper Body Strength and Build a Strong Pull

When I say technique is important, it doesn’t mean that strength isn’t. You still require upper body strength to swim fast.

By eliminating your leg kick, you are isolating the upper body muscles, which increases the training load on the muscles involved in pulling. This builds a strong upper body and pull. 

To supercharge this and build more strength, consider using some swim paddles with your pull buoy. Using an ankle band with your pull buoy is also a great way to further eliminate kicking and work on upper body strength. 

FINIS Pulling Ankle Band

Minimize kicking to maximize pulling and upper body strength and endurance. Use in combination with a pull buoy.

Buy Now on SwimOutlet

Build Your Upper Body Endurance

Similar to building upper body strength by eliminating kicking, you will also improve endurance since these muscles have to sustain more force for longer. 

If this is your goal, try using the pull buoy for longer-duration swims. 400s, 800s, or even 1500s. More endurance is always a good thing for swimmers and triathletes alike. 

You can also use your pull buoy during open-water swims. (Just don’t rely on it as a floatation device).

Mix Up Your Swim Workouts

Including variety in your swim workouts is always a good idea. This will keep your training interesting, which keeps you engaged and makes it enjoyable.

Using your pull buoy, along with various other pieces of swim gear, is a great way to add some extra variety. Not only in the sense of the gear you use but also in the types of sets you can do when using this gear.

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Useful Aid for Beginners

A pull buoy can be a valuable tool for helping beginner swimmers build confidence in the water. 

As mentioned, it can help you to focus on other parts of your technique. It will also help beginners get comfortable in the water by providing some balance to your stroke and stop your legs from sinking while you’re learning the ropes.

This also makes pull buoys a handy tool for kids. It’s essential, however, to remember that a pull buoy isn’t a safety aid but a training aid. It’s still vital for someone to be supervising the swimmer.

Great for Swimmers with Lower-Body Injuries and Back Pain

Suppose you have a lower-body injury or lack lower-body mobility. In that case, a pull buoy can be a great tool to ensure you can keep swimming. By taking the strain off your lower body, you can continue to train and reap the benefits of swimming. 

The Best Pull Buoys for Swimming

TYR Pull Float Pull Buoy- Best Overall

If you’re looking for a great overall pull buoy that incorporates simplicity, functionality, and durability, then the TYR Pull Float pull buoy is a great option. 

Top Pick Overall
TYR Pull Buoy

Made from durable EVA foam, this buoy offers simplicity, functionality, and longevity. Its slightly larger size provides excellent buoyancy, and the equal-width shape allows for versatile positioning.

With affordable pricing and adult/junior options, this pull buoy is a reliable choice for swimmers seeking quality and value.

Buy Now on SwimOutlet

The TYR Pull Float pull buoy is made from a durable EVA foam, which will last a long time (most likely years before needing replacement). 

The pull buoy is slightly larger than other options, providing good buoyancy. That said, a junior option is available for kids and younger swimmers. 

The top and bottom of the buoy are also equal in width, so it doesn’t matter how you position it, which is quite convenient. 

Some swimmers prefer the pull buoy to be slightly larger on one end, which has slight advantages regarding buoyancy and grip. If you prefer that style, the Speedo Team pull buoy (which I will cover later anyway) is a good option. Personally, I like the convenience of the equal-width pull buoys and have never had problems with them.

While this isn’t the cheapest pull buoy on the market (we’ll get to that), the price is still very affordable. I’d like more color options, but that’s also not a deal-breaker, in my opinion. Overall, the TYR Pull Float pull buoy is a great option.  

Summary of Key Features:

  • Functional and simple design that allows you to focus on training and becoming a better swimmer.
  • Durable material means your pull buoy will last a long time, which saves you money in the long run.
  • A slightly larger design compared to other buoys provides good buoyancy in the water, allowing you to focus on technique.
  • Adult and junior options are available, ensuring you can find your perfect size. 
  • The equal-width shape means you can position the pull buoy however you want, which is convenient.
  • Affordable price saves you money. 

Sporti Pull Buoy- Best Budget 

If you’re looking for a top-notch pull buoy with a budget price, then the Sporti pull buoy is an excellent option.

Top Budget Pick
Sporti Pull Buoy

This budget-friendly buoy features a durable EVA foam construction and an equal-width design for convenience. While slightly smaller in size, it still provides functional buoyancy.

With adult and junior options and a variety of colors, the Sporti Pull Buoy offers affordability and functionality for swimmers of all levels.

Buy Now on SwimOutlet

The Sporti pull buoy has a similar design to the TYR Pull Float with an equal-width shape for your convenience. 

The pull buoy is also designed from a durable EVA foam that will last a long time and save you money long term since you won’t have to purchase a new buoy soon. (Though it’s not like you need to save any more money with the budget price of this buoy!) 

Sporti Pull Buoy

Likewise, the Sporti pull buoy is available in an adult and junior option, ensuring there is a size for everyone. I also like the many color options of the Sporti pull buoy, which means you can pick to your preference. 

The Sporti pull buoy has one or two downsides. It’s slightly smaller than you might expect, which means a bit less buoyancy, but it still works. Since it’s a budget product, the quality also isn’t quite the same as the TYR pull buoy, for example. 

That said, if you want something functional that works and is cheap, then the Sporti pull buoy is a solid choice.

Summary of Key Features:

  • Budget price saves you money.
  • The functional equal-width design allows for convenience so you can focus on swimming and reaching your goals.
  • Durable EVA foam material means your pull buoy will last a long time, saving you even more money in the long run.
  • Adult and junior options are available, ensuring you can find your ideal size. 

Arena Pull Kick Pull Buoy Kickboard- Best Hybrid

The Arena Pull Buoy Kickboard is a great multi-purpose piece of hybrid swim gear. As the name suggests, you can use it as a pull buoy or a kickboard. This saves some space in your swim bag

Top Hybrid Pick
Arena Pull Buoy Kickboard

Crafted from durable polyethylene and combining the functionality of a pull buoy and kickboard in one versatile design.

With a groove shape for secure leg placement, it offers reliable support. Compact and high-performing, it's perfect for swim training.

Buy Now on SwimOutlet

The Arena pull buoy kickboard is made from 100% polyethylene, a type of plastic material. This makes it highly durable– much more than the foam pull buoys. The downside is that it has a slightly harder feel and is not quite as comfortable. That said, it isn’t uncomfortable either.

The design makes it easy to fit securely between your thighs since there is a groove shape. It’s also slightly larger than traditional pull buoys (since it doubles as a kickboard), which provides excellent buoyancy. 

Arena Pull Buoy Kickboard

Depending on how you look at it, a potential downside of this design is that it’s larger than a traditional pull buoy (as mentioned) but smaller than a conventional kickboard, which some swimmers might not like. Some swimmers may also find it a bit too narrow compared to a traditional pull buoy. Personally, I prefer a separate buoy and kickboard. 

However, suppose you’d like to be compact and space efficient while being able to hit your swimming goals simultaneously. In that case, the Arena Pull Kick Pull Buoy Kickboard is a great option. 

Out of all the pull buoy kickboards, the Arena one is my favorite. However, it’s also slightly on the expensive side. If you want a cheaper option, consider the Sporti Pull Buoy Kickboard. Alternatively, for something more lightweight, check out the Arena Pullkick Pro. 

Summary of Key Features:

  • A compact piece of swim gear that doubles as a pull buoy and kickboard.
  • The 100% polyethylene design makes it highly durable. 
  • Grooves allow the pull buoy to fit securely between your legs.
  • Slightly larger than traditional pull buoys, allowing for more buoyancy, which can be helpful for beginners and swimmers with big legs.

Bettertimes Adjustable Pull Buoy- Best Adjustable

While one-piece pull buoys are most popular nowadays, the older two-piece pull buoy still has the advantage of adjustability. These pull buoys are also slightly cheaper. 

Best Adjustable Pull Buoy
Bettertimes Adjustable Pull Buoy

Consisting of two smooth foam cylinders connected by an adjustable strap, this pull buoy allows you to customize the fit.

With its durable and water-resistant foam construction, it provides buoyancy without adding unnecessary weight, helping you improve your swimming technique. Available in different sizes, you can choose the option that suits your needs.

Buy Now on SwimOutlet

The Bettertimes pull buoy consists of 2 smooth foam cylinders held together with a sturdy strap. The strap can be adjusted, allowing you to find a secure and comfortable fit. This ensures you don’t have to worry about your pull buoy and can focus on swimming and getting better. 

The foam cylinders are also durable (pull buoys are probably the most resilient piece of equipment you’ll ever buy– I’ve been using mine for years!). Additionally, the foam is water resistant, which means it won’t soak up water that can make your pull buoy heavy and create drag while you train. 

What I like about this pull buoy, apart from the adjustability, is that it’s available in 3 different sizes ranging from 6-8 inches. This means that you can find the right size for you (or your kid) and that you can also benefit from more buoyancy if that’s something you need (just pick a larger size!)

My only complaint with this pull buoy is that the straps can be a bit short (you can replace them with your own), and the color is very bland– a single white styrofoam option to pick from. 

Overall, I like the adjustable design of the Bettertimes pull buoy. 

Summary of Key Features:

  • The strap allows you to adjust the pull buoy to find your perfect fit, which ensures your pull buoy is comfortable and secure while you swim.
  • The durable, water-resistant foam keeps your pull buoy light and buoyant so you can train hard.
  • 3 Different size options allow you to find your ideal size and pick based on the buoyancy you require to swim efficiently.

FINIS Hydrodynamic Ankle Pull Buoy- Best For Core Strength

FINIS is always coming out with exciting pieces of swim gear to help swimmers get better (like these supercool smart goggles)– and their Hydrodynamic Ankle Pull Buoy is no different. While this pull buoy may not be for everyone, it can be a great addition to your swim workouts. 

Top Ankle Pull Buoy
FINIS Hydrodynamic Ankle Pull Buoy

Offering unique advantages for swimmers looking to improve their core strength, technique, and upper-body strength.

The durable EVA foam construction provides a comfortable fit and buoyancy, while the streamlined shape minimizes drag. Add variety and maximize your training benefits with this innovative ankle pull buoy.

Buy Now on SwimOutlet

The FINIS ankle pull buoy has three main advantages over traditional pull buoys that you place between the thighs. 

Firstly, by increasing the lever arm of your body, your core is forced to work harder to keep your hips high and maintain a good body position. This increases core strength and tones your abs which isn’t only good for your swimming performance but also makes you look better! 

The second advantage is technique. This pull buoy encourages more body rotation, which is essential for developing a good freestyle and backstroke.

The final advantage is that this pull buoy forces you to eliminate the leg kick. Often, I’ll see swimmers using the traditional pull buoy but still powering away with a cheeky little kick behind them. 

This defeats the point of using a pull buoy– and will cost you some of the upper body strength benefits. You can use an ankle band to avoid this (sometimes it happens without you realizing it), but that’s an extra cost. 

FINIS Hydrodynamic Ankle Pull Buoy

The design of the pull buoy itself is high-quality. It’s made from the same durable EVA foam as most other pull buoys and has a comfortable fit with good buoyancy. The shape is also streamlined, so it won’t cause drag while you swim. 

Unfortunately, swimmers with larger shins may find this pull buoy a bit hard to get on. Ankle pull buoys also have the disadvantage that they can chafe you if you use them for long periods. 

I like the FINIS Hydrodynamic Ankle Pull Buoy. I think it’s a great addition to your swim gear arsenal if you’d like to get some added benefit and variety. This pull buoy is more suited for advanced swimmers who already have decent body position in the water.

Also, keep in mind, I wouldn’t ditch the traditional pull buoy altogether. Ideally, it would be best if you used both designs interchangeably. 

Summary of Key Features:

  • Great for engaging your core to build extra core strength and tone your abs, which allows for better swimming efficiency (and looks!)
  • The pull buoy encourages body rotation during freestyle and backstroke, which is vital for developing good technique and an efficient stroke.
  • The design eliminates the leg kick, which maximizes upper-body strength.
  • High-quality design that will last a long time, saving you money in the long run.
  • Streamline shape reduces water drag so you can swim efficiently.

Use this to level up your swimming:

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Speedo Team Pull Buoy- Best Buoyancy

If you are looking for extra buoyancy in the water, the Speedo Team Pull Buoy is a great option. Additionally, if other pull buoys slip out of place for you (as they do for some swimmers), this is a better alternative that will stay more secure. 

Best Pull Buoy for Buoynacy
Speedo Team Pull Buoy

This pull buoy offers exceptional buoyancy and security in the water. Its unique asymmetrical design provides extra lift and ensures a secure grip, allowing you to focus on swimming.

Crafted from durable EVA foam, this high-quality pull buoy is built to last.

Buy Now on SwimOutlet

Instead of the equal-width design like most other pull buoys, the Speedo Team Pull Buoy is thicker on one side. As mentioned, not only is this great for extra buoyancy, but it also helps to grip the pull buoy better, ensuring it doesn’t move out of place. 

It’s important to note that you should position this pull buoy with the thicker side pointing towards the bottom of the pool to gain the buoyancy benefit. 

Speedo Team Pulll Buoy

Added buoyancy is an excellent way to ensure your body is always high in the water so you can focus on mastering your swimming technique. Swimmers with heavier legs will also benefit from the added buoyancy since equal-width pull buoys might not provide enough.

The actual design of the pull buoy is high quality and will last a long time as it’s made from soft and durable EVA foam. All in all, the Speedo Team Pull Buoy is an excellent option if this design better suits your needs. 

Summary of Key Features:

  • A unique design that is thicker on one side allows for extra buoyancy so you can work on your swimming technique. 
  • The design ensures you can grip the pull buoy securely so that it doesn’t move around, and you can swim without distractions. 
  • High-quality and comfortable EVA foam design that will last a long time, ensuring you save money in the long run.

Arena Freeflow Buoy- Best for Advanced Swimmers

With a slimmer design and less buoyancy, the Arena Freeflow Buoy is ideal for advanced swimmers, forcing you to use your core more and rely on less buoyancy. The slim design also makes this pull buoy a good option for swimmers with thick legs. 

Top Pick for Advanced Swimmers
Arena Freeflow Buoy

This slim and lightweight pull buoy offers less buoyancy, challenging you to engage your core muscles and maintain proper technique.

With its high-quality polyethylene design and secure grip, the Freeflow Buoy is a durable and effective training tool for swimmers looking to push their limits.

Buy Now on SwimOutlet

The design of the Arena Freeflow Buoy is slim, lightweight, and features a high-quality 100% polyethylene foam design that will last a long time.

The advantage of the Freeflow Buoy, instead of just using a junior pull buoy, is that it allows for an adult-size pull buoy but with the benefit of less buoyancy (for advanced swimmers). 

Arena Freeflow Pull Buoy

Similar to the Speedo Team Pull Buoy, one end is slightly thicker (not as much as the Speedo), which allows you to securely grip the pull buoy while providing a hint of extra buoyancy (although buoyancy is still less overall). 

As mentioned, the design is slim, so the pull buoy might be smaller than you expect. Just keep this in mind when making your purchasing decision. 

Overall, if you are an advanced swimmer (or think this pull buoy suits you better), then the Arena Freeflow Buoy is a great option. 

Summary of Key Features:

  • The slim design is suitable for advanced swimmers– providing less buoyancy, this buoy forces you to engage your core muscles.
  • Great for people with big legs since the slim shape will fit perfectly. 
  • High-quality 100% polyethylene foam design that will last a long time and save you money in the long term. 
  • The asymmetrical shape ensures you can securely grip the pull buoy so that it doesn’t move around and distract you while swimming. 

FINIS Pull Buoy- Best Comfort and Quality

Suppose you’re looking for a high-quality and comfortable pull buoy with good buoyancy. In that case, the FINIS Pull Buoy is an excellent option.

Top Comfort and Quality Pick
FINIS Pull Buoy

Crafted with high-quality EVA foam, this buoy offers exceptional durability and comfort. Its rounded design ensures a premium feel, while the non-irritating material prevents chafing.

With reliable buoyancy and a secure fit, the Pull Buoy helps you focus on enhancing your technique and achieving your swimming goals.

Buy Now on SwimOutlet

The FINIS pull buoy is made from a high-quality EVA foam material that will last a long time. What I like about the FINIS pull buoy, in particular, is that the design is rounded off very well, giving the buoy a high-quality feel. 

What’s unique about the FINIS pull buoy is that the EVA foam doesn’t chafe or irritate your skin like some other pull buoys do, which makes it very comfortable to use. Presumably, this is due to the quality design. 

It also doesn’t slip easily and stays securely in place, which can be credited to the slightly bulkier design and quality material. The bulkier design also ensures that this pull buoy has excellent buoyancy in the water, so you can focus on improving your swim technique. 

The buoy is also available in adult and junior sizes, ensuring every swimmer can find their perfect fit. 

Unfortunately, the pull buoy is only available in one color option. That said, at least the color pattern looks cool and isn’t bland. Overall, I highly recommend the FINIS Pull Buoy. 

Summary of Key Features:

  • High-quality design that is durable and will last a long time to save you money in the long run.
  • Comfortable material that doesn’t chafe or irritate your skin so you can enjoy your swim workout.
  • Quality material and bulky design ensures the pull buoy doesn’t move around so that you can swim without any distractions.
  • Great buoyancy allows you to focus on your swimming technique to become a better swimmer. 
  • Available in adult and junior sizes so every swimmer can find their perfect fit. 

How to Choose the Best Swimming Pull Buoy for Your Needs

If you haven’t yet made your decision, allow me to walk you step by step through the process of finding the best pull buoy for you! Here’s a comparison table for a quick overview:

Pull Buoy Shape Size Buoyancy Material
TYR Pull Float Traditional; symmetrical Adult and junior Average EVA foam
Sporti Pull Buoy Traditional; symmetrical Adjult and junior Average EVA foam
Arena Pull Buoy Kickboard Hybrid Single size High Polyethylene
Bettertimes Adjustable Traditional; asymmetrical 3 Options Average Foam
FINIS Hydrodynamic Ankle Ankle buoy Single size Average EVA Foam
Speedo Team Traditional; assymmetrical Single Size High EVA Foam
Arena Freeflow Traditional; asymmetrical Single Size Low Polyethylene
FINIS Pull Buoy Traditional; symmetrical Adult and junior High EVA Foam

Shape and Size

There are a few different shapes to choose from. The main two are the traditional symmetrical pull buoy shape and the asymmetrical pull buoy shape. 

I like the symmetrical shape. However, other swimmers may prefer the asymmetrical shape. 

The advantage of the symmetrical shape is that it’s convenient and easy to use. You also don’t have to flip your pull buoy over if you switch to backstroke. The TYR Pull Float pull buoy is an excellent symmetrical option.

The asymmetrical shape provides a more secure fit since you can grip the pull buoy a bit easier with your legs, and it can also offer a bit more buoyancy. The Speedo Team pull buoy is an excellent asymmetrical option. 

You should also consider the size. This will affect things like comfort and buoyancy. If you have big legs, a narrower pull buoy might be more comfortable, but a bigger one will provide more buoyancy. 


Buoyancy is the ability of something to float in water. This is good for maintaining an ideal body position, which will reduce drag and allow you to focus on your pulling technique, strength, and endurance. 

As mentioned, bigger pull buoys have more buoyancy. This is recommended for beginners or swimmers with big legs that sink when not kicking. 

A narrower pull buoy will provide less buoyancy and is recommended for advanced swimmers since it will still offer assistance but also force you to engage your core more when swimming to maintain a good body position. 

For a bigger option, consider the FINIS pull buoy, and for a narrower one, the Arena Freeflow buoy. The Speedo Team pull buoy is also recommended for buoyancy. 

Comfort and Grip

Comfort is closely related to the shape of your pull buoy, which we covered earlier. Consider what type of shape will work the best with your body shape and use that. 

An adjustable pull buoy like the Bettertimes pull buoy will allow for a more personalized fit which may be more comfortable for you. 

Grip is related to the material and shape of your pull buoy. Those with an asymmetrical shape offer better grip. All the pull buoys on our list have good grip, but some may be slippier than others. For the best grip, consider the FINIS pull buoy, or the Speedo Team pull buoy.

Material and Durability

Pull buoys are some of the most durable pieces of swim gear you can buy. And all of the buoys on our list will last a long time. 

That said, some are better quality than others. If maximum durability is a factor, then consider more premium pull buoys. The TYR Pull Float, Speedo Team, and FINIS pull buoy are good options. 

Special Features and Designs

There are some unique features and designs that you should consider when choosing your pull buoy.

If space and compactness are a consideration, then a hybrid pull buoy kickboard such as the Arena Pull Kick pull buoy kickboard can be a good idea.

Suppose you want more of a core workout, and you’re an advanced swimmer. In that case, you might consider an ankle pull buoy like the FINIS Hydrodynamic ankle pull buoy.

If you want to be able to adjust and customize your pull buoy, an adjustable option like the Bettertimes pull buoy should be considered.


While pull buoys generally aren’t expensive, the price may still be a factor you want to consider. 

For a budget pull buoy that offers everything you need, I recommend the Sporti pull buoy. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Pull Buoys for Swimming

swimmer with pull buoy

How Do I Use a Pull Buoy?

Place the pull buoy between your thighs and gently squeeze it to keep it in place. If you have an asymmetrical pull buoy, ensure that the wider end faces the bottom of the pool.

While swimming, engage your core, relax your legs, and maintain a good body position. Focus on your arm stroke and hand entry. 

You can also use your pull buoy with other pieces of swim gear like paddles or a snorkel for a more intense workout.

When and How Often Should I Use a Pull Buoy?

Pull buoys are typically used during pulling sets. They can also be good to incorporate during technique sets, but you shouldn’t over-rely on them.

How often you use them depends on your goals. Competitive swimmers should only use pull buoys during pulling or technique work (if needed). 

Recreational and open-water swimmers can use them more often.

That said, make sure you are using your pull buoy for a specific reason, like working on pulling strength and endurance, improving technique, or resting your legs. You shouldn’t use a pull buoy as a substitute for bad technique. 

If you are suffering from a lower-body injury, then, of course, it’s fine to use your pull buoy the majority of the time until your injury is healed and you can swim normally again. Use this time to build a killer pull! 

Should You Kick with a Pull Buoy?

Some swimmers give a light kick while using a pull buoy. That said, this is usually subconscious. 

Unless it’s your specific intention to kick when using a pull buoy, you shouldn’t. (For most swimmers, you shouldn’t kick). 

If you catch yourself kicking without realizing it, try to use an ankle band to stop this behavior. 

Why Am I Faster with a Pull Buoy?

Suppose you have a weaker kick and bad body position. In that case, a pull buoy will make you faster since you’ll have a better body position and, subsequently, less drag when swimming.

Swimmers with a decent body position and kick won’t be faster when using a pull buoy. (Unless also kicking while using it). 

Are Pull Buoys Suitable for All Skill Levels?

Yes! Pull buoys can be used by beginner, intermediate, and advanced swimmers alike. 

Beginner and intermediate swimmers may, however, rely on bigger, more buoyant pull buoys, while advanced swimmers use narrower, smaller pull buoys or ankle pull buoys. 

How Do I Maintain and Clean My Pull Buoy?

As mentioned, pull buoys are tough! Mine has lasted years! 

That said, to take good care of it, you should rinse it off with fresh water after swimming. Also, avoid leaving it in direct sunlight for prolonged periods to increase durability. 

Can Pull Buoys Be Used for Different Strokes?

Yes, you can use pull buoys for all swimming strokes. The only caveat is that for the asymmetrically shaped pull buoys, you have to flip them around for backstroke. 

Suppose you notice you are struggling with pulling technique, strength, or endurance for a specific stroke. In that case, consider using your pull buoy here a bit more often to help correct that. 

Become a Better Swimmer with a New Swimming Pull Buoy

A pull buoy can be a valuable tool to incorporate into your swim training. It has various advantages, like helping you improve your swimming technique, strength, and endurance. It’s also suitable for adding variety to your workouts, helping you train through injuries, and assisting beginner swimmers. 

So whether you are familiar with pull buoys or it’s your first time using one, I highly recommend investing in a good pull buoy that you can mix into your swim workouts and sets. 

Train hard! 

Photo of author
I am Benjamin, a competitive swimmer with over a decande of experience in the sport of swimming. I also hold certifications in Exercise Science and Nutrition. I am very passionate about competitive swimming and love sharing everything I have learned about the sport. I specialize in swimming butterfly and my favorite event is the 100m butterfly with the 50m and 200m fly closely following.

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