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7 Best Swimming Goggles for Racing- The Expert Review

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Imagine diving into the water for your final. You are in contention for a gold medal, and your coach even said you have a chance to break the record. 

Imagine that thrill of doing your best and swimming a PB. 

But then…

Your goggles fall off. Or you miss out by a split second– and your competitor not only takes your medal but also breaks the record. 

Perhaps the peripheral vision on your goggles isn’t optimized, and right as you think you’ve won the race, someone out touches you because you couldn’t see them from the corner of your eye. 

Imagine the disappointment you’ll feel. The look in your coach’s eyes or in the faces of your teammates who were cheering you on. 

That’s why it’s essential to optimize every part of your race– that includes picking the right swimming goggles for racing. 

In this article, I use my many years of swimming experience to help you pick the perfect competition goggles. I review various racing goggles to help you find the perfect one for your needs so you can swim as fast as possible and do your best in the pool. 

Best swimming goggles for racing photo

7 Best Swimming Goggles for Racing

Arena Cobra Ultra Swipe Goggles

The Arena Cobra Ultra Goggles are some of the most advanced and popular racing goggles available. No matter what swimming meet you go to, there will almost always be a large number of swimmers rocking these. (They are also my favorite competition goggles). 

The original Arena Cobra Ultra swimming goggles have been upgraded to the new and improved Arena Cobra Ultra Swipe Goggles. This is the same goggle but with far better (and actually usable) anti-fog technology. 

Our Top Pick
Arena Cobra Ultra Swipe Goggles

Top-of-the-line racing goggles favored by competitive swimmers. The low-profile, hydrodynamic blade design enhances speed, while side stabilizers ensure a secure fit. These goggles are durable, have state-of-the-art anti-fog, and come with adjustable features for comfort. 

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Summary of Key Features:

  • Low-profile, hydrodynamic blade design helps optimize your swimming speed so that you can swim fast and take a podium position.
  • Side stabilizers ensure goggles have a secure fit so they won’t fall off or move around when you swim and derail your race. This also removes distractions. 
  • High-tech molding process and silicone straps maximize goggle durability, saving you money in the long run. 
  • Peripheral vision allows you to see competitors next to you without breaking your head position, allowing you to push harder and keep your lead. 
  • Peripheral vision is more limited than other goggles, forcing you to focus on your race and do your best. 
  • Various lens colors allow you to find what’s most comfortable for your eyes and ensure you have good vision while racing to perform at your best. 
  • Silicone gasket, adjustable straps, and interchangeable nose bridges make the goggles comfortable to wear, even for longer training sessions. 

Build: The Arena Cobra Ultra Goggles have a low-profile blade design, sitting close to your eyes. This enhances hydrodynamics resulting in lower drag and faster swimming.

The goggle features side stabilizers, ensuring they don’t fall off or move around when you are racing, preventing any scenario that can derail your race. These stabilizers also help with hydrodynamics so you can swim fast. 

The entire goggle is put together utilizing high-tech molding processes and includes a 100% silicone adjustable TPE strap at the back for a secure and comfortable fit. 

These build qualities ensure a very durable goggle that will last a long time, hence you look after it. 

My Arena Cobra Ultra goggles have lasted about 2 years per pair before needing replacement, which is a long time for a goggle to stay intact. They also come with a nice carrying pouch to store and protect them.

Arena cobra ultra swimming goggles photo

Vision: The Cobra ultras have decent peripheral vision but much less than something like the Magic5 swim goggles. To best describe it, I like to think of the Cobra Ultras more like the blinders on a racehorse, forcing you to focus more in front of you and your own race. 

You’ll still be able to see competitors from the corner of your eye, but not quite to the same extent.

You have to decide what you prefer. I don’t look at my competition much when racing; therefore, these goggles are perfect for me. 

They also come in various tints and mirrored options, allowing you to pick to your preference and ensure crystal clear vision in the water. 

Comfort: In terms of fit, I find them comfortable to wear. However, some swimmers complain they sit a bit close to the eyes, which may feel uncomfortable depending on the person. 

Overall, the silicone gaskets sit comfortably on your face, the straps are easy to adjust, and the 5 interchangeable nose bridge options allow you to personalize your goggle to your ideal fit. 

I’ve even used these for training and find them comfortable to wear throughout my entire 2-hour workouts. Keep in mind, they might take a bit of getting used to when wearing for longer periods due to their low-profile fit. 

Cons: The only real downside of these goggles is their price. They are definitely on the expensive side, but given their design and features, I’d say it’s justified. 

Racing Goggle Specifications-

  • Materials: Polycarbonate lenses, silicone gasket.
  • Lenses: Hard mirror polycarbonate.
  • Strap: 100% Silicone adjustable TPE strap.
  • Anti-Fog: Yes, swipe anti-fog technology.
  • Nose-Bridges: 3 sizes included.

Speedo LZR Pure Focus Goggles

Designed by Speedo, one of the world’s largest swimming brands, is the LZR Pure Focus racing goggles. These are Speedo’s latest and most innovative goggles. They feature various technologies to optimize your swimming and give you an edge over your competition. 

Runner Up
Speedo Fastskin LZR Pure Focus Goggles

With a low-profile, hydrodynamic design and fit-point markers for integration with Speedo's Fastskin racing system, these goggles reduce drag and enhance speed.

The hydroscopic lens provides wide peripheral vision, and 2x longer-lasting anti-fog technology ensures clear vision. Comfort is prioritized with IQfit technology, adjustable straps, and interchangeable nose bridges.

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Summary of Key Features:

  • Low profile and hydrodynamic design reduces drag and ensures you can swim as fast as possible and achieve your goals. 
  • Fit-point markers integrate the goggles into the Fastskin racing system– cap and goggles designed to reduce drag and optimize your swimming performance.
  • A durable design ensures your goggles have a long lifespan, saving you money in the long run. 
  • Hydroscopic lenses allow for wide peripheral vision so you can keep an eye on competitors and maintain your lead in the water. 
  • Various lens options and 2x lasting anti-fog technology ensures you have clear vision in the water so you can perform at your peak. 
  • IQfit technology and interchangeable nose bridges allow for very comfortable swim goggles so you can focus on racing. 
  • Nose bridges have a slide-in system, making them easy to swap out while ensuring they won’t break. 

Build: Likewise to the Arena Cobra Ultra, the LZR Pure Focus racing goggles feature a low-profile and hydrodynamic design. This helps reduce drag so you can swim fast and achieve your best performance in the water. 

According to Speedo, the LZR Pure Focus provides a 5% drag reduction benefit compared to their previous generation of premium racing goggles, namely the LZR Fastskin Elites. 

Something neat to note is that the LZR Pure Focus includes fit-point markers, allowing you to use them as a combined system with Speedo’s Fastskin racing cap. The cap was designed using heat mapping data to create ideal comfort and hydrodynamics, allowing you to swim as fast as possible. 

Speedo Fastskin Swim Cap

Designed to integrate with the fastskin racing system.

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Furthermore, the goggles are designed using durable materials, featuring a polycarbonate frame and silicone straps. This ensures the longevity of your swim goggles and saves you money in the long term. 

Speedo LZR Pure Focus swimming goggles photo

Vision: The LZR Pure focus competition goggles have a hydroscopic lens to provide wide-peripheral vision so you can keep an eye on your competition to maintain your lead. 

While the goggle lens does cover slightly more surface area than the Arena Cobra Ultras, they are still inferior to the field of view on the Magic5 goggles.  

Like most premium swim goggles, the LZR Pure Focus also features anti-fog, with Speedo claiming twice the durability of the anti-fog compared to previous models. This will ensure you have clear vision while racing so you can time your turns perfectly. 

Various lens options are also available, allowing you to pick your preference while ensuring ideal vision. 

Comfort: The IQfit technology encompasses the goggle seal and strap.

The 3D goggle seal ensures a comfortable, leak-proof fit. The adjustable strap has a tensioning scale allowing for a personalized fit. The strap also has sidearm stabilizers, ensuring the goggles don’t move around when swimming. 

Additionally, the goggles have 3 interchangeable nose bridges, which can be swapped out to find the one most comfortable for you. What I like about the nose bridges is the unique way they slide in and out of the goggle frame. 

Cons: Similar to the Arena Cobra Ultras, the main downside is price. Racing goggles tend to be quite expensive generally, so this is to be expected. That said, the LZR Pure Focus goggles are the most costly racing goggles currently available.

Unlike the Cobra Ultras, these don’t include a carry pouch. That said, you can reuse the hard plastic case they come in for storing your goggles.

Racing Goggle Specifications-

  • Materials: Polycarbonate frame, silicone gasket, and straps.
  • Lenses: Hydroscopic polycarbonate lenses. 
  • Strap: Adjustable silicone strap, IQfit technology. 
  • Anti-Fog: Yes, 2x longer lasting than previous Speedo models. 
  • Nose-Bridges: Yes, 3 interchangeable, slide-in. 

TheMagic5 Custom Swim Goggles

A goggle you may not have heard of before is the Magic5 custom swimming goggles. TheMagic5 uses a facial scanning app to map the contours of your face. They then manufacture goggles that are perfectly suited for you. The result? Unparalleled comfort. 

While these goggles aren’t necessarily intended purely as racing goggles (like the Cobra Ultras and LZR Pure focus– which many swimmers still use for training anyway), they still make a good fit. That said, you will have to adjust the straps for racing, but I’ll get to that in a second. 

Top Custom Swim Goggles
TheMagic5 Custom Swim Goggles

Using advanced facial scanning technology, these premium custom goggles are manufactured to perfectly fit the contours of your face. 

Enjoy unparalleled comfort, a low-profile hydrodynamic design, and excellent peripheral vision to reach your maximum potential in the water.

Buy Now on TheMagic5 Our Review

Summary of Key Features:

  • Custom-fitting gaskets, loose straps, and interchangeable nose bridges create unparalleled comfort so that you can race and train distraction-free to reach your maximum potential. 
  • Low-profile and hydrodynamic design reduces drag, so you can perform at your best and take gold. 
  • High-quality materials and design ensure a durable swim goggle that will save you money in the long run.
  • The goggles come with a custom case that will protect them and keep them in good shape for longer. 
  • The diamond-shaped lens provides excellent peripheral vision, allowing you to see all around you for clear vision while keeping an eye on your arch rivals when racing. 
  • Unique lens options allow you to pick a mirrored goggle with a different color tint from the inside. 

Build: Like other racing goggles we’ve covered so far, the Magic5 also has a low-profile, hydrodynamic design, making them perfect for swimming fast and reaching your goals. 

Their overall build is slightly larger than the Arena Cobra Ultras, but this comes with the advantage of increased peripheral vision.

The goggles themselves are made from high-quality materials such as silicone and polycarbonate– the same materials used for other premium racing goggles. Overall the goggles have a quality and durable feel and design. 

As a bonus, the Magic5 goggles come with a nice case that perfectly houses their shape. This is great for protecting your goggles and will likely save you money in the long run by increasing durability. 

The Magic 5 Goggles Lenses

Vision: You may have noticed that I’ve mentioned the peripheral vision of the Magic5 goggles a few times throughout this review. That’s because they genuinely have some of the best vision of any goggles I’ve ever used. 

The entire front of the goggle is one big lens allowing you to see all around you. From the corner of my eye, I’m even able to see swimmers 2 lanes next to me. 

Another unique feature is that you can pick a mirrored lens with a different color from the inside. For example, with the silver mirrored lens, you can choose a blue or a dark smoke tint on the inside. 

Comfort: The entire selling point for the Magic5 swim goggles is their comfort. And I can safely say– they don’t underperform. So much so that these are now my preferred goggles for training. 

The silicone gaskets are custom-made to fit the contours of your face and fit securely and comfortably.

Suppose you’re a swimmer with unique facial features or a larger head; In that case, these custom gaskets will also make the goggles ideal for you since traditional goggles are often built only to fit the average face shape.  

In terms of comfort, the big difference maker is that you can keep your straps loose since the goggles don’t rely on suction to stay on but rather fit securely in your eye socket. This also helps to reduce headaches and raccoon eyes caused by tight straps.  

Furthermore, there are 4 nose bridge options to choose from, allowing you further to customize the fit of your goggles for comfort and focus on swimming to the best of your ability. 

Cons: Once again, the Magic5 goggles are expensive. That said, the pricing is similar to that of the LZR Pure Focus and Cobra Ultras. However, shipping costs can add a good portion to your total price, depending on where you live. (These goggles ship internationally).

Another unique problem I experienced with these is that they’ll leak if you don’t position them precisely right. Not a big issue, but it can be annoying if you put them on wrong. 

The anti-fog on the Magic5 goggles also doesn’t last long, so make sure to carry an additional bottle of spray-on anti-fog. 

For racing purposes, you’ll also have to make sure your straps are adjusted to be tight enough. 

Racing Goggle Specifications-

  • Materials: Polycarbonate and silicone.
  • Lenses: Diamond-cut wide-peripheral lenses. 
  • Strap: Adjustable silicone strap.
  • Anti-Fog: Yes.
  • Nose-Bridges: Yes, 4 Interchangeable options, slide-in. 

TYR Tracer X Elite Goggles

The Tracer X Elite is TYR’s latest flagship racing goggles. They have a very similar look to the popular Arena Cobra Ultras, and the price is similar as well. 

That said, there are 2 other variations of this goggle, namely the Tracer X RZR and the standard Tracer X, which are both more affordable. The RZR is very similar to the Elite. At the same time, the standard Tracer X has a few more differences but is the cheapest of the 3 pairs. 

That said, for the most premium experience and features, you’ll want to choose the Tracer X Elite. 

Runner Up
TYR Tracer X Elite Swim Goggles

With a low-profile sculpted lens and hydrodynamic design, these goggles reduce drag and help you swim faster. The side rails ensure a secure fit, while the durable construction saves you money in the long run.

Enjoy clear vision, comfort with adjustable features, and an innovative reusable storage case.

Buy Now on SwimOutlet

Summary of Key Features:

  • Low-profile sculpted lens and hydrodynamic design reduce drag so you can swim fast and achieve PBs.
  • Side rails allow for a secure and stable fit, improved hydrodynamics, and durability, ensuring your goggles don’t fall off when swimming.
  • Created from durable fabric with a high-quality design that will stand the test of time and save you money in the long run. 
  • The goggles come with a high-quality reusable case for storage to protect them and increase their durability. The case also includes an area to store your swim cap.
  • A slight curve in the lens ensures good peripheral vision, allowing you to have a clear view of your competitors without compromising your swimming technique. 
  • Anti-fog coating and various lens colors ensure clear vision and allow you to pick your preference. 
  • Comfortable silicone gaskets, adjustable straps, and interchangeable nose bridges ensure you can find your ideal fit and focus on doing your best. 

Build: The TYR Tracer X features a hydrodynamic design with a sculpted low-profile lens. This optimizes your swimming speed, ensuring you can swim a PB. 

Likewise to the Arena Cobra Ultras, these goggles also feature stability side rails for a secure, stable fit and improved hydrodynamics. In TYR’s case, they also claim the side rails add to durability, which makes sense since it gives the goggle a more sturdy feel overall. 

In terms of material, the Tracer X Elites are designed from the same high-quality and durable fabrics as other premium goggles, featuring a silicone strap and polycarbonate lenses. 

One elegant feature is the reusable case. The case is similar to the one of the Speedo LZR Pure Focus in terms of the plastic design, but at the same time is better quality, even featuring an extra compartment to store additional nose bridges and a swim cap

TYR Tracer X Elite swimming goggles photo

Vision: Similar to all of the other goggles on our list, the TYR Tracer X Elites also provide good peripheral vision. The peripheral vision on these is similar to that of the Arena Cobra Ultras but also slightly more due to a slight curve in the lens.

The lenses are also high-quality, have a few different color options, and feature anti-fog coating. This ensures you have clear vision when racing, allowing you to perform at your best. 

Comfort: The Tracer X Elite goggles feature comfortable silicone gaskets similar to the Arena Cobra Ultras. The gaskets might sit a bit closer to your face, but it’s hard to tell since they are so similar. 

If you want to use these goggles for training, you can wear the straps a bit looser for a more comfortable fit, but this may cause some minor leaking. For racing, tighten your straps to ensure a leak-proof fit.

That said, the silicone strap is super easy to adjust, so switching things up is relatively effortless. 

Additional comfort adjustments include 5 adjustable nose bridges so you can find your ideal fit. 

Cons: While these are slightly cheaper than the Arena Cobra Ultras, they are still expensive. (A common theme among premium-level racing goggles). The anti-fog on these goggles also performs worse than the Cobra Ultras. 

Racing Goggle Specifications-

  • Materials: Polycarbonate, silicone. 
  • Lenses: Slight curve for additional peripheral vision. 
  • Strap: Silicone, adjustable. 
  • Anti-Fog: Yes.
  • Nose-Bridges: Yes, 5 interchangeable options. 

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Mizuno GX Sonic Goggles

If you’re looking for a solid mid-range option, then the Mizuno GX Sonic racing goggles might just be for you. While these goggles aren’t cheap, they are much more affordable than the other options we’ve covered. 

The goggle also looks extremely cool and futuristic and delivers solid features and performance. 

Top Mid-Range Pick
Mizuno GX Sonic Swim Goggles

Experience high-quality performance with these mid-range racing goggles. Their low-profile, hydrodynamic design and durable polycarbonate frame reduce drag and optimize speed.

The unique hard plastic gaskets provide a comfortable fit, while adjustable straps and interchangeable nose bridges ensure customization—race with clarity and confidence.

Buy Now on SwimOutlet

Summary of Key Features:

  • High-quality racing goggles with a mid-range price saves you money compared to more expensive options. 
  • Low-profile and hydrodynamic design reduces drag, so you can swim fast and break records. 
  • A durable polycarbonate frame and silicone straps allow for lasting swim goggles that will save you money long term.
  • Lenses allow for peripheral vision but are similar to the Cobra Ultras, creating more of a racehorse feel, forcing you to look in front of you and focus on your race. 
  • Anti-fog and lens variations allow for a clear view so you can perform at your peak. 
  • Hard plastic gaskets create a Swedish goggle feel and reduce costs. This takes some getting used to, but many swimmers prefer this goggle style for racing. 
  • Adjustable straps and interchangeable nose bridges allow you to customize the goggle to your ideal fit for comfort. 

Build: The Mizuno GX Sonic Racing goggles have a very low profile, similar to other goggles like the Arena Cobra Ultra and TYR Tracer X Elite. However, since these goggles have no gaskets, they are slightly more low-profile. (We’ll get to the no gaskets in a second). 

The design is also hydrodynamic, ensuring you can outswim your rivals to take the win. 

In terms of material, the GX Sonic racing goggles feature a durable polycarbonate build with adjustable silicone straps. 

Unlike other goggles, these don’t feature side rails. That said, they still provide a secure fit. 

Mizuno Sonic GX Racing goggles photo

Vision: Out of all of the goggles we’ve covered so far, the peripheral vision of the GX Sonics is probably the most similar to the Arena Cobra Ultras. The lens does provide a little more room for view, but it isn’t really noticeable. 

In this case, it means you can still see competitors to your side, but you’ll have to really look. The overall goggle directs your vision more in front of you, ensuring you focus on your own race. 

Likewise, the GX Sonics features anti-fog and comes in a few lens variations, allowing clear vision in the water so you can swim well and time your turns perfectly. 

Comfort: The big difference between the Mizuno GX Sonic goggles and other goggles is that they have no silicone gaskets. This means that instead of the traditional silicone gasket, there is a hard plastic gasket, similar to many Swedish goggles.

You might think this is very uncomfortable, but it’s not, and many swimmers even prefer it. It does take some time to get used to, though. 

This also makes the goggles perfect for swimmers who are allergic to silicone. 

Likewise, to other goggles, the silicone straps can be adjusted, and the goggles have 3 interchangeable nose bridges allowing you to customize the fit to your preference. 

Cons: The only potential downside of these goggles is that they don’t have silicone gaskets– but that depends on how you look at it. Personally, I like that they don’t have a gasket since this cuts down the cost and allows swimmers who prefer this type of goggle the option to pick it. 

Racing Goggle Specifications-

  • Materials: Polycarbonate (frame and gaskets), silicone (strap).
  • Lenses: Polycarbonate, peripheral view.
  • Strap: Adjustable, silicone.
  • Anti-Fog: Yes.
  • Nose-Bridges: Yes, 3 interchangeable options. 

Speedo Speed Socket 2.0 Goggles

If you are looking for a premium-grade hybrid goggle suited for both training and racing while coming in at a lower price, then the Speedo Speed Socket 2.0 will be perfect for you. 

Top Hybrid Swim Goggles
Speedo Speed Socket 2.0 Goggles

A premium-grade hybrid goggle designed for training and racing. With a low-profile, hydrodynamic design and increased eye room, these goggles enhance speed while providing versatility. Enjoy clear vision, comfort, and a customizable fit with interchangeable nose bridges and adjustable straps.

Buy Now on SwimOutlet

Summary of Key Features:

  • Low-profile, hydrodynamic design with increased eye room allows you to swim fast while also using the goggles for training. 
  • Mid-range price saves you money compared to more expensive options. 
  • High-quality design featuring durable polycarbonate and silicone material, which increases the goggle lifespan and saves you money long term. 
  • Large surface area of the lens allows for good all-around and peripheral vision, so you can see clearly while swimming.
  • Anti-fog and various lens options further ensure a clear view so you can focus on swimming fast and doing your best. 
  • Hypo-allergenic comfort seals, adjustable straps, and interchangeable nose bridges allow for a comfortable fit so you can focus on racing and swimming fast. 

Build: The Speedo Speed Socket 2.0 Goggle features a sleek and hydrodynamic design ensuring reduced resistance and increased swimming speed in the water. 

These goggles provide slightly more eye room than other racing goggles, which also means they aren’t as low profile. However, they aren’t bulky, either. 

As a side note, if you’re someone with deep eye sockets, then more eye room is better since the low-profile goggles might sit too close to your eyes for your liking. Alternatively, to ensure you get a perfect fit, consider the Magic5 goggles

The Speed Sockets are also made from high-quality and durable materials like polycarbonate and silicone. 

Speedo Speed Socket 2.0 swimming goggles photo

Vision: The goggles offer good vision. They allow for peripheral vision, while the slightly larger surface area of the lens ensures you can see clearly when swimming. 

The interior also features the typical anti-fog technology and has various lens options to choose from, ensuring you always have optimal vision when racing. 

Comfort: The Speedo Speed Socket 2.0s have a standard fit with hypo-allergenic comfort seals. The lenses allow for enough room around and in front of your eyes. At the same time, the gaskets are designed to rest snugly and securely in the eye socket for a secure fit while swimming.

In terms of the strap, these feature a double silicone head strap that you can adjust to find your perfect fit. 

The goggle has 3 nose bridges, allowing you to further customize the goggle for a personalized fit. The nose bridge also has a slightly different design, with a very high V-shape. This allows the goggle to curve slightly around your face for a wider field of view.  

Cons: The biggest problem with the Speedo Speed Socket 2.0 is their comfort.

While this isn’t a problem for most swimmers, some (especially those with larger faces or noses) will find that the V-shaped nose bridge and the sockets of these goggles don’t work well for them, leading to an uncomfortable and leaky fit.

If you fall in this category, consider one of the above options, or if price is a factor, I recommend the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0s (see below for more information). 

Racing Goggle Specifications-

  • Materials: Polycarbonate, silicone.
  • Lenses: Polycarbonate lenses, wide panoramic view.
  • Strap: Double silicone head strap.
  • Anti-Fog: Yes.
  • Nose-Bridges: Yes, 3 interchangeable options.

Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Goggles

If you’re looking for quality swimming goggles that can be used for racing and training, are comfortable, and have an affordable budget price, then the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0s are a great option. These are also some of the most popular swimming goggles on the market. 

The goggle is available in various options, namely the standard Vanquisher 2.0, an EV version (for more peripheral vision), and a junior version for kids. 

Top Budget Pick
Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Goggles

Achieve high-performance swimming with these affordable budget goggles designed for racing and training.

The low-profile, hydrodynamic design offers versatility, while durable materials ensure long-lasting use. Enjoy clear vision, customizable fit, and comfort with cushioned gaskets, adjustable straps, and interchangeable nose bridges.

Buy Now on SwimOutlet

Summary of Key Features:

  • An affordable budget price allows you to save money while owning a highly functional and quality swim goggle.
  • Low profile and hydrodynamic design with increased eye room makes the goggle ideal for both racing and training. 
  • High-quality goggles made from durable materials like polycarbonate and silicone saves you money in the long run.
  • Different models to pick from based on your preference. 
  • Various lens options and anti-fog ensure clear vision in the water so you can focus on racing and training hard. 
  • G.O. Fit system, cushioned silicone gaskets, adjustable straps, and interchangeable nose bridges allow for a customized and comfortable fit when swimming. 

Build: The Vanquisher 2.0s feature a low-profile design but still allow for more eye room, which means they aren’t as low-profile as pure racing goggles. This makes them ideal for both racing and training. 

Likewise, the design is hydrodynamic, ensuring your swimming speed is optimized for high performance. 

The goggles are made from standard, quality materials, namely polycarbonate, and silicone, ensuring a durable swim goggle. 

Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 swimming goggles photo

Vision: Depending on which model you choose, the peripheral vision will differ. If you want more peripheral vision, you can pick the Vanquisher EV, while if you want less, pick the Vanquisher 2.0.

I prefer less peripheral vision for racing. Looking at a competitor now and then is okay, but if you can see them the entire time, it tends to stress me out and can throw me off. 

The goggles also have standard features like multiple lens options and anti-fog to ensure clear vision in the water. 

Comfort: With their G.O. Fit system and cushioned silicone gaskets, these goggles fit securely and comfortably in your eye socket. 

The goggles also have all the other standard comfort features you’d expect, like an adjustable silicone strap and 3 interchangeable nose bridges. 

Cons: The main problem with the Vanquisher 2.0s is the nose bridge. The quality seems to be lacking, it can break if you’re not careful, and it’s quite a pain to switch out for the other sizes. 

Racing Goggle Specifications-

  • Materials: Polycarbonate, silicone.
  • Lenses: Standard or enhanced view options available.
  • Strap: Adjustable, silicone.
  • Anti-Fog: Yes.
  • Nose-Bridges: Yes, 3 interchangeable options. 

TYR Socket Rocket 2.0 Goggles

If you’ve ever been a fan of Swedish-style goggles, then the TYR Socket Rocket 2.0 Racing Goggles are a worthy option. 

These goggles have that Swedish goggle feel and look and come in at a very affordable price point (even cheaper than the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 goggles). They are also more comfortable than traditional Swedish goggles. 

Top Swedish Goggles
TYR Socket Rocket Goggles

These affordable Swedish goggles offer a low-profile, hydrodynamic, and lightweight design for reduced drag and faster swims. Enjoy a wide field of view, anti-fog technology, and various lens options for clear vision. The rubber gaskets, and adjustable straps and nose bridge provide additional comfort and a secure fit.

Buy Now on SwimOutlet

Summary of Key Features:

  • Very cheap but still quality racing goggles, allowing you to save money.
  • Low-profile, hydrodynamic, and lightweight design reduce drag, allowing you to swim fast and win gold. 
  • Wide 180˚ field of view, anti-fog, and various lens options allow for clear vision while keeping an eye on your competitors to ensure you don’t get out-touched. 
  • Rubber gaskets make these Swedish-style goggles much more comfortable to wear so you can focus on racing. 
  • The rubber nose bridge and straps are comfortable and adjustable, allowing you to find your ideal fit.  

Build: The TYR Socket Rocket 2.0s feature a unique look and design. These goggles are super lightweight, hydrodynamic, and low profile, making them perfect for racing, swimming fast, and claiming gold. 

Many sprint swimmers like to use this style of goggles due to its lightweight feel.

The Socket Rockets feature polycarbonate lenses with rubber sockets and straps. The build of this goggle may feel flimsy compared to other goggles but contributes to its lightweight feel. 

Like most Swedish goggles (even though these have rubber gaskets), the design will take some getting used to if you haven’t used a Swedish-style goggle before. 

TYR Socket Rocket 2.0 goggles photo

Vision: The TYR Socket rockets have a wide field of vision, allowing for a panoramic view of up to 180 degrees. 

There are various lens options, and the goggles also have anti-fog, ensuring crystal-clear vision in the water.

Comfort: Swedish goggles are known for not being the most comfortable because they don’t have a silicone gasket in many cases. However, unlike the traditional Swedish goggles, the TYR Socket Rockets feature a rubber gasket, making them much more comfortable.

Personally, I’m not too fond of Swedish goggles for training but have teammates who exclusively swim in Swedish goggles, so the option is yours. 

Another neat feature about the Socket Rockets that I like is the nose bridge. Unlike other goggles, the rubber nose bridge can be adjusted to find your perfect fit. 

Not only is the rubber more comfortable than a plastic nose bridge, but it allows for more customization compared to interchangeable nose bridges. Also, if it breaks, you can replace it with some rope (albeit that will be a pain). 

Cons: The biggest con of the Socket Rockets is the rubber. Rubber tends to wear out faster. On top of that, the straps on these are a bit thin, which makes them more prone to breaking. Therefore, it’s essential to make sure you take care of these. 

Racing Goggle Specifications-

  • Materials: Polycarbonate, rubber.
  • Lenses: Polycarbonate lenses, anti-fog.
  • Strap: Dual rubber strap.
  • Anti-Fog: Yes.
  • Nose-Bridges: Adjustable rubber nose-bridge.

How to Choose Competition Goggles- a Few Things to Consider

Below we will look at a few things you should consider before choosing your racing goggles. Remember, not every swimmer is the same. We all have our personal preferences, so it’s essential to consider these things. 

Peripheral Vision

Regarding racing goggles, peripheral vision isn’t a must-have but rather up to your preference. 

Almost all goggles will have peripheral vision, but you can pick the level of peripheral vision you prefer.

Peripheral vision has advantages and drawbacks. 

The advantage is that it allows you to constantly keep an eye on your competitors next to you without breaking your head position in the water and compromising speed. This can give you that extra push to swim just a bit faster. 

The drawback is that it can stress you out or distract you from your race if you constantly look at your competitors. It’s also easy to lose track of your race plan and start spinning in the water if you are focusing on staying ahead too much. 

I prefer some peripheral vision when racing, but not too much. That’s why I like the Arena Cobra Ultras. For training, I like more peripheral vision, which is why I like using the Magic5 goggles (and the fact that they are comfortable to wear). 

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Goggle Comfort

Next up, you want to consider the comfort of your racing goggles. Comfort is an essential characteristic of racing goggles since you don’t want to worry about how your goggles feel before your race.

Ideally, you want to slip your goggles on, slightly adjust them and be ready to go and swim fast. All of the goggles on our list do an excellent job with comfort. (Keep in mind, the Speedo Speed Sockets 2.0 isn’t a good option if you have a larger face). 

That said, if comfort is the most crucial factor for you, go for the Magic5 goggles. 

Low-profile and hydrodynamic design 

As swimmers, we know that swimming speed is affected by the amount of water drag. Therefore it’s vital to reduce your drag as much as possible in every way you can.

Low-profile racing goggles will help you to do just that by eliminating any extra material or pieces that could cause resistance. They are also usually designed in a hydrodynamic way so water can seamlessly flow past.

Some goggles on our list are more hydrodynamic than others. The most hydrodynamic goggles are the Arena Cobra Ultras, Speedo LZR Pure Focus, TYR Tracer X Elite, and Mizuno Sonic GX. 

You can decide how important this factor is to you and if it’s really going to make a noticeable difference. I don’t think it makes much of a difference, but there might be some advantage, and personally, I’m willing to opt for that. 

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Goggle Durability

The durability of your racing goggles is also an excellent factor to consider since they tend to be expensive. 

You want to ensure that you invest in a high-quality pair of racing goggles that will last you a reasonable amount of time in the water.

Luckily, most of the racing goggles on our list are pretty durable, and you shouldn’t have any durability issues; hence you look after them properly. The TYR Socket Rockets and Vanquisher 2.0s are slightly less durable, but at the same time, these goggles are cheaper.

To ensure your goggles stay in tip-top shape, I recommend purchasing an additional goggle case if your goggle of choice doesn’t already come with one. 

Goggle Lenses

When it comes to goggle lenses, there are 3 main options to choose from- clear, tinted, and mirrored. Depending on what you like and where you swim, you’ll have to pick between some options.

Luckily, most goggles have various options to pick from, so this is a factor you can consider after you’ve selected your goggle of preference. 

I recommend clear or tinted lenses for swimmers who race indoors since they will allow for more light to pass through and allow clearer vision. However, lighter colors of mirrored goggles will also work if that’s what you prefer.

For swimmers who race outdoors, I recommend darker mirrored goggles or darkly tinted goggles since these will dim the light more and allow for more eye comfort when swimming.

Boost Your Swimming Performance with New Racing Goggles

If you haven’t yet invested in some proper racing goggles, I’d highly recommend you do so.

Racing goggles are a great way to maximize your speed in the water and reduce any possible drag that can slow you down and cost you those few precious milliseconds, which can be the difference between grabbing that necessary time or medal or missing out altogether. 

All in all, these goggles are a worthy investment for any competitive swimmer, just like training hard, eating healthy, and going the extra mile is for your overall performance.

Photo of author
I am Benjamin, a competitive swimmer with over a decande of experience in the sport of swimming. I also hold certifications in Exercise Science and Nutrition. I am very passionate about competitive swimming and love sharing everything I have learned about the sport. I specialize in swimming butterfly and my favorite event is the 100m butterfly with the 50m and 200m fly closely following.

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