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7 Best Arena Goggles for Every Swimmer: Find Your Fit

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Arena was founded nearly half a century ago, after the founder- Horst Dassler was inspired by Mark Spitz’s Munich Olympics Triumph. Today, Arena is one of the world’s leading swimming brands and the proud sponsor of many elite and world-class level swimmers. Some big names include- Adam Peaty, Sarah Sjostrom, Chad le Clos, and Katinka Hosszu, just to name a few.

Arena manufactures a wide range of swimming gear, including tech suitsfins, kickboards, paddles, pull buoys, swimming bags, and of course- swimming goggles. In today’s article, we will be taking a look at some of the best Arena goggles for you to stand out in the water.

Competitive swim goggles, such as these Arena goggles on our list, are designed to reduce hydrodynamic resistance, as well as reducing physical fatigue by cutting down on eye strain while providing the swimmer with both superior frontal and peripheral vision in the water.

7 Best Arena Goggles

Here is a quick list of the best Arena swimming goggles-

  • Arena Cobra Ultra
  • Arena Cobra
  • Arena Cobra Core
  • Arena Airspeed
  • Arena Swedix
  • Arena The One
  • Arena Tracks
  • Arena Python

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Arena Swimming Goggles Materials Lens Type View On SwimOutlet
Arena Cobra Ultra Silicone, Polycarbonate Mirrored >View Price
Arena Cobra Silicone, Polycarbonate Mirrored >View Price
Arena Cobra Core Silicone, Polycarbonate, Thermoplastic Elastomer Tinted >View Price
Arena Airspeed Silicone, Polycarbonate, Thermoplastic Rubber Mirrored, Tinted >View Price
Arena Swedix Rubber, Polycarbonate Mirrored, Tinted >View Price
Arena The One Silicone, Polycarbonate, Thermoplastic Rubber Tinted >View Price
Arena Tracks Silicone, Polycarbonate Mirrored, Tinted >View Price
Arena Python Silicone, Polycarbonate Mirrored >View Price

1. Arena Cobra Ultra Goggles

Arena cobra ultra goggles

We will be kicking things off with the Arena Cobra Ultra swim goggles. These are one of the most popular pairs of swimming goggles available with hundreds of thousands of swimmers rocking these goggles onto pool deck all around the world.

The Arena Cobra Ultras recently got a bit of an upgrade, namely an anti-fog upgrade. They now come in 2 versions, the standard Cobra Ultra and the Cobra Ultra Swipe goggles, which is the anti-fog version.

When the goggles become foggy you can simply activate the anti-fog by swiping the inner lenses 5 times with your fingertips while the goggles are submerged in the water. Pretty cool…

Getting to some of the more nitty-gritty features, we have a neat low profile and hydrodynamic design for reduced resistance while swimming. The Cobra Ultras also have great peripheral vision allowing you to spot your competitors without breaking streamline.

They have dual adjustable silicone straps built-in and come with adjustable nose bridges so that you can customize them to your preference. The lenses are designed from hard mirror polycarbonate and from personal experience I can say that they are very durable.

My first pair of the Arena Cobra Ultra goggles lasted me just over 3 years before it started giving me problems.

Overall, the Corba Ultra swimming goggles are really high-quality swimming goggles with a good hydrodynamic design while being excellent for both racing and training.

2. Arena Cobra Goggles

Arena Cobra Swipe Antifog Goggles

The Arena Cobra goggles are another great pair of Arena swimming goggles, they aren’t quite as “ultra” as the Cobra Ultras, but they will get the job more than done. The Arena Cobra swimming goggles have a sleek and low profile design and come with UV shield, anti-fog, mirrored lenses.

The goggles have a really stable and comfortable fit while wearing and come with adjustable silicone straps and interchangeable nose bridges. The design is very hydrodynamic and low-profile for reduced drag while swimming.

All in all, the Arena Cobra goggles are an awesome pair of swimming goggles with everything you’ll ever need. 

3. Arena Cobra Core Swim Goggles

arena cobra core goggles

The Arena Cobra Core swimming goggle looks very similar to the Arena Cobra Ultra goggles, but there are in fact clear differences in the designs of the two goggles. The Cobra Core is a premium swim goggle with innovative lenses that offer an aquadynamic seal and reduced drag and turbulence while swimming.

They also have UV protection and anti-fog coating. The anti-fog, however, doesn’t come close to matching the Cobra Ultra Swipe’s anti-fog technology. The Arena Cobra Core goggles offer a wide field of view and have a low profile design.

They also come with interchangeable nose-bridges and have adjustable straps ensuring for a tight and comfortable fit while swimming.

All in all, they are a great pair of swimming goggles with all of the features you will ever require. These goggles are also great for both training and racing due to their comfortable and hydrodynamic design.

4. Arena Airspeed Swimming Goggles

arena airspeed goggles

The Arena Airspeed swimming goggles are designed for fast swimming with their low profile and hydrodynamic design.

The goggles feature honeycomb air seals and have a very comfortable and lightweight fit. They come with 3 interchangeable nose pieces and have a durable design with their polycarbonate lenses.

Overall, these are a really nice pair of Arena swimming goggles with some good features and a great design.

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5. Arena Swedix Swimming Goggles

arena swedix goggles

The Arena Swedix swimming goggle is a super lightweight goggle designed for speed and functionality while racing. The Swedix goggles have a neat and sleek design with a unique lens, called the split lens.

The split lens allows swimmers to see both forward and down without changing head position and ultimately increasing drag while racing. The goggles have a light-weight and hydrodynamic design, but unfortunately, they do come with some slight cons.

The Arena Swedix goggles require some assembly and they also have rubber straps that degrade faster than silicone straps. This shouldn’t be the biggest issue, however, since they are designed for racing and not for training where goggles usually need to be on the more durable side.

All in all, the Arena Swedix goggles are a great pair of racing goggles for anyone looking to achieve some serious speed in the water.

6. Arena Tracks Swim Goggles

Arena Tracks Swimming Goggles

The Arena Tracks swimming goggles are another excellent pair of training goggles for swimmers. They offer anti-fog and UV resistant lenses while providing a comfortable fit in the water.

They have all of the standard features including the adjustable dual silicone straps allowing for a secure and personal fit, as well as 4 pieces of interchangeable nose bridges. The Arena tracks also feature a neat, hydrodynamic, and simplistic design.

All in all, the Arena Tracks are an excellent pair of swimming goggles with all of the features you’ll need. Although these goggles are branded for training, I would say that they would also be perfect for racing.

7. Arena Python Goggles

arena python goggles

Last, but certainly not least we have the Arena Python swimming goggles. This is another neat looking Arena swim goggle with some good features loaded into its design. The Arena Python goggles utilize soft silicone seals and adjustable straps to provide you with ultimate comfort and a secure fit.

The goggles have a low profile and hydrodynamic design with durable polycarbonate and UV resistant lenses. The goggles offer a good field of view in the water while allowing for optimal vision clarity while swimming.

Overall, the Arena Python swimming goggles are another superb pair of swimming goggles from Arena. They have some great features and will be suitable for both training and racing.

How to Choose Your Arena Swimming Goggles

Before choosing your pair of Arena swimming goggles, there are a few things to consider in order to make the best decision for your needs as a swimmer.

Goggle Usage

When you are deciding on which Arena swimming goggles would be best for you it would be a good idea to look at the purpose of those goggles and what you are planning to use them for.

If you are looking to use your Arena goggles for racing then you should probably look into getting a goggle with a hydrodynamic and low-profile design with good peripheral vision. Racing goggles are generally more technical and tend to cut down on drag as much as possible, sometimes making them a bit uncomfortable.

If you want to use your Arena swim goggles for training or recreational swimming then it would be good to look at things like comfort, adjustability, and stability of the goggle in the water. Anti-fog may also be key a consideration since it can be quite annoying to train with foggy swim goggles.

Lens Type

Another key consideration to take into account when choosing your Arena swimming goggles are the type of lenses. There are three types of goggle lenses, namely mirrored or metallic lenses, clear lenses, and colored lenses.

Mirrored lenses are great for swimmers who train or race in outdoor pools. They will reflect the sunlight and stop the sun from getting in your eyes and messing with your vision. If you use mirrored lenses in an indoor pool, however, you may have a hard time seeing since it will be relatively dark.

This is where clear and light-colored lenses come in. These lenses are great for swimmers who want to use their goggles in indoor swimming pools. They will allow you to see clearly while swimming without tinting out too much light.

And finally, to get the best of both worlds, you can consider going with dark-colored lenses. These lenses will dim the sunlight when swimming outdoors and still allow vision when swimming in well-lit indoor swimming pools.

Goggle Fit

The final aspect to consider when choosing your Arena swimming goggles is the fit. You need to choose a swim goggle that fits well with your eye sockets in order to avoid leaks or falling off. Almost all of the Arena goggles on our list will fit the general population so you really don’t have much to worry about.

If you go with the Swedix goggles it is important to remember that they don’t actually have rubber or silicone gaskets. This is done to make them as light and hydrodynamic as possible. Still, just make sure they sit nicely in the eye socket to avoid leaks.

Now that you know what the best Arena swimming goggles are, you might be intrested in the best tech suits, to check out my article on the best Arena tech suits click here.

Enjoy Your Next Swim with a New Pair of Arena Goggles

Arena manufactures some really high-quality swimming goggles. These goggles are a critical piece of swimming gear with many purposes for us as swimmers. They are designed to protect your eyes from chlorine and other chemicals in the pool while reducing drag and providing you with an optimal field of vision.

In races they help us to locate our competitors without breaking streamline, ultimately helping us to speed up that tiny bit extra to win the race. While in training, swimming goggles help us to time our turns perfectly, as well as assisting us in noticing the funny and terrified faces from our teammates underwater when coach gives us a hard set.

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I am Benjamin, a competitive swimmer with over a decande of experience in the sport of swimming. I also hold certifications in Exercise Science and Nutrition. I am very passionate about competitive swimming and love sharing everything I have learned about the sport. I specialize in swimming butterfly and my favorite event is the 100m butterfly with the 50m and 200m fly closely following.

A Cheat Sheet for Creating the Perfect Swimming Workout and Routine

Download this FREE cheat sheet to create the perfect swimming workout and routine. Learn how to structure your swim workout and enjoy 9 example workouts, ranging from beginner to advanced.

Swim Workout Cheat Sheet
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