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Arena Cobra Ultra Goggles Review- The Ultimate Swim Goggle

arena cobra ultra goggles

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I have been a huge supporter of the Arena brand for a long time now. Recently I decided to pick me up my 3rd pair of Arena Cobra Ultra Goggles and my collection is starting to come along quite nicely.

The Arena Cobra ultra goggles are one of Arena’s latest goggles. These goggles have been crafted to hydrodynamic perfection and they are some of the most advanced racing goggles available on the market today.

They are also quite nice to train with. However, I prefer to use them only for racing. These goggles pack in many awesome features, like low profile lenses, insane peripheral vision and a blade design for reduced resistance in the water.

 a Quick Introduction

So a little while ago I was competing at a small local meet, it was the beginning of the season and it was time to start racing again. As I was walking to go and change into my tech suit, I noticed a little pop-up shop, selling these sick, black and orange Arena Cobra Ultra goggles.

I have had my previous pair for almost a year now and I decided it was time for another one. I have always loved the Arena Cobra Ultra goggles, it was the beginning of the season and it was time to pick up another pair. Needless to say, the meet went well and my Arena Cobra Ultra goggles powered me through my races.

First Impressions

Like all of Arena’s products, the Cobra Ultra came packaged in a very neat, premium style box. When I first opened my new pair of Cobra Ultra’s it was like opening them again for the first time.arena cobra ultra goggles

I slowly slid open the awesome box and I could smell the magnificent smell of new goggles. Afterward, my Cobra Ultra goggles were neatly revealed. This time I decided to go with the Black and Orange version.

These actually aren’t mirrored, like some of the other versions, but they look pretty awesome.

Inside the box, underneath my goggles, I also found a nice little bag to protect my Cobra Ultra Goggles, as well as 5 interchangeable nose pieces. These are awesome for a customized fit.

Another thing that you will probably notice once you open the box, is that these goggles look very cool. This doesn’t matter too much for swimming, but it’s a nice little bonus!

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Some quick Thoughts and Opinions on the Arena Cobra Ultras

  • They are low profile

These are probably some of the slimmest goggles available on the market. If you had to compare them to the MP Xceed Goggles and Speedo Fastskin3 Elite Goggles, I would probably say that these are the lowest profile you can get.

The entire point of these goggles are racing, they are high-performance racing goggles and reducing resistance is their number one priority. And I can comfortably say that is what they do. There blade shape, low profile design is excellent at reducing resistance in the water.

  • Quite Comfortable

In the beginning, I didn’t really like the feel of these goggles that much, but after wearing them for a few days, I quickly grew fond of how they felt. They were pretty comfortable, especially for such low profile, slim goggles.

Although I only wear them for racing nowadays, they will serve just fine as a comfortable training goggle.

  • Crazy field of view

When I first got them on I was amazed about my field of view. Arena truly wasn’t lying when they said the goggle has a good field of view.

The curved lens is one of the main reasons for the insane peripheral vision offered by these goggles.

If you are wondering why you would ever want such a crazy field of view, just think about that sneaky opponent in lane 1 that might have qualified finals slower than they usually would, so that they can go under the radar and shoot out in front of everyone in the finals.

If you have a good field of view, you will be able to notice them and pick up the pace to keep your position.

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What is Included with the Arena Cobra Ultra Goggles

Okay, so what actually comes with your Arena Cobra Ultra goggles. Once you open the package you will find your goggles neatly waiting for you (obviously). Then underneath them, you will find a package of 5 interchangeable nose pieces. These are great to play around with, try some different sizes and see which ones you find most comfortable.

Afterward, you will find a cool little mesh bag that you can keep your goggles in. This is a great way to protect your goggles and keep them safe. And Finally at the very bottom, you will find a small little guide to get you started with your new Arena Cobra Ultra goggles.

Arena Cobra Ultra Goggles – Pros and Cons

The Arena Cobra Ultra goggles have many awesome pros, these pros easily overthrow the few cons that are actually present. Let’s start with the pros-


  • Low profile design

Like I mentioned earlier, these goggles easily has one of the lowest profile designs available out there. This is great since the slimmer design will contribute to less drag and resistance in the water.

  • Blade design for minimized drag

Another big contributor to reduced resistance and drag is the blade design and shape these goggles have. This will make it as easy and efficient as possible for water to glide off, off your goggles and reduce resistance as much as possible.

  • Curved lens for insane peripheral vision

The Arena Cobra Ultra goggles offer some really good peripheral vision and will allow you to see all around you. The curved lens plays a big factor in this. a Good field of view is important for spotting your opponents, if they suddenly pick up speed, without actually moving your head and breaking your streamline position.

  • Dual Silicone Strap

This is a huge bonus! Although most modern goggles feature silicone straps nowadays, this is still great! Silicone straps are way, way more durable and will last much longer than the classical straps found on goggles. The old straps usually degrade within a few months, whereas silicone straps will last years.

  • Good Brightness

The Arena Cobra Ultra goggles offer some good brightness whilst swimming in low light. For example a darkish indoor pool or late in the evening when the sun is starting to set. You will still be able to see in low light, fairly easily.

  • Durable

I can easily say the Arena Cobra Ultra goggles are really durable. I know this because this isn’t my first pair of them. I’ve had another 2 pairs for about 2 years now and both of them are still just fine. Yes, they have a scratch here and there, but that is inevitable. No matter what goggle you buy, eventually you will scratch it a little bit here and there. (Unless, you are super, extremely careful)


  • Might take a while to get used to them

Like I mentioned earlier, it took me a while to get used to how these goggles felt. In the beginning, they felt very tight and out of place at times. However, after training with them for a few days, I quickly grew fond of how they felt and I could describe them as feeling really comfortable.

  • Pricing

The Arena Cobra Ultra goggles aren’t the cheapest on the market, but at the same time they are really high-quality, high-performance, premium goggles. Compared to some other high-end goggles they really aren’t that expensive. And at the end of the day, these goggles are packed with so many features, that they are totally worth the extra cash.

  • You can view their latest price on Amazon by clicking HERE.


Arena Goggles Case

a While ago I also picked up a protective case for my Arena Cobra Ultra goggles. This is a really nice, simple and clean case by Arena.

You can store your goggles in them and even a few caps. It is really convenient since I just have to grab my case and I am ready to go and race.

I really like this case and it will also protect your goggles from scratching and other damages. You can also check it out on Amazon HERE.

My Experience

Overall I had an awesome experience with the Arena Cobra Ultra goggles. They offer so many little things that just make them absolutely worth it. I had an awesome time racing with them my past meet.

However, I need to say I have been using these goggles for a long time now and I have swum many meets with them. Needless to say, they have never let me down and I will continue using them as my main racing goggles.


I would highly recommend the Arena Cobra Ultra goggles to any swimmer looking for an awesome pair of racing (or training goggles). These goggles are a good bang for your buck and they pack many awesome features, whilst being one of the coolest looking goggles out there.

Here are some of the awesome features of the Arena Cobra Ultra Goggles-

  • Dual silicone strap
  • Blade design for reduced resistance
  • Awesome peripheral vision
  • Slim, low profile design
  • Comfortable
  • Durable



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