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8 Best Swimming Goggles For Laps

swimmer wearing the best swimming goggles for laps while swimming

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If you are a competitive swimmer you are going to need a good pair of swimming goggles for grinding out some laps in the pool.

The best swimmers are usually the ones who train the hardest, put in the most hours and grind out a lot of laps in the pool. Fast laps, long laps, recovery laps, butterfly laps, all sorts of laps really.

With that being said swimming goggles have become a huge part of the sport, most competitive swimmers today would not be able to imagine themselves without a good pair of swimming goggles strapped to their chlorinated faces.

Swimming goggles didn’t just become a major part of swimming without a reason either.

They play a critical role in helping you see the walls so that you can time your turns perfectly, they help you spot your opponents and they keep your eyes protected from all the chlorine in the water.


When deciding what swimming goggles are the best for laps, there are a few things to take into consideration-


  • Comfort

When you are picking up swimming goggles specifically for swimming laps or training. You want to make sure that they are as comfortable as possible.

After all, you are going to be wearing these goggles for hundreds and hundreds of laps on end. Quite frankly uncomfortable goggles simply aren’t going to cut it.

When you look for comfort in a swimming goggle. You’d preferably want to pick up something that is soft around the eyes and sits loosely yet secure around your head, to avoid headaches.


  • Durability

Durability plays a major role in deciding what swimming goggles are the best for laps and training.

Obviously, you don’t want to be spending a bunch picking up new swimming goggles every 2 months (this has happened to me before).

You want a solid pair of goggles that will last you a long time, I would say at least 8 months minimum all the way up to 2 years.

When you have a durable pair of goggles you will not only be saving money, but your goggles will also stay intact for longer. Meaning you won’t have leaky or loose goggles when you need to swim some laps.


  • Secure Fit

Swimming laps isn’t just always all fun and games, sometimes it can get really intense especially during a hard training session.

Lots of swimmers look at swimming laps as simply swimming up and down in a pool at a relaxed pace, but in reality, you are always swimming laps, just with different variables added in.

Therefore you need a swimming goggle with a secure fit this will allow you to swim without worrying about water leaking in no matter what the situation, like a sprint set for example.


  • Tinted Lenses (Mostly for you outdoor swimmers)

Most swimmers will train in the afternoon after school or work. (Sorry to those of you who are up at 5 am dishing out laps, I know how it feels and I pay my respects to you guys.)

Anyway, this can sometimes become a problem. The sun is quite bright in the afternoons and can reflect light on the water.

Or maybe you just want to swim some backstroke, but the sun is in your eyes the entire time.

I know how it feels when the sun is shining in your eyes, while you are trying to dish out some laps and I can say it certainly isn’t pleasant.

Therefore a good pair of tinted lap goggles might not be the worst idea if you are training outside. This way the sun will never bother you.

Anyway, I think now that we have discussed what some of the things to look for are when deciding what goggles are the best for swimming laps we can actually get to the best goggles.


Here are the 8 Best Swimming Goggles For Laps-

  • 1.) Mp Xceed Swimming Goggles

MP Xceed swimming gogglesYes, yes I know the MP Xceed swimming goggles weren’t exactly designed for swimming laps, but they are such comfortable and durable goggles that I just couldn’t help myself.

I remember the first time I tried on the MP Xceed swimming goggles, I don’t know how to describe it other than they were really some of the most comfortable goggles I had ever worn.

This is mostly, because of the ultra-soft softeril gaskets on these goggles. They provide a lot of comfort and also a tight seal to avoid water leaking in.

The Mp Xceed goggles were developed with the help of the famous Olympic swimmer- Michael Phelps and his coach Bob Bowman.

The MP Xceed swimming goggles were designed with the idea of using them as racing goggles in mind, but in my opinion, they will be excellent for swimming laps. They are comfortable, secure and provide many features.

These feature a quality curved lens, allowing for a wide field of view and excellent peripheral vision in the water.

They are designed using exo-core technology, where they combine two materials to allow for maximum performance usage in the water.

The goggles are also extremely durable thanks to their exoskeleton design, allowing for maximum strength and stability of the goggle.

Personally, I think this is pretty much as good as it gets when it comes to a swimming goggle for laps and training.

Another bonus of these are since they were actually designed for racing, you might as well use them next time you swim a meet.



  • 2.) Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Goggles

Speedo vanquisher 2.0 swimming gogglesNext up we have the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 swimming goggles. These are some of the best selling swimming goggles out there and for good reasons too.

The Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Goggles are another pair of comfortable and durable goggles with some nice features packed into them.

They include soft silicone eye seals and a double silicone head strap. This allows for a pretty comfortable swimming goggle, with a secure and watertight fit. These swimming goggles offer good peripheral vision, allowing for a wide field of vision.

Like the MP Xceed swimming goggles, they also have tinted lenses, for all of the outdoor swimmers. Overall I think the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 goggles are an awesome pair of swimming goggles. They will definitely cover all of your swimming and racing needs.



  • 3.) Arena Tracks Swimming Goggles

Arena Tracks swimming gogglesThe name itself suggests that these are a good pair of swimming goggles for laps.

The Arena Tracks swimming goggles are durable, comfortable and basic. Yes, sometimes basic, simple goggles are the way to go, especially when swimming laps.

The Arena Tracks swimming goggles offer soft silicone seals and straps. This will allow for maximum comfort around the eyes and will also help to alleviate pressure around the head.

In terms of durability, the Arena Tracks include hard lenses, allowing for long-lasting usage.

They don’t offer the best field of vision but are still a solid pair of goggles and they will be just fine for grinding out some laps.



  • 4.) TYR Tracer Swimming Goggles

TYR Tracer swimming gogglesThe TYR Tracer Swimming goggles are solid, comfortable, durable and sleek option as a swimming goggle.

These swimming goggles are manufactured using 100% silicone, allowing for a really durable goggle.

They offer hypoallergenic soft TPR gaskets allowing for a really nice and comfortable fit around the eyes. These gaskets are also really secure and watertight.

That way you will never have a problem while swimming some laps in the pool.

They include a really solid polycarbonate lens that will allow for good durability and vision in the water. Overall I really like the TYR Tracer swimming goggles, they offer some good features and a basic, sleek design and look.



  • 5.) Speedo Speed Socket Goggles

Speedo Speed Sockets swimming gogglesThe Speedo Speed Socket swimming goggles definitely deserve a spot on this list, these are a really nice pair of goggles.

Once again starting off with the comfort of these, because that is probably one of the most important factors when choosing swimming goggles.

These goggles are pretty comfortable if I can say so myself, due to their sleek inner eye fit, hypo-allergenic comfort seals and silicone head strap. They have a lot of features similar to their big brother- The Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 swimming goggle but lack a bit when it comes to peripheral vision.

Another awesome thing to note about these goggles is that they were worn by the Legendary Caeleb Dressel, during the FINA World Championships, where he won 7 Gold Medals!

Overall I think this is a really neat little goggle and that it surpasses all of the tests for being a great lap swimming and racing goggle.



  • 6.) TYR Socket Rocket Swimming Goggles

TYR Socket Rocket swimming gogglesPersonally, I think the TYR Socket Rocket goggles are a pretty awesome pair of goggles. The reason I say this is because they really remind me of the classic Swedish goggle (We will cover those below).

They are also really comfortable and durable at the same time while offering an awesome sleek look and design with excellent peripheral vision.

The TYR Sockets have a low profile silicone gasket for some solid comfort around the eyes and are manufactured 100% from silicone allowing for a really durable goggle.

The lenses are also really durable since they are optical grade polycarbonate lenses.

Quickly touching on their field of vision again, these goggles offer 180-degree vision, which is pretty cool in my opinion. Overall this is a really nice pair of goggles and I highly recommend them.



7.) Arena Swedix Swimming Goggles

Arena Swedix swimming gogglesAnd as we are nearing the end of our list of the best swimming goggles for laps, we have the Arena Swedix Swimming Goggles. These are an awesome looking, sleek and lightweight pair of swimming goggles.

The lightweight and low-profile design of these goggles make them relatively comfortable, since they sit quite nicely around the head, not applying too much pressure.

They are decently durable with a material composition of- 80% Polycarbonate/15% Rubber/5% Thermoplastic Elastomer.

These swimming goggles also offer that awesome classic, Swedish looking goggle design if that is what you are going after.

Overall I think these are a nice pair of goggles and they will be completely enough for lap swimming, training, and racing.



8.) Original Malmsten Swedish Goggles

Malmsten swedish swimming gogglesFinally, we have the original Malmsten Swedish Goggles.

If you have been in the swimming world for a while you will know the Swedish goggles are among some of the most popular swimming goggles for laps and training.

These goggles provide some insane peripheral vision and are highly customizable.

Another big plus from the malmsten Swedish goggles is their price. They are some of the cheapest goggles available, but it also comes at a bit of a cost.

These goggles might take a while for you to get used to before you can find them comfortable, they require some assembly when you get them and their rubber straps degrade relatively fast.

Overall, this is a bit of a mix and match type goggle, one of the most popular, cheapest and basic goggles, but they also have a few downsides.




So there we have it the 8 best swimming goggles for laps. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this article, if you want to be one of the best competitive swimmers out there, you are going to have to grind out some laps and give it your all in training.

What types of laps? All sorts of laps- fast laps, sprint laps, butterfly, freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke laps. Hypoxic laps, distance laps, whatever type of laps you can image.

And for you to swim those laps as effectively as possible you are going to need a good pair of goggles. Here are the 8 best swimming goggles for laps again-

  1. MP Xceed Swimming Goggles
  2. Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Swimming Goggles
  3. Arena Tracks Swimming Goggles
  4. TYR Tracer Swimming Goggles
  5. Speedo Speed Socket Swimming Goggles
  6. TYR Socket Rocket Swimming Goggles
  7. Arena Swedix Swimming Goggles
  8. Original Malmsten Swedish Swimming Goggles



FAQ- Frequently asked questions regarding swimming goggles for laps.


  • How do I keep my swimming goggles from scratching?

Generally, with time swimming goggles will scratch no matter what. However, there are a few ways to make protect them from scratching and keep them in mint condition for longer.

1.) Invest in a protective case. Yes, I know this might sound a bit simple and basic, but this actually really helps with protecting your goggles in general, not just from scratching. Arena has designed a really nice one, I use it personally and I’m a big fan. You can check it out on Amazon- HERE

2.) When getting out of the pool after swim training, do not take your goggles off until you are outside of the pool. The reason being is, I see a lot of swimmers taking their goggles off before they get out.

Then when they get out by the wall, they will usually place their goggles face down and press down on them as they jump out, causing the  goggles to scratch

3.) Don’t swim into the lane ropes! Yes, I know this might sound a bit cliche, but I have actually seen swimmers who messed up their goggles quite badly by swimming into the lane ropes…


  • How long do swimming goggles last?

There really is no set time frame for how long swimming goggles last. It all depends on the quality of the goggle and how well you look after them.

Generally, some higher quality goggles like the MP Xceed goggles will last much longer since they are higher quality, but that comes at a bit of an extra price.

I would say most of these goggles on this list should last you about 8 months to 2 years, except maybe for the Swedish goggles, but they are cheap.


  • Are mirrored swimming goggles better?

Well, it depends. If you swim outdoors for the majority of the time then mirrored lenses are going to be great, since they will dim the light of the sun and protect your eyes more.

But polarized lenses are better for filtering glare, making them a better option for indoor swimming. Therefore if your pool has low lighting, you might not want to pick up mirrored goggles, since it may be too dark to swim with them.


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