5 Best Fins For Open Water Swimming

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Are you going on an open water swim and looking for some of the best open water swimming fins to accompany you on that journey? Well, in that case, you’ve come to the right place, because in today’s article we’ll be taking a look at the 5 best fins for open water swimming. 

Using fins during your open water swim is a great way to increase your pace and cover more distance in a shorter amount of time.

You’ll also be able to improve your kicking speed, leg strength, and ankle flexibility while reducing stress on your shoulders. 

Open water swimming fins can assist you with becoming a better swimmer and they can also make your life a bit easier on those hard days where your body needs a little bit of a break from all of your hard training for that next open water race or whatever your goal in the water may be.

Best Fins For Open Water Swimming.

Here are the 5 best fins for open water swimming-

  • DMC Repellor Open Water Swimming Fins
  • Hydro Tech 2 Soft Open Water Swimming Fins
  • Arena Powerfin Pro 
  • TYR Flex Swim Fins 2.0
  • Speedo Switchblade Swimming Fins

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Open Water Swimming FinsMaterialBlade StyleColor OptionsOur RatingView On SwimOutlet
DMC Repellor FinsSiliconeShort BladeBlack/Green Mix10/10>View price
Hydro Tech 2 Swim FinsSiliconeShort BladeIce Blue9/10>View price
Arena Powerfin ProSiliconeShort BladeMultiple Colors8/10>View price
TYR Flex Swim Fins 2.0RubberLong BladeBlack/Yellow Mix8/10>View price
Speedo Switchblade Swimming FinsRubberShort BladeBlack/Red Mix7/10>View price

1. DMC Repellor Open Water Swimming Fins.

DMC Repellor Open Water Swimming Fins

The DMC Repellor Fins are without a doubt some of the best fins for open water swimming available. They feature a quality and durable silicone construction that will be able to withstand the elements and last a long time no matter where you swim with them.

The DMC Repellor open water swimming fins utilize a patent-pending interlocking design to provide maximum propulsion in any open water condition so that you can swim at maximal speeds.

They also have an ultra-comfortable foot cavity allowing you to swim for long periods over long distances without your feet getting tired or forming blisters. 

Something that I really like about these open water swimming fins is the fact that they have ankle straps that you can tie around yourself to ensure that your fins don’t accidentally come off and get lost in the water. This is especially helpful if you are swimming in the ocean or areas with rough waters.

Overall, a great pair of open water swimming fins that you can use to condition your lower body and increase leg strength and ankle flexibility so that you can perform optimally on your next open water swim.


  • Quality and durable silicone construction will withstand the elements and last a long time.
  • Ensures maximum propulsion in the water.
  • Ultra-comfortable while wearing.
  • Ankle straps ensure that your fins don’t ever get lost.
  • Condition your lower body and become a better open water swimmer.


  • Quite pricey.

2. Hydro Tech 2 Soft Open Water Swimming Fins.

Hydro Tech 2 Open Water Swimming Fins

If you’re looking for a really comfortable pair of open water swimming fins, then look no further than the Hydro-Tech 2 Soft Open Water Swimming Fins. These fins are designed with performance and comfort in mind and will last you a long time.

They feature a 100% soft silicone construction designed for durability and reduced strain on your feet when swimming. The patented V-Rail design increases surface area which in return increases kicking thrust and helps you to swim faster.

The Hydro-Tech 2 Soft Open Water Fins also contain 3 drain holes to effectively drain out water and sand that enters your fins which lowers the weight that you have to push with your legs.

One of my favorite parts about this swimming fin is the asymmetrical design that is based on your body’s natural movement to equally distribute the force around your feet which, in return, will minimize foot fatigue and enable you to swim faster over long distances.

All in all, these are some of the best fins for open water swimming. They are popular among both triathletes as well as swimmers and allow for a perfect balance between performance and comfort in the water.


  • Soft silicone allows for a super comfortable design.
  • Durable construction.
  • The V-Rail increases the surface area of the fins and helps to increase kicking propulsion.
  • It contains 3 drain holes to effectively clear out water and sand that enter fins.
  • The asymmetrical design ensures equal distribution of force on your feet.


  • Still priced on the higher side, but less expensive than the DMC Repellor fins.

3. Arena Powerfin Pro Swimming Fins.

Arena Powerfin Pro Open Water Swimming Fins

The Arena Powerfin Pro is one of the most popular fins among swimmers and is the trademark fin of one of the largest swimming brands, namely Arena. These fins are designed for maximum speed and power in the water and also have good comfort.

The blade design on these fins are quite advanced and allow great performance for both open water and pool swimmers. The blade is slightly inclined which ensures maximum forward thrust, while the shorter design of it maximizes the frequency of your kicks.

Further, there are special cuts on the bottom ribs of the fin which ensures maximal power while the side rails ensure better control in the water while kicking.

The entire construction of the Arena Powerfin Pro features a 100% silicone-based design which ensures for a really durable fin that will withstand the elements and water conditions at all costs while providing great comfort that reduces both blisters and foot fatigue.

My favorite part of the fin is the open heel design that allows for maximum ankle flexibility to perform each kick with a full range of motion for the fastest swimming speeds.

Overall, this is easily one of my top picks for open water swimmers. It’s a great fin with lots of features and a decent price. 


  • Blade ensures maximum thrust and kicking frequency while swimming.
  • Advanced rails and cuts further increase your kicking power and control in the water.
  • 100% Silicone-based design allows for excellent durability.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • The open-heel design maximizes ankle flexibility and allows you to kick with a full range of motion.


  • Sizing a bit off in some cases.

4. TYR Flex Swim Fins 2.0.

TYR Flex 2.0 Open Water Swimming Fins

So far all of the fins we’ve looked at have featured a short-blade design. The TYR Flex Swim Fins 2.0, however, have a long blade design which may be the preferred blade style for some open water swimmers.

The fins are constructed using 100% natural rubber. This is quite durable and will last a long time, but personally I just find silicone a bit more durable than rubber. These fins have a comfortable design and won’t cause any blisters or foot fatigue, allowing them to be used over long distances.

Further, they come in 8 different sizes which is great since it’ll ensure that you can find a pair that fits optimally for you. These fins are also great for increasing your leg strength, ankle flexibility, and overall lower-body conditioning so that you can perform well on your next open water swim.

All in all, a great pair of open water swimming fins with a longer blade design which may be desired depending on your preferred style. These are high-quality fins and the variety of size options will help you to find a great fit.


  • Longer blade design, (Preferred by some swimmers).
  • 100% Natural rubber allows for a durable design.
  • Comfortable design.
  • 8-size options ensure you find the perfect fit.
  • Increase your kicking technique, leg strength, and lower body conditioning.


  • Rubber not as durable as silicone.
  • The longer blade doesn’t train kick frequency as well.

5. Speedo Switchblade Swimming Fins.

Speedo Switchblade Open Water Swimming Fins

The Speedo Switchblade is a great pair of swimming fins coming in at a budget price. They are quite popular among both pool- and open water swimmers and have an innovative design featuring a 10-blade angle that provides maximum stability and engagement throughout your entire kicking cycle.

The angled blade also places emphasis on the down kick segment and maximizes your propulsion in the water. At the front of the fins, you’ll find an extended toe pocket which allows for ultimate comfort while the carefully placed midfoot flex points help to eliminate cramping caused by a lot of swim fins.

Further, the sculpted side rails on these fins help to engage hip rotation and down kick drive which helps you to swim as fast as possible. The entire fin features a 100% rubber construction, which as mentioned, will be quite durable, but not as much as silicone.

Overall, a solid pair of open water swimming fins with a good and unique design all while coming in at a lower and more affordable price.


  • Budget price point.
  • The innovative 10-blade angle provides maximum stability and kick engagement.
  • Great propulsion while swimming.
  • Good comfort allows you to swim long distances.
  • Midfoot flex points decrease cramps.
  • Sculpted rails help to engage hip rotations and down kick drive so that you can swim as fast as possible.


  • Rubber not as durable as silicone.


Open water swimming fins can be a useful tool to improve your kicking power, strength, and technique in the water and can also help you to build some good lower body conditioning and fitness for those long open water swims.

They are also quite nice to have around for those days where you decide that you want to cover a lot of distance but don’t want to spend all day in the water swimming. So with that said, I hope you found a good pair of open water swimming fins that suit you and your swimming needs.

If you’d like to read some more great swimming articles, consider checking out my blog for a ton of awesome swimming content. I write about swimming technique, open water swimming, training gear, and much more. Anyway, I guess I’ll see you around!

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