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9 Best Nose Clips for Swimmers- The Expert Guide

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Nose clips hold numerous benefits and are used by swimmers of all levels– from beginners to competitive swimmers who grind out hundreds of laps weekly.

These simple devices are designed to stop water from entering your nose that can cause discomfort, allowing you to have a much improved swimming experience.

Additionally, nose clips can even improve your swimming performance, speed, and efficiency. I’ll discuss this more in-depth later. First, let’s take review the best nose clips for swimmers.

best nose clips combo photo

The Best Nose Clips for Swimming

1. Speedo Liquid Comfort Nose Clip- Best Training Nose Clip

The Speedo Liquid Comfort Nose Clip is my top pick as the best nose clip for training. It has a great overall design that will provide you with comfort, performance, and durability.

The frame uses lightweight and comfortable materials to optimize your swimming experience and performance. It’s also made to perfectly fit the shape of your nose while providing a hydrodynamic design

Something I like about the Speedo Liquid Comfort nose clip is that it features a universal fit that will be optimal for most swimmers. 

Further, the frame is designed using a durable and high-quality nylon material, featuring soft TPR Pads that allow for a tight fit to ensure no water enters your nose and disrupts your swimming.

Overall, the Speedo Liquid Comfort Nose Clip is a great option if you want something comfortable, lightweight, and hydrodynamic to train with.

Another bonus is that this nose clip comes with a case and is available in a couple of color options to choose what you prefer.


  • Lightweight and comfortable design.
  • Universal fit.
  • Durable materials.
  • Soft TPR Pads ensure a tight fit and good comfort.
  • Hydrodynamic contours.
  • Case included.
  • Multiple color options.


  • It may not fit all face types perfectly, which causes the nose clip to slide around.
speedo liquid comfort nose clip

2. Speedo Competition Nose Clip- Best Racing Nose Clip

Are you looking for a hydrodynamic and lightweight nose clip designed for competition use? Well, look no further than the Speedo Competition Nose Clip. This nose clip is my top pick for racing.

This nose clip is perfect for fast swimming. It’s lightweight and has a low-profile design to optimize your hydrodynamics and minimize any possible drag.

It also has a secure fit to ensure it won’t come off when you dive in or do a fast turn. On top of that, it’s also comfortable, removing any potential distractions when you are racing.

Besides all the great performance features, this nose clip is also durable. The frame features a 78% polyamide and 22% elastane lycra composition, while the stainless steel clip has a latex coating for extra comfort.

All in all, this is a solid competition nose clip. It would definitely be my go-to option for racing, and as a bonus, it’s also available in a few color options.


  • Ideal for competition usage.
  • A lightweight and low-profile design ensures ideal hydrodynamics.
  • Secure fit while wearing.
  • Comfortable design.
  • Durable build.
  • Multiple colors to choose from.


  • Smaller in size than most nose clips.
Speedo Competition Nose Clip

Sporti Nose Clip- Top Budget Pick

The Sporti Nose Clip is a popular nose clip with a simple and effective design, multiple color options, and a storage case. Additionally, this nose clip is also extra affordable.

The Sporti Nose Clip is perfect for all swimming activities. The anatomic design ensures an excellent fit, allowing stability and comfort in the water.

The fit is universal and will fit pretty much all swimmers.

Furthermore, the entire nose clip is made from PC and Silicone materials to ensure durability and comfort while wearing.

This is a superb nose clip with a nice and simple design at a very affordable price, saving you a couple of bucks.


  • Great for all swimming activities- training, racing, and more.
  • The anatomic design ensures comfort and stability.
  • Universal fit makes it great for all swimmers.
  • PC and Silicone materials allow for a durable design.
  • Low price.
  • Storage case.
  • Multiple color options.


  • It can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time
Sporti Nose Clip

TYR Latex Nose Clip

The TYR Latex Nose Clip features a more advanced and different style of design than your typical nose clip. Still, it has a good price point and gets the job done so you can focus on having a good swim workout.

The design features a comfortable latex-coated metal clip, which forms the shape and bulk of the nose clip. This helps to stop any water from entering your nose while providing a stable and secure fit in the water.

This nose clip also features a strap around your neck to ensure you don’t lose it when swimming.

Overall, it’s an awesome nose clip with a good design, a neat storage case, and a good price for what you receive in the package.


  • Advanced design.
  • Good price.
  • Latex-coated clip provides a comfortable and durable design.
  • Stable and secure fit.
  • The strap secures the nose clip in place at all times.
  • Storage case.


  • The design is a little tight to ensure water doesn’t enter, which may be uncomfortable for some swimmers at first.
TYR Latex Nose Clip

Sporti Swim Clip

The Sporti Swim Clip is a popular and easy-to-use nose clip that will get the job done perfectly and keep any and all water out of your nose so that you can focus on becoming the best swimmer you can be. Like the other Sporti nose clips, it’s also cheaper.

Like the Sporti Nose Clip, the Swim Clip is perfect for all types of swimming- training, racing, synchronized swimming, and whatever else you want to use it for. Additionally, the entire design is made using silicone to provide a durable construction.

Further, the Sporti Swim Clip features an anatomic build to provide optimal security and stability while you swim. The construction is lightweight and low-profile and will allow optimal hydrodynamics.

Overall, it’s a great nose clip for swimmers. The price is a big plus, and a storage case is included. Personally, I really like the beige color of this nose clip. 


  • Simple and easy-to-use design.
  • Great for all types of swimming usage.
  • 100% silicone design ensures durability.
  • Anatomic build guarantees a stable and secure fit.
  • Lightweight and low-profile construction allows for good hydrodynamics.
  • Storage case included.


  • Uncomfortable to use for long periods of time.
  • It can slip off from time to time.
sporti swim clip

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TYR Nose Clip

The TYR Nose Clip is a super basic and easy-to-use swimming nose clip that will keep the water out of your nose. This allows you to train and race at your best.

The TYR Nose Clip is designed using latex, allowing for a secure and comfortable fit that will last you a long time.

The nose clip also features a universal fit, making it perfect for adults and younger swimmers. This ensures everyone can have a great swimming experience and achieve their goals in the pool.

Overall, I really like the TYR Nose Clip, it’s simple, cost-effective, and will provide good use.


  • Basic and easy-to-use design.
  • Cheap price.
  • Latex design ensures comfort and stability while wearing.
  • Universal fit allows it to be worn by all swimmers.
  • Durable construction.


  • No case.
  • Too big for some swimmers.
TYR Nose Clip

Sporti Ergo Swim Clip

The Sporti Ergo Swim Clip has a slightly different design and presents some nice features. The construction is low profile and ergonomic (as the name suggests) to ensure minimal drag while swimming.

The entire nose clip is designed using PC-TPE materials, providing a rigid build that will last a long time. The nose clip is one size fits most, which means that the majority of swimmers will be happy with the fit of this nose clip.

Talking about the fit, this nose clip is made to be comfortable and to provide a secure and stable fit while swimming.

Overall, it’s a great nose clip at a cheap price. It’s available in a clear version and has a storage case for safe-keeping.


  • Simple and easy-to-use construction.
  • Low profile and hydrodynamic build.
  • Durable PC-TPE Materials.
  • One size fits most design.
  • Comfortable, secure, and stable fit.
  • Comes with a storage case.


  • The smaller design makes it quite tight.
Sporti Ergo Swim Clip

Finis Nose Clip

The Finis Nose Clip is a nice nose clip with a more premium feel. It will ensure that no water enters your nose and interrupts your swimming.

They feature an anatomic design that will perfectly fit the contours of your nose to provide a stable, secure, and comfortable fit while wearing.

Additionally, there are silicone pads that increase the comfort so that you can wear your nose clips for long periods without feeling distracted by them. 

The Finis Nose Clips also feature a high-quality nylon construction which allows for great durability and pressure retention. This ensures water won’t enter your nose no matter how old your nose clips get.

Overall, this is a great nose clip. I really like the fact that  the design is a bit stronger and more rigid. It’ll help with durability and ensure the nose clip stays stable while you’re swimming.


  • Premium construction.
  • The anatomic design ensures a perfect fit while wearing.
  • Silicone pads guarantee maximum comfort.
  • High-quality nylon ensures durable nose clips.
  • Rigid design allows for a stable and secure fit while swimming.


  • Storage case not included.
FINIS Nose Clip

Better Times Nose Clip

The Better Times Nose Clip is a basic yet popular and effective nose clip with a nice construction and great fit and feel.

The design features a latex construction which is durable and provides great comfort while wearing so you can swim without distraction.

The fit on these are also great and will ensure no water comes into your nose and interrupts your swimming. Additionally, the Better Times Nose Clip has a universal fit that fits both adults and younger swimmers.

All in all, this is a great and simple nose clip that will allow you to have a great training session and crush those laps or swim fast in a race.


  • Basic design makes it easy and simple to use.
  • Latex construction is durable.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Secure and stable fit.
  • Universal design allows it to be worn by all swimmers.


  • No case to store in.
Bettertimes Nose Clip

Benefits of Nose Clips for Swimmers

Below are some of the benefits of wearing a nose clip.

Quick summary:

Helps Control and Maximize Breathing Efficiency

Many swimmers, both beginners and more experienced ones, get water in their noses when they don’t exhale properly during a flip turn, during underwater dolphin kicks, or when using a snorkel. 

This is where the nose clip comes in.

It helps control your breathing. This is something a lot of beginners struggle with when learning to swim with a proper breathing pattern or doing a flip-turn.

Helps to Improve Your Underwater Dolphin Kick

Underwater dolphin kicking is one of the fastest ways to swim if done right. It has even been called the 5th stroke by some of the top swimming coaches around the world.

If we take a look at world-record holder and Olympic gold medalist- Caeleb Dressel’s underwater after each start and turn, it’s clear just how powerful a strong underwater can be.

The catch? It’s hard to hold your breath for a lot of underwater dolphin kicks after each turn during practice.

A nose clip can, however, make this a bit easier and will help you to become a better swimmer by allowing you to dish out more reps on those underwater dolphin kicks after each turn.

Why is this? Well, a nose clip will help you to hold your breath for longer by stopping any air from accidently escaping out of your nose.

This might sound like a cliche or something that won’t provide much benefit.

However, the head coach, Whitney Hite, of the University of Wisconsin Badgers actually found that using a nose clip helped his swimmers to hit the extreme target of 8 underwater dolphin kicks off every wall during practice more often and more consistently over time.

Makes Training with a Snorkel Easy and Effective

Training with a snorkel holds its own set of benefits, but, unfortunately, when starting out, it can be hard to keep the water out of your nose.

This can make training quite frustrating.

Luckily, you can make your life much easier by simply throwing on a nose clip and receiving all of the benefits of training with your snorkel. (As well as the other benefits of using a nose clip).

How to Choose the Best Nose Clip for Swimmers

backstroke swimmer with a nose clip

Before I discuss how to choose a nose clip, here’s a quick comparison table.

Swimming Nose Clip  Material Color Options
Speedo Liquid Comfort Nose Clip Nylon Multiple Colors
Speedo Competition Nose Clip 78% Polyamide, 22% Elastane Lycra Multiple Colors
Sporti Nose Clip PC and Silicone Multiple Colors
TYR Latex Nose Clip Latex Black/ Nude
Sporti Swim Clip Silicone Beige
TYR Nose Clip Latex Beige/ Black
Sporti Ergo Swim Clip PC-TPE Clear
FINIS Nose Clip Quality Nylon and Silicone Clear/ Blue
Better Times Nose Clip Latex Beige

Quick summary:

1. No Distractions

The first thing to make sure of when picking a nose clip for swimmers is to make sure that the design is the right fit for yourself. You don’t want a nose clip that will get in your way and interfere with your swimming.

Generally, something low-profile would be good but you also have to make sure that it fits your nose right and isn’t too big or too tight.

2. Nose Clip Comfort and Fit

A lot of nose clips have different design to make them comfortable. Some nose clips are, however, more comfortable than others. This can easily be spotted by looking at the features and materials used.

Depending on what comfort level you prefer you may choose to go with a nose clip that either has all of the comfort checks or something a bit more simple and lightweight that isn’t quite as comfortable.

The fit is also important to consider.

You need something that will stay stable and secure for the majority of the time when you are swimming.

Most nose clips will slide around a little bit so don’t worry about that too much. You’re just looking for something that will stay on most of the time while keeping the water out.

3. Nose Clip Hydrodynamics

Different nose clips have different levels of hydrodynamics. While this isn’t as a big factor to consider, you may want to think about it when choosign a racing nose clip.

If the nose clip is bigger it will usually have a bit more resistance, but depending on the contours of the design it may still be quite hydrodynamic.

The key is to look for something that will fit well with your nose which will ensure that minimal drag is created and hydrodynamics stays optimal at all times.

4. Strap or Strapless Nose Clip

Nose clips will fall off now and then. If you are worried about losing your nose clip, consider choosing one with a strap.

If you swim in a pool, you’ll be able to stop and grab your nose clip if it comes off. However, if you swim open water, you likely won’t find it again. Similarly, it may still get lost in the pool.

If you don’t like the idea of a strap, consider one of the numerous strapless options.

Tips for Wearing a Swimming Nose Clip

Here are some tips for wearing your nose clip and keeping it secure:

  • Rinse or wipe your face to remove oils, make-up, or moisturizer that can cause your nose clips to slip off.
  • Make sure your nose clip is dry before putting it on.
  • Position your nose clip so the pads face downwards and away from your face in a U-shape. This ensures the clip squeezes your nostrils closed.
  • Ensure your nose clip sits firmly before starting to swim.

Swim Better with a New Nose Clip

Nose clips can be useful little pieces of swimming equipment that can make your life easier and more comfortabl. They can help you to become a better swimmer by keeping your training sessions fluent with minimal distractions.

I recommend that all swimmers invest in 1 or 2 pairs of basic nose clips to carry around with them at all times. The use of these are becoming more and more popular- both in training and competition with many swimmers even starting to wear them on the 50 freestyle event since it makes it easier to breathe less.

I hope this article helped you to find the perfect nose clip and that you can go crush all your future swimming workouts.

Photo of author
I am Benjamin, a competitive swimmer with over a decande of experience in the sport of swimming. I also hold certifications in Exercise Science and Nutrition. I am very passionate about competitive swimming and love sharing everything I have learned about the sport. I specialize in swimming butterfly and my favorite event is the 100m butterfly with the 50m and 200m fly closely following.

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