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8 Best Tech Suits for Age Group Swimmers- Your Expert Guide

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If you are looking for a boost in the water this swimming season then you’ve come to the right place because in today’s article we’ll be taking a look at the 8 best tech suits for age group swimmers.

Tech suits are designed and engineered in such a way to enhance your physical performance in the water. If you aren’t wearing a tech suit you are probably at a disadvantage to your opponent who is wearing one and you may risk losing that gold medal. Not to mention, that these suits can assist you in getting your qualifying time for that important and big swim meet, whether it may be nationals, regionals or even an international meet.

And if you are already on top then a tech suit can help you to break that big record held by that legendary swimmer you’ve always looked up to.

Unfortunately, nowadays a simple tech suit alone just isn’t enough, you need to make sure that you have the right tech suit optimized for the events you are swimming.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of the best tech suits covering all the swimming events so that you can be sure that you’re ready once you step onto those blocks. There are also a couple of mid-range and even budget options for those age-group swimmers who are running a bit tight on cash but still want to maximize their performance in the water.

8 Best Tech Suits for Age Group Swimmers

Here are the best tech suits for age group swimmers-

  • TYR Venzo tech suit
  • Arena Carbon Air 2 tech suit
  • Finis Rival 2.0 tech suit
  • Speedo LZR Pure Intent tech suit
  • Arena Carbon Core FX tech suit
  • Mid-range suit- Jaked Jkeel
  • Mid-range suit- Mizuno Sonic MX
  • Budget suit- Finis Fuse

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Tech suit Recommended events Material composition Our rating View on SwimOutlet
TYR Venzo All events 70% nylon, 30% lycra 10/10 >View price
Arena Carbon Air 2 All freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and IM events 65% polyamide, 34% elastane and 1% carbon fiber 9/10 >View price
Finis Rival 2.0 All events 44% elastane, 41% polyamide, 15% polyester 9/10 >View price
Speedo LZR Pure Intent All 50 and 100 events, and 200 IM 66% polyamide, 34% elastane 9/10 >View price
Arena Carbon Core FX All 50 and 100 events, and 200 IM 52% polyamide, 47% elastane, and 1% carbon fiber 9/10 >View price
Jaked JKeel (mid-range suit) All events N/A 8/10 >View price
Mizuno Sonic MX (mid-range suit) All events 65% nylon, and 35% spandex 8/10 >View price
Finis Fuse (budget suit) All events 71% polyamide, 29% elastane 7/10 >View price

For help with finding the right size for your tech suit, consider reading my tech suit sizing guide, where I cover all of the most popular swimming brands and their tech suits.

1. TYR Venzo– Great overall tech suit

The Venzo is TYR’s latest tech suit and it’s a feature-packed suit loaded with awesome technology to enhance your swimming performance in the water. The TYR Venzo is a really diverse tech suit making it great for age-group swimmers since they’re usually still playing around with events while focusing on their main event and stroke.

Top Pick for Sprinters and IM
TYR Venzo Tech Suit

Quick summary: the TYR Venzo is one of the best sprinting tech suits, although still perfectly suited to mid-range events. The suit works well with all strokes.

Features include a durable, water-resistant fabric combined with a frictionless fiber construction and seamless exo-shell to reduce drag. Built-in surface lift technology, dual layering, and an endo-compression cage further enhance your performance.

Downsides include lacking comfort and being hard to put on.

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The TYR Venzo is a good suit for most of the swimming events and strokes. This includes sprint 50s and 100s, middle distance 200s, and 400s. It’s also a good suit for IM events.

The suit features excellent compression technology and a design that will allow for unrestricted movement and maximal range of motion on every pull and kick. The fabric of the suit is also really durable and the suit will easily last a season or two for any age-group swimmer.

Overall, this is the best general tech suit for age-group swimmers in my opinion. It’s definitely on the pricy side of things, but if you’re looking for a great suit with all of the top-end features then that’s unfortunately what you’re going to have to pay.

TYR Venzo Tech Suit

Features and benefits of the tech suit-

  • A frictionless fiber construction, created by in-depth microscopic research, delivers ultra-smooth fiber, allowing for a frictionless and durable fabric that will reduce your drag in the water and allow you to swim as fast as possible.
  • Surface lift technology in the suit stops water from entering the fabric, resulting in a higher body position in the water which reduces resistance and makes you swim faster.
  • An internal endo compression cage forms a flexible and compressive cage of support for large and important muscle groups while creating a snapback effect that increases your distance per stroke.
  • The seamless exo shell design streamlines your body position while decreasing drag and enhancing your buoyancy and speed while swimming, resulting in, more gold medals and best times.
  • Ultra-lightweight design, featuring a material composition of 70% nylon and 30% lycra guarantees lower drag, increased agility, comfort, and optimized swimming performance for any swimmer.
  • The durable fabric of the suit ensures it retains important features such as compression and water-repellency. This keeps your suit race-ready and saves you money in the long run.
  • The men’s suit is available in a high- and standard waist version, while women’s suits are available in open- and closed-back versions, allowing for custom preference.


  • Expensive price point.

2. Arena Carbon Air 2- Lightweight and versatile tech suit

The Carbon Air 2 is one of Arena’s latest tech suits and it’s loaded with great premium-grade features and technologies while packing the lightest tech suit design currently available.

The Arena Carbon Air 2 is ideal for a wide range of swimming events including both sprinting and distance events. I recommend using this tech suit if you’re a butterfly, backstroke, or freestyle swimmer. The suit can be used for breaststroke, but I don’t think it’s your best option, for that I’d rather go with something like the TYR Venzo, Speedo LZR Pure Intent, or Arena Carbon Core FX.

The Arena Carbon Air 2 is a super comfortable tech suit making it great for age-group swimmers since they’re usually not going to be taking their suits on and off in between races and will most likely be wearing it the entire time when they’re at the pool.

The suit also features intelligent compression technology which will activate muscles for optimized performance and increase blood circulation allowing swimmers to maintain speed when they start to fatigue.

Arena Carbon Air 2 Tech Suit

Features and benefits of the tech suit-

  • The single fabric construction reduces your drag in the water by removing all side seams on the suit. It also allows for increased comfort and makes the suit easier to put on.
  • Internal carbon bands ensure comfortable and intelligent compression. This escalates the rate at which oxygen and other nutrients can be replenished to muscle tissue, while keeping you stable in the water, ultimately helping you to maintain maximal speed for longer.
  • The internal 3-panel design allows you to experience maximum freedom of movement, ensuring that you’re able to reach a full range of motion of every pull and kick, no matter what events, resulting in more power and faster swimming.
  • The suit is super versatile, making it ideal for almost all events so that you don’t have to worry about purchasing multiple suits for different swimming events.
  • Highly water-resistant fabric keeps you light and smooth, ultimately reducing drag and enhancing your swim speed, ensuring that you are able to ace those best times and gold medals this season.
  • The suit features the most lightweight tech suit design currently available with a material composition of 65% polyamide, 34% elastane, and 1% carbon fiber, keeping you light and agile while racing.
  • Women’s suits are available in open- and closed-back variations for the freedom of preference.


  • The Air 2 tech suit is slightly see-through from time to time due to the thin fabric of the suit, modesty panels cover critical areas, so don’t worry.
  • The suit is slightly less buoyant due to the lightweight construction.

3. Finis Rival 2.0- Performance and durability

The Rival 2.0 is the latest tech suit available from Finis and it features a high-quality design with lots of great performance-enhancing features, allowing you to swim as fast as possible and crush your best times while bringing home a couple of medals.

FINIS Rival 2.0 Tech Suit

Quick Summary: The Finis Rival 2.0 is a versatile and durable tech suit ideal for all strokes and events.

The fabric is quite compressive but still offers good flexibility. Other performance-enhancing features include shield-tech proprietary fabric, flexible hip panels, and hip-lift technology, ensuring you perform at your best when racing.

In terms of complaints, I have heard that the women’s suit can be tough to get on. 

View On SwimOutlet

I selected the Finis Rival 2.0 as one of the best tech suits for age group swimmers due to its versatility and durable design. The Rival 2.0 is a good tech suit for any swimming events and stroke. It’s ideal for both sprinters and distance swimmers and will provide excellent performance in the water.

The shield-tech proprietary fabric of the suit allows for a really tough and durable suit that will last you a long time. This is great for age-group swimmers since they’ll be wearing their tech suits quite often and things can get expensive very fast if you have to replace the suit every now and then due to the features getting worn out or the suit getting damaged when putting it on or something like that.

FINIS Rival 2.0 Tech Suit

Features and benefits of the tech suit-

  • The Finis Rival 2.0 tech suit utilizes smart fabric technology to retain very small amounts of water, resulting in a shield-like effect while reducing your drag, allowing you to crush your best times.
  • Shield-tech proprietary fabric allows the suit to move with your body, allowing for optimized range of motion and comfort while swimming. It also ensures a tough and durable suit that will stand the test of time.
  • The Rival 2.0 features flexible hip panels on the inner thighs to allow for an increased range of motion which will allow you to generate maximal power with each kick and pull, no matter what stroke you are swimming.
  • Hip-lift technology utilizes innovative seams on the back of the legs to increase muscle compression and to lock the swimmer into a perfect body position, allowing for an improved snapback effect during your kicks, dives, and push-offs.
  • Super-lightweight design with a material composition of 44% elastane, 41% polyamide, and 15% polyester ensure that you stay light and agile in the water.
  • The men’s suit has a slightly higher waisted design allowing for core and lower-back stabilization. Women’s suits are also available in open- and close-back variations for maximal freedom of choice.


  • High price point.
  • Women’s suits can be hard to get on.

4. Speedo LZR Pure Intent- Great all-around sprint tech suit

The LZR Pure Intent is one of Speedo’s latest tech suits. This suit packs some solid features and will make a great fit for any age group swimmer looking for a durable high-performance tech suit to race in.

The Speedo LZR Pure Intent is best suited for swimmers who are focused on shorter distance sprinting events like 50s and 100s. The design and the construction of the suit makes it ideal for optimized performance in these events, although the suit will definitely still make a good fit if you are a 200 swimmer.

The Speedo LZR Pure Intent provides good muscle compression and will be perfect for any stroke. If you’re, however, a distance or 400 IM swimmer and you’d like a Speedo tech suit then I recommend checking out the Speedo LZR Pure Valor, it’s very similar but designed with distance and IM events in mind.

Speedo LZR Pure Intent Tech Suit

Features and benefits of the tech suit-

  • Double compression layers will allow for intelligent muscle compression, ultimately enhancing blood flow to muscles and reducing fatigue over the course of your race.
  • The suit features an ergonomic seam construction, when this is combined with the dual compression layers it allows the suit to connect important muscle groups for increased power output and speed while swimming.
  • The triple fabric construction with bonded seams, allows you to have a greater range of motion in the water without feeling restricted in any way possible, making the suit usable over a wide range of swimming events.
  • Textured fabric zones in the suit target drag reduction for optimized swimming performances, allowing you to win more gold medals and swim more PBs.
  • Innovative band technology in the Speedo Pure Intent allows for a strong leg kick while swimming. This is excellent since the legs can generate a large amount of speed and will help to power you to the wall when you are tired.
  • The suit has a premium waistband engineered to reduce water ingress, ultimately reducing your drag and resistance while racing.
  • Durable and light design featuring a material composition of 66% polyamide and 34% elastane keeps you primed and ready for fast swimming all season long.
  • Men’s suit is available in a high- and standard-waist version, while the women’s suit is available in an open- and closed-back version.


  • Most expensive tech suit available right now.
  • The jammer can leak at the back if you do not put the suit on properly.
  • Some swimmers find the tight waistband a bit uncomfortable.

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5. Arena Carbon Core FX- Flagship sprinter tech suit

The Arena Carbon Core FX is one of Arena’s latest flagship tech suits. The suit packs some awesome performance-enhancing features and will make a great fit for any age-group swimmer focused on swimming sprint 50s and 100s. This suit will also be good for 200s as well as being a great option for 200IM swimmers.

Arena Carbon Core FX Tech Suit

Quick summary: the Arena Carbon Core FX is a compressive tech suit ideal for sprinters and also makes a good IM option. It is optimal for all of the strokes.

The suit has many innovative features, including an advanced carbon compression cage, state-of-the-art taping system, lightweight water-repellent fabric, and a flexible design.

Downsides include lacking water-repellent technology and short drawstrings. 

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The construction of the suit works in harmony with its features to deliver a design that is ideal for all of the swimming strokes. The suit has great compression and will definitely give you a boost in the water allowing you to destroy your best times, break some records, and bring home a gold medal or two.

The Carbon Core FX is a durable suit that will last a season or two and the pricing of the suit is really good considering it’s one of the newest flagship tech suits to be released.

Arena Carbon Core FX Tech Suit

Features and benefits of the tech suit-

  • The internal taping system allows for strong muscle support and core stabilization, resulting in enhanced power output while allowing you to maintain speed when you start to tire out at the end of your race.
  • Twin taping on the hamstrings allows for a lifting-effect, this helps you to maintain an optimal body position, even when tired, thus significantly reducing your drag in the water and optimizing your swim speed.
  • A horizontal and vertical support grid created by carbon cage fabric allows for strong and durable muscle compression with a locked-in-feel. This maximizes blood circulation, resulting in higher oxygen uptake, and a rigid streamline position.
  • Light construction with a fabric composition of 52% polyamide, 47% elastane, and 1% carbon fiber keeps you light and agile, resulting in faster swimming speeds and reduced drag in the water.
  • The design of the suit allows for unrestricted movement in all directions and makes the suit ideal for sprinters due to the high levels of compression.
  • The pricing is great for a flagship tech suit. This ultimately saves you some money.
  • Women’s suit comes in an open- and closed-back version, so that swimmers can choose the suit that they find most comfortable and optimal while swimming.


  • Not the best water-repellency available.

6. Jaked JKeel- Excellent value for money tech suit

If you’re looking for a great tech suit coming in at a budget price point, then look no further than the Jaked Jkeel. The Jkeel is loaded with premium-grade features found in a lot of the flagship tech suits while still coming in at nearly half the price of most of those suits.

Sure, it does lack a flagship feature here and there but if you aren’t willing to pay the top end price and still want some good performance then you’ll be more than happy with this suit. The fabric of the suit is durable and highly water-resistant while the design of the suit allows for maximal flexibility and optimal compression in the water.

The Jaked Jkeel is a great suit for all of the swimming events and strokes, thus adding to its value as a great tech suit for age-group swimmers.

Features and benefits of the tech suit-

  • The construction utilizes advanced plasma processes to create a durable layer of water-resistant film that is lightweight and thin for lower drag in the water.
  • The ergonomic design of the suit improves the fit while allowing for maximum muscular compression and a full range of motion while swimming.
  • It contains a premium FlexStripes strap compensation system for a comfortable fit while racing.
  • Specially engineered drawstring tunnel allows you to adjust the tightness of the suit without the risk of tearing the fabric. This increases the durability of your tech suit.
  • The Jaked Jkeel is designed using ultrasound and heat welding processes, along with the use of taped seams for increased mechanical capacity. This effectively reduces your drag and maximizes your freedom of movement in the water, ensuring maximal power output.
  • A 3D construction with an additional double-layer of fluorocarbon resin allows for high water-repellency and a reduction in drag.
  • The suit has an affordable price coming in at nearly half the price of most flagship tech suits.


  • The branding of the logo on the suit is very large and in your face.

7. Mizuno Sonic MX- Great performance for a good price

Similar to the Jaked Jkeel, the Mizuno Sonic MX also provides some seriously solid performance-enhancing features and technology while coming in at an affordable price point. The suit has a very buoyant design which will optimize your body-position resulting in significantly lower drag while swimming.

Mizuno MX-Sonic Tech Suit

Quick summary: the Mizuno MX Sonic is a solid mid-range tech suit with a premium design. I recommend this suit for sprinters, but it will also make a good option for events in the 200-400/500 range.

The suit features durable Sonic Light Ribtex II fabric, stitched anchor points, a water-repellent coating, grooved fabric, and compression panels.

My main complaint is the stitched seams. These lack durability and performance.

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The compression of the suit is also great, but it isn’t too much so that you’ll feel like you are being restricted or like blood circulation is being cut off. The Mizuno Sonic MX is ideal for any swimming event and stroke, making it a highly versatile tech suit.

Overall, I think this is a great tech suit for age-group swimmers and that you’ll be more than happy with the premium performance that this suit delivers for an affordable price.

Mizuno Sonic MX Tech Suit

Features and benefits of the tech suit-

  • Compressive internal panels are engineered to support and align your critical muscle groups, this allows you to maintain maximal speed when you start to fatigue.
  • The suit features Sonic Light Ribtex II fabric, an innovative, grooved fabric designed to reduce drag while providing compressive muscular support. This allows for faster swimming and helps you to swim best times and win more gold medals.
  • The water repellent fabric and coating minimizes water resistance and optimizes your swimming performance, no matter what event.
  • Lightweight design featuring a material composition of 65% nylon and 35% spandex, keeps you light, agile, and fast while racing.
  • The construction of the Mizuno Sonic MX allows for a highly buoyant tech suit ensuring a solid snapback effect on kicks, push-offs, and dives.
  • The affordable budget price allows you to save some money while still receiving a premium-grade tech suit.


  • Sewn seams increase the surface area of the suit and slightly lack in durability.
  • Limited color options are available.

8. Finis Fuse- Best budget tech suit

If you’re still not quite satisfied with the pricing of the suits listed above, then you may need to consider the Finis Fuse.

This is a premium budget tech suit with some solid features. The Finis Fuse comes in nearly 4 times less expensive than the new flagship tech suits while still packing a good punch in terms of technology and features.

The suit will make a great fit for age-group swimmers since the design is highly versatile and is ideal for any stroke and event.

The fabric is highly water-repellent and the muscle compression is good. The suit also ensures the maximal range of motion on every kick and pull making it easy for you to generate power and accelerate to reach peak swimming speed as soon as you break the surface of the water.

Features and benefits of the tech suit-

  • Flexible muscle compression allows you to have a full range of motion in every stroke, guaranteeing maximal power output and making the suit usable for a wide range of swimming events.
  • Bonded seams combined with a dual-panel construction reduces drag and improves your speed in the water.
  • Water-repellent technology ensures a reduction in your drag and turbulence while racing and optimizes your speed, helping you to ace those gold medals and record-breaking performances.
  • Compression technology allows for high-levels of muscular compression with resilient elasticity added-in. This escalates blood circulation, increases muscle activation, and ultimately helps you to swim faster over the course of your race.
  • Silicone watertight edges provide a comfortable, secure, and water-tight fit, ultimately reducing drag and optimizing your swimming speed.
  • High-quality fabric with a material composition on 71% polyamide and 29% elastane provides you with a durable and light tech suit.
  • Budget price makes the suit one of the best value for money tech suits available.


  • No carrying pouch to keep your suit stored and protected in.

Still a bit unsure about which tech suit is right for you? Check out some of our other tech suit guides to find the perfect suit for you-

Benefits of using a tech suit

Mental Benefits

Ask any swimmer who has worn a tech suit about how it made them feel in the water and they will more than likely answer you with something along the lines of how it made them feel faster and more confident in the pool.

(even if the outcome wasn’t faster, which can also be a possibility depending on many different factors.)

The fact of the matter is that tech suits will make you feel like you can win any race, it is like putting on a modern robotic suit that gives you enhanced physical capabilities. (Quite literally.)

In my opinion (and many other top coaches’ around the world), mental confidence that you are able to win your race or swim a good time is one of the most important factors of modern competitive swimming.

20-30 years ago, psychology or mental training in any competitive sport wasn’t taken as seriously as it is today, and that is exactly why world records are still being broken every year- Because the athletes and swimmers believe and have the confidence that they can do it!

Physical Benefits

A tech suit isn’t called a “tech suit” without reason. Every seam and fiber of it is weaved in such a way to enhance physical performance in the water. There are a few different ways a competition swimsuit can enhance physical performance in the water. Let’s have a look-

1. Compression

Most high-end tech suits offer intense compression, and although this may be uncomfortable it is certainly worth the physical enhancement.

Compression allows oxygen to quickly circulate through the blood and move into your muscles, whilst also removing lactic acid and other toxins like carbon dioxide.

In the end, this allows for higher physical exertion and more power in the water, ultimately allowing you to swim faster and better times, possibly winning your race or breaking a record.

2. Improved stroke rate and stroke length

Tech suits have widely been known to help swimmers improve body position, stroke rate and stroke length in the water. This basically allows swimmers to swim faster for longer in a more efficient manner.

There was even a study done about this exact topic with French elite swimmers. The results of the study aren’t surprising and simply verify what has already been believed for so long.

The study found that a tech suit created conditions for lower resistance in the pool, while swimmers experienced longer gliding phases and improved efficiency in the water.

Further, the study found that the effects of tech suits were the highest at sprinting speeds. Thus we can make the conclusion that the effects of the suits will vary from swimmer to swimmer depending on size, speed, and technique.

3. Drag reduction

All modern-day tech suits are designed to reduce your drag and resistance in the water as you swim. This is done in many different ways. The newest method is by assisting the swimmer to maintain an optimal and elevated body position, this can significantly reduce drag and enhance speed.

Other ways include using bonded seams to cut down on the surface area of the suit, and also by utilizing water repellent coating and fabrics which will stop any water from permeating the fabric of the suit and weighing you down as you swim.

5 Tips to make your tech suit last longer

1. Avoid hanging up your tech suit

After a long day of racing, the first thing you probably want to do is to get that tight tech suit off. Once you have it off, you need it to dry out for another hard day of racing that will be taking place the following day.

When you get home, make sure not to hang up your tech suit, rather lay it down on a towel, somewhere on a flat surface. If you hang it up, the weight of the bottom seams of the tech suit can cause it to stretch. This will reduce compression and reduce your suit’s lifetime.

2. Wear shorts over them

I am not going to be taking my tech suit on and off in-between every race and unless you are planning to do so, I suggest you wear shorts or pants over them.

Rough surfaces can cause your tech suit to tear or get damaged, and it is a good idea to wear something over them to avoid this from happening.

3. Don’t leave it in direct sunlight

Tech suits are made from materials that are very sensitive. These materials can stretch, lose tightness and get damaged when left in direct sunlight.

When you lay your tech suit down on a flat surface, make sure to leave it somewhere indoors, like on your desk for example.

Rather wait for it to dry out than have it get damaged.

4. Rinse it out with cold water

These days our pools are full of chlorine to ensure that they stay clean. Unfortunately for us, chlorine can damage your tech suit if you don’t rinse it out.

Thus it’s a good idea to rinse out your tech suit with some cold water after every day of racing to get the chlorine out of it. This will increase the lifetime of your tech suit and save you some money.

5. When tying your drawstrings, cross them before pulling to prevent tearing

This is a slightly more complicated one to explain on paper, but I’ll do my best.

When tying your suit before you go and smash another PB cross the drawstring so that it forms an X. Do not pull them in different directions from each other when tying them, meaning like a Y. (When you do this you are essentially putting a strain on the fabric and it can result in an unnecessary tear).

For more tips on how to make your tech suit last longer, I would recommend that you check out my article on how to make your tech suit last longer. We all know that these suits are expensive and this article will help you to take good care of your suit, allowing it to last longer. Ultimately, saving you some cash in the long run.

Achieve Age Group Swimming Excellence with a New Tech Suit

Tech suits are a great way to boost your performance in the water that extra bit and show off all of your hard work. I definitely recommend investing in a good tech suit if you want to maximize your swimming performance and swim as fast as possible.

Photo of author
I am Benjamin, a competitive swimmer with over a decande of experience in the sport of swimming. I also hold certifications in Exercise Science and Nutrition. I am very passionate about competitive swimming and love sharing everything I have learned about the sport. I specialize in swimming butterfly and my favorite event is the 100m butterfly with the 50m and 200m fly closely following.

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