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15 Best Swimming Fins For Training

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Are you looking for the best pair of swimming fins to dominate your training and become a better and faster swimmer?  Well, in that case, you have come to the right place because in today’s article we will be taking a look at the 15 best swimming fins for training.

Swimming fins can play an important role in assisting us to develop better swimming technique, as well as enhancing our body position in the water. They can also help to reduce stress on our overworked shoulders which is especially useful for swimmers who are dealing with shoulder injuries.

Fins were, however, mainly developed for improving our kicking technique, allowing for more power output in the water and ultimately leading to faster swim times when we race, they can also increase our leg strength and endurance, once again making us better swimmers in the long run.

Just for some perspective, a study published by the BioMed Research Journal found evidence that the kick can generate upwards of 70,3% of speed for male swimmers and 66.6% for female swimmers. That just shows how important the kick is in swimming and why you should definitely try to improve it as much as you can.

In a hurry? I recommend the Arena Powerfin Pro, this is by far the most innovative, comfortable, propulsive, and durable fin that you can use and it’ll definitely help to improve your kick. You can check it out on SwimOutlet by clicking here.

15 Best Training Swim Fins For Swimmers

Here are the best swimming fins for training-

  1. Arena Powerfin Pro
  2. Hydro Tech 2 Swimming Fins
  3. TYR Hydroblade Swim Fins
  4. MP Alpha Pro Training Fins
  5. DaFin Swim Surf Fins
  6. Finis Edge Swimming Fins
  7. TYR Stryker Training Fins
  8. Finis Zoomer Gold Fins
  9. Finis Z2 Zoomer Gold Fins
  10. Speedo Biofuse Training Fins
  11. TYR Sport EBP Burner swim fins
  12. TYR Crossblade training swim fins
  13. Speedo Short blade training fins
  14. Dolfin Swim Training Fins
  15. Sporti Training Swim Fins

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Swimming FinsBlade DesignMaterialsColorsView On SwimOutlet
Arena Powerfin ProShort100% SiliconeMultiple>View Price
Hydro Tech 2Short100% High Grade RubberIce Blue>View Price
TYR HydrobladeShort100% SiliconeGreen/White>View Price
MP Aplha ProShort/ RoundedRigid EVA FoamGreen>View Price
DaFin Swim Surf FinsShort100% RubberMultiple>View Price
Finis EdgeMedium100% SiliconeYellow>View Price
TYR StrykerShort100% SiliconeMultiple>View Price
Finis ZoomerShort100% Natural RubberYellow Gold>View Price
Finis Z2 Zoomer GoldShort100% Natural RubberGold>View Price
Speedo BiofuseShort100% SiliconeGrey>View Price
TYR Sport EBP BurnerShort100% High-Grade RubberMultiple>View Price
TYR CrossbladeLong100% Natural RubberMultiple>View Price
Speedo Short BladeShort100% SiliconeGrey>View Price
Dolfin Training FinsLong100% RubberMutiple>View Price
Sporti Training FinsShort100% RubberNavy/Blue>View Price

1. Arena Powerfin Pro Swimming Fins.

Arena Powerfin Pro Swimming Training Fins

The Arena Powerfin Pro is the trademark swimming fin of Arena. It is also, without a doubt, one of the best training fins currently available.

The design features a sloping surface and hydrodynamic slits at the top, ultimately allowing you to swim with a faster, better, and more controlled kick.

The Arena Powerfin Pro also presents an open heel design allowing you to have maximized ankle flexibility while kicking. This will ultimately contribute to a faster upward motion in your kick and a more powerful down kick.

In terms of the blade design, these fins feature an short inclined blade allowing for maximum forward thrust and high-frequency kicks.

Another huge bonus of the Arena Powerfin Pro is the superior comfort levels while wearing, this is great since you’ll be able to swim with the fins for long periods of time without getting blisters or raw spots on your feet.

All in all, this would be my number one pick when it comes to training fins for swimmers. They look good, have a lot of features, the design is high-quality and they are really comfortable. My only complaint would be that the sizing on these fins can be a bit off, especially if you are in-between sizes.

Here are some features of the Arena Powerfin Pro swimming fins-

  • The high-quality design allows for a very durable and super comfortable swimming fin.
  • Hydrodynamic slits help to swim with a controlled kick.
  • Inclined blade design results in maximum forward thrust while kicking.
  • The short blade allows for high-frequency and fast kicking.
  • The Arena Powerfin Pro contains special cuts at the bottom to increase the power of your kick.
  • The open heel design of the Powerfin Pro maximizes ankle flexibility resulting in improved kicking performance.

2. Hydro Tech 2 Swimming Fins.

Hydro Tech 2 Silicone Surf Swim Training Fins

The Hydro-Tech 2 swimming fins are a unique pair of fins ideal for training conditions. They are branded as a swim surf fin, making them ideal for both pool and open water usage. These fins are quite similar to the Arena Powerfin Pros but do have some distinctive differences in their design.

A big plus from the Hydro-Tech 2 fins is that they use a T form construction, allowing for a really comfortable and stable fin. They also have a patented V rail design, allowing for greater thrust in the water, ultimately strengthening and improving your kick as time passes.

Additionally, the Hydro-Tech 2 fins have efficient draining holes, allowing water to quickly flush out of the fin, as not to anchor you down and ultimately allowing you to focus on what you should be doing- kicking to the best of your ability.

Further, they feature a full silicone design allowing them to be very durable and have a very long lifespan.

My only complaint here would be that these fins are quite heavy and some swimmers might not quite like that, although, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing as it will help to add power to your kick in the long run.

Overall, the Hydro-Tech 2 swimming fins are a good option for swimmers looking for classy and unique swimming fins with a great overall design and some good features bundled in as a bonus.

Here are some features of the Hydro-Tech 2 swimming fins-

  • Ideal for both pool and open water usage.
  • T-Form ensures stability.
  • Draining holes help to flush out water and lower drag.
  • Ergonomic foot pocket design ensures maximum comfort while wearing.
  • The design allows for superior range of motion and ankle flexibility while swimming.
  • The silicone design promotes a very durable and long-lasting training fin.
  • Designed for maximum power output and increased leg strength in the water.

3. TYR HydroBlade Swimming Fins.

TYR HydroBlade Swimming Training Fins

The TYR Hydro blade swimming fins are an excellent pair of swimming fins. Once again, their design is very similar to that of the Arena Powerfin Pros, but with a few slight tweaks added in here and there to give them their own unique twist.

The Hydro blade swim fins are engineered to promote short and fast kicking mechanics through the legs and feet helping you to develop a fast and powerful kick in the water. They also allow for a natural kicking pattern and provide superior comfort while wearing.

Furthermore, the body of the fin is made from 100% silicone ensuring a very durable fin.

The TYR HydroBlade training fins feature rounded edges to prevent any discomfort in the fin’s foot cavity while ensuring that you don’t feel restricted as you move through the water.

Something I find these swims to beat the Arena Powerfin Pros on is the easy slip on system which utilizes little handles to help you get the fins on and off in no time.

Overall, the TYR Hydro blade swimming fins are a great pair of fins more than suitable for a training environment. Their high-quality design, unique features, and silicone composition all contribute to a comfortable, effective, and long-lasting swim fin.

Here are some features of the TYR Hydro blade swimming fins-

  • The Hydro blade fin design allows for superior comfort levels while wearing.
  • Blade design promotes short, fast, and natural kicking mechanics.
  • The design allows swimmers to achieve maximum range of motion and ankle flexibility while kicking.
  • Easy slip-on system.
  • Innovative heel strap ensures a secure and comfortable fit while swimming.
  • Rounded edge design prevents any possible discomfort in the foot cavity of the fin.
  • 100% Silicone material composition allows for very durable swimming fins.

4. MP Michael Phelps Alpha Pro Swim Fins.

MP Michael Phelps Alpha Pro Swim Training Fins

The MP Michael Phelps Alpha Pro fins are a very odd-looking pair of fins. This is, however, done for a good reason namely that the asymmetrical design of the fin allows for a natural kicking movement through the water.

The MP Alpha Pro fins are constructed using a less conventional material, namely ultra-durable and rigid EVA foam. This allows these fins to be supposedly 70% lighter than traditional fins, allowing for increased comfort and enhanced body position while swimming.

The EVA foam fabric also helps to enhance propulsion in the water by providing a strong and stable fin body.

Furthermore, the short blade design of the MP Alpha Pro fins is made to mimic race pace kick tempo, allowing you to train at faster training speeds, ultimately improving your kick and overall leg strength and endurance.

The only downside to this fin is the fact that the rigid foam is very hard to conform to your feet meaning that some swimmers will never quite find the right fit for them.

All in all, the MP Alpha Pro fins are a great pair of training fins, despite their very odd look. They have some excellent features built-in and will ultimately allow you to become a better and faster swimmer.

Here are some features of the MP Alpha Pro swimming fins-

  • The asymmetrical design of the MP Alpha Pro swimming fins ensures natural kicking mechanics.
  • Approximately 70% lighter than traditional swimming fins.
  • The design allows for a very comfortable swim fin.
  • The short blades of the MP Alpha Pro swimming fins are designed to mimic race pace kick tempo.
  • The rigid EVA foam construction ensures enhanced propulsion in the water.

5. DaFin Swimming Training Fins.

Da Fin Surf Swim Training Fins

The DaFin swimming fins are a great pair of swimming fins with a nice overall design and a large number of features. These fins are another pair of swim surf fins, meaning they are great for both pool and open water usage.

The Dafin swimming fins have a high-quality rubber construction allowing for a very comfortable and durable swim fin. These fins are also very lightweight and the double density rubber design promotes a snap-back effect for increased power while kicking.

Furthermore, these fins feature built in strakes and rock solid side rails which improve maneuverability in the water and helps the fins to flex at the precise point.

Additionally, the V-Shaped foot pockets and stiff blades are designed to work together at the flexion point to create maximal acceleration in the water, helping you to develop a very powerful kick and build leg endurance.

The only downside to these fins are their rubber design. In the grand scheme of things rubber isn’t a bad material for fins, but I just find silicone to be more durable.

Overall, the DaFin swimming fins have a great design with some nice features built for optimized kicking mechanics, whether in a pool, ocean, or lake.

Here are some features of the DaFin training fins-

  • It can be used in both pool and open water swimming.
  • Very lightweight design with ultra-comfortable foot pockets.
  • The balanced double density rubber design allows for the perfect snap-back effect while kicking.
  • Built-in side rails improve the range of motion and maneuverability in the water while forcing the fin to flex exactly at the most critical point.
  • The V-shaped foot pocket and stiff blade design work together as a unit to create maximum acceleration, resulting in more thrust per kick and faster swimming.
  • Rubber design allows for a comfortable and highly-durable swimming fin.

6. Finis Edge Swimming Fins.

FINIS edge training swim fins

The Finis Edge swimming fins are a great and comfortable pair of high-velocity swimming fins. They feature a very unique design helping to target all of the different parts of your kick in the water, ultimately improving it in the long run.

The proprietary blade angle is designed to feel like an natural extension of the foot and is combined with the hydrodynamic vents of the fins to create a natural kick cycle with instant forward propulsion as you kick.

The hydrodynamic vents also ensure redirected water flow that eliminates drag and increases propulsive force. Additionally, the larger surface area of the fin and the side rails work together to create a stable and powerful kick at high speeds while the entire fin targets key muscle groups including your quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings to develop excellent overall leg strength and endurance.

As mentioned, these fins are very comfortable and maintains a constant connection with the top of the foot to prevent skin irritation and tension while the open design increases range-of-motion and toe space.

Lastly, the entire body of the fin is designed using 100% silicone which will ensure very rigid and durable training fins.

With all that said, I do have 2 complaints about this fin. Firstly, like many fins the sizing does appear to be slightly off and then secondly, the large design does seem quite heavy and may not be preferred by some swimmers.

Regardless, these are a solid pair of training fins, they have a good and durable design while placing emphasis on all of the necessary technique and training features.

Here are some features of the Finis Edge swimming fins-

  • The design brings a comfortable and high-velocity swimming fin to the table.
  • The proprietary blade angle mimics the natural extension of the foot allowing for faster kicks while swimming.
  • The Finis Edge swim fins have built-in “smart fin” technology combining the blade angle and hydrodynamic vents for a natural kicking cycle with instant forward propulsion.
  • The increased surface area and reinforced side rails allow for a proper kick when swimming at high speeds.
  • Targets large muscle groups while swimming allowing for increased leg strength.
  • The open heel and toe design increases range of motion and toe space for a comfortable and fast kick cycle.
  • Silicone material composition allows for a very durable swimming fin.

7. TYR Stryker Swimming Fins.

TYR Stryker Silicone Training Swim Fins

The TYR Stryker is a simple and effective swimming fin with some unique color blends in its design. This fin features a short blade design that helps to promote short and quick movements through your legs and feet, making it a great fin to improve your kick and increase your propulsion in the water.

The TYR Stryker fins also help to create a natural flow in your kick by cutting down on unnecessary surface area and streamlining water through their hydrodynamic design, which also prevents any feeling of restriction as you move through the water.

They feature an easy slip-on design and are designed from 100% silicone making them very sturdy and durable in the long run.

All in all, a great pair of swimming fins for training, simple in design but effective in use.

Here are some features of the TYR Stryker swim fins-

  • Short blade promotes fast and quick kicking mechanics.
  • Creates a natural flow by cutting down on unnecessary surface area and streamlining water.
  • Easy slip-on design.
  • 100% Silicone body allows for a durable swimming fin.

8. Finis Gold Zoomer Fins.

FINIS Zoomers Gold Swim Fins

The Finis Zoomer Gold fin is a super popular and highly effective swimming fin. This fin actually has 2 variations- the standard zoomer gold which we are covering now and also the Finis Zoomer Gold Z2 fin which I’ll cover in just a bit.

These fins are great at propelling you forward in the water thanks to their duck-feet shaped design. Similar to most other training fins they also feature a short blade design which helps to promote smaller and faster kicks while improving your ankle flexibility and endurance.

Furthermore, the Finis Zoomer Gold swimming fin features a soft and natural rubber foot pocket to ensure that you have a very comfortable fit. These fins have also been designed for swimmers of all skill levels, which is partly why they are so popular.

Overall, this is a really solid and efficient swimming fin suited for swimmers of all levels. My only complaint would be the rubber design since it doesn’t last quite as long as the silicone fins.

Here are some features of the Finis Zoomer Gold swim fins-

  • The duck-feet-shaped design ensures great propulsion.
  • Short blade promotes fast kicking mechanics.
  • Closed heel design increases ankle flexibility.
  • Soft and natural foot pocket ensures premium comfort.
  • Designed for swimmers of all skill levels.

9. Finis Z2 Gold Zoomers Swimming Fins.

FINIS Z2 Gold Zoomers Swim Training Fins

Likewise, The Finis Z2 Gold Zoomers swimming fins are also some of the most popular training fins among swimmers. These swimming fins offer an innovative and unique design with some good features packed in.

First of all, the Z2 Zoomer Fins are very comfortable due to their improved foot pocket, formulated from soft natural rubber. The closed heel design of the fin allows for a secure fit and inhibits hyperflexion which allows for a full range of motion and maximal propulsion when kicking.

Further, the short blade design of the Finis Z2 Zoomers, encourage shorter, faster and more powerful kicks while training, making them ideal for improving your kick and becoming a better swimmer in the long run.

The fluid separator helps you to easily slice through the water when wearing these fins while the flexbox catches water on the up kick to help strengthen the hamstrings and glutes.

Overall, these are a really solid pair of swimming fins packed with excellent features. The Zoomer fins will definitely suffice for all of your training needs as a swimmer. Personally, I have no complaints with these fins but like most the sizing does seem to be a little off for some swimmers.

Here are some features of the Finis Zoomer swimming fins-

  • Highly comfortable full foot pocket
  • The Zoomer’s design allows for hyperflexion of the ankles while kicking.
  • The design allows for increased propulsion while swimming.
  • The shorter fin blades promote shorter and faster kicks while making the legs work harder ultimately improving your kick over time.
  • The Finis Zoomer swim fins are orientated around fitness, resulting in increased leg strength and higher levels of cardiovascular conditioning.
  • The fluid separator feature allows your feet to slice through the water with ease.
  • Flexbox causes the fins to grab water on the up kick resulting in stronger hamstrings and glutes.

10. Speedo Biofuse Training Swim Fins.

Speedo Biofuse Training Swim Fins

Next on the list, we have the Speedo Biofuse training fins. These fins are manufactured using a blend of 100% hard and soft silicone, allowing for very comfortable, rigid, and durable training fins. The design is quite simple but that makes the fins quite easy to use.

The Speedo Biofuse training fins feature a soft contoured foot pocket, aimed at maximizing comfort when wearing. They also have a stiff blade design, allowing you to deliver maximum power and increase your kicking strength and endurance in the water.

Furthermore, these are great training fins since they were designed with the aim of increasing speed in the water, power, and strength in your legs, as well as improving ankle flexibility, ultimately allowing you to develop a faster and better kick.

All in all, these are a really solid pair of training fins. They have a comfortable and quality design and their simple design makes them very easy to use. My only complaint would be that they are quite heavy and the stiff-blade design can take a bit of time to get used to.

Here are some features of the Speedo Biofuse swimming fins-

  • Manufactured from a blend of hard and soft silicone to allow for comfortable and durable training fins.
  • The design is aimed at improving strength and endurance capabilities in your kick.
  • Contoured foot pocket allows for unparalleled comfort while swimming.
  • The stiff blade design of the Speedo Biofuse swimming fins allows for maximum power output while swimming.
  • Closed heel design helps improve ankle flexibility.

11. TYR Sport EBP Burner swim fins.

TYR Burner EBP Floating Swimming Training Fins

The TYR Sport EBP Burner training fins are built to maximize performance in training. They feature a high-quality rubber construction ensuring maximum comfort and durability.

The EBP Burner training fins are built to mimic race day kicking tempo, ultimately allowing you to become a better and faster swimmer. The fins ensure for an elevated body position and provide just enough propulsion allowing you to zone in on perfect stroke technique.

Something I really like about these swimming fins is the fact that they feature wall-grippers on the footpad which helps to anchor your feet during flip-turns and push-offs. Additionally, the ergonomic foot pocket effectively decreases tendon strain and allows for improved ankle strength.

Overall, the TYR EBP burner swimming fins have a great design and some excellent features for improving swim speed and kicking mechanics. Personally, I have no complaints here.

Here are some features of the TYR EBP Burner swimming fins-

  • The short blade is built to mimic race day kicking and swimming tempo.
  • The TYR EBP training fins have a high buoyancy rubber EBP construction allowing for enhanced comfort and durability.
  • Unique wall gripper footpad helps to keep your feet anchored during flip turns and push-offs.
  • An ergonomic foot pocket design decreases any possible tendon strain while allowing for increased ankle strength and flexibility.

12. TYR Crossblade training swim fins.

TYR CrossBlade Training Swim Fins

The TYR Crossblade training fins are classic and simple looking swimming fins, designed as multi-purpose and great all-around training fins.

This essentially means they place emphasis on the most important aspects of your kick in the water. They have an intermediate fin blade, which is right in-between a long and short blade design. This allows you to get the best of both worlds by maintaining a good tempo and also receiving added water-resistance that builds leg strength and endurance.

The soft rubber foot pockets of the TYR Crossblade swimming fins also allow for maximized comfort and ankle flexibility and comfort perfectly to your feet to ensure a secure and comfortable fit in the water.

All in all, the TYR Crossblade training fins have a basic and classic fin design, but they still pack some great features allowing for an excellent training experience. Once again, these fins seem like the sizing isn’t ideal for those individuals who are right in the middle between sizes.

Here are some features of the TYR Crossblade swimming fins-

  • Soft rubber foot pockets allow for maximum comfort while wearing.
  • Multi-purpose training fins designed to improve your swimming.
  • Shaped to conform around the foot ensuring for a secure and comfortable fit while kicking. 
  • Intermediate blade length combines the attributes of short and long blade fins to increase tempo and speed while providing adequate resistance for increased leg strength.
  • Design and material composition allow for a long-lasting training fin.

13. Speedo Short blade training fins.

Speedo Short Blade Training Swim Fins

The Speedo short blade training fins are a great pair of swimming fins built for developing a stronger, faster, and enhanced kick in the water. Additionally, the short blade design of the fins assists you in maintaining a proper kick and enhanced stroke while swimming.

The Speedo Short Blade training fins are built to maximize comfort allowing you to use them for long kicking sets. They are manufactured using 100% silicone allowing for a very durable swimming fin.

Additionally, the blade design helps to create a natural kicking cycle, which will help to improve your kicking speed in the long run.

All in all, a good pair of training fins, simple and basic, with good comfort and a nice overall design built for developing a more powerful and enhanced kick in the water.

Here are some features of the Speedo Short blade swimming fins-

  • The Speedo short blade swimming fins are designed for optimal comfort while swimming.
  • Performance is a key driver and the fins are built to balance propulsion and kicking tempo, ultimately improving kicking mechanics.
  • The design helps to create the natural flow of a flutter kick while swimming.
  • The 100% silicone design ensures a comfortable and durable swimming fin.

14. Dolfin Swim Training Fins.

Dolfin Swim Training Fins

The Dolfin Swimming Fins are a great pair of fins, but in contrast to most of the training fins we’ve covered so far, these feature a bit of a different design element- long blades instead of short blades.

Long blade fins generally don’t allow for such a fast and small kick as short blade fins, but they are great for developing strength and endurance in your legs. Naturally, these fins will also provide more propulsion making them a great training tool for swimmers who just want to get in some added distance and not necessarily work on kicking mechanics.

Further, the Dolfin Swimming Fins feature a 100% rubber design, which as we discussed is good, but not quite as durable. They also have a fully flexible foot pocket which ensures comfort when you are swimming.

All in all, these are some solid swimming fins for training and improving leg strength. Personally, I’d recommend these for open water or recreational swimmers.

Here are some features of the Dolfin Swimming Fins-

  • Long blade designs help to develop more leg strength.
  • Fins allow for more propulsion.
  • 100% Rubber design.
  • A fully flexible foot pocket ensures comfort.

15. Sporti Training Swim Fins.

Sporti Training Swim Fins

The Sporti Training Fins are a nice pair of swimming fins and a great budget option with good features for those who want to save some money. These feature a simple and classical design and are made from a 100% rubber composition.

Likewise most fins, they feature a short blade design which will help to improve your kicking mechanics and speed. The Sporti Training fins are also quite comfortable and feature a flexible foot pocket as well as a closed ankle construction for extra support.

Lastly, their slip-on design makes them easy to take on and off ensuring you waste no time struggling with your fins on pool deck. Overall, a really nice pair of fins with a simple and efficient design coming in at a great budget price.

Here are some features of the Sproti Training Swim Fins-

  • Great budget training fins.
  • 100% Rubber construction.
  • Short blade design improves kicking speed and mechanics.
  • Flexible foot pocket ensures comfort and closed design adds stability.
  • Easy to take on and off.

If you want to know what the best swimming brands are to choose your swim gear and training fins, then I suggest you check out my article on the 15 best swimming brands by clicking here.

6 Reasons why you should use swimming fins in training

Now that we have discussed what some of the best training fins for swimming are, let’s look at a few reasons why you should consider picking up a pair for training purposes.

1. Swimming fins can improve body position and stroke technique

Body position and technique is without a doubt one of the most important factors in swimming. Competitive swimming is all about swimming as fast and as efficiently as possible.

This can not be done when you have a lot of resistance in the water and that is exactly where body position and technique comes in. They are some of the most important factors when it comes to reducing resistance in the water and it should be in your best interests to improve it as much as possible.

The biggest difference between novice level and Olympic swimmers is their ability to maintain a good and efficient body position in the water. Simply put- Olympic swimmers have the lowest levels of resistance while swimming and that is why they are the fastest.

Yes, power output and things like that are important too, but those factors come after body position and technique, which are far more important when it comes to swimming.

Fins can help you to improve your body position and swimming technique, by allowing you to focus on certain parts of your stroke without having to worry about kicking the entire time since the fins will take care of that aspect of your swim.

2. Fins Improve kicking technique and mechanics

Fins can also be specifically used to assist in improving your kicking technique and power output in the water. When you slap on a pair of fins, it’s like adding surface area to your feet.

This will require you to kick more water. When you do this, you will be able to gain a feel for the water and you will figure out new ways to enhance propulsion and force while kicking.

For example, you might notice that you don’t feel as much power when kicking upwards, with your fins, this might signal that you either aren’t kicking upwards properly, meaning you need more range of motion or that you simply aren’t applying enough power to your kick.

3. Swimming fins can reduce stress on your shoulders

Swimming places a lot of stress on our shoulders. Swimming with fins every once in a while will help to reduce some of that resistance by allowing us to gain more power from kicking instead of pulling.

If you are experiencing shoulder pain, it might not be a bad idea to throw on a pair of fins to reduce some of the stress on your shoulders and assist with the recovery process, before it becomes a serious injury. 

If you have shoulder problems, you may want to check out my article on how to fix and prevent swimmer’s shoulder by clicking here.

4. Training fins increases leg strength and endurance

Like I mentioned earlier, fins increase the surface area of your feet. With this added surface area, comes added resistance in the water. This resistance will require your body to recruit more muscle fibers in order to move the added water.

This will cause tiny micro-tears in your muscles due to the added resistance that your body isn’t used to. Once the muscle has repaired itself you will be stronger and faster and endurance may even have increased.

5. Fins Improve ankle flexibility

Ankle flexibility is an important part of kicking technique. When kicking the feet are responsible for gripping onto the water and building speed. If you don’t have adequate ankle flexibility you will have trouble doing this.

Ankle flexibility develops over time, but applying fins can increase the rate at which you develop it. Over time this can help to improve your overall kicking mechanics and speed in the water.

6. Swimming fins allow for race pace training with less effort

There is no doubt that swimming with fins can help you train at paces otherwise impossible. When you train with a pair of fins you can train at racing pace, without actually having to apply the same amount of force and energy in the water.

This can help you to focus on certain aspects of your race, where you might need some extra attention. It will essentially make it easier to train at race pace and focus on specific aspects like your hand entry or your head position, instead of only being able to do it once or twice when you are actually racing.


Swimming fins are a critical piece of training equipment for the modern-day swimmer. They have a lot of important features that can help to improve our kicking mechanics and swimming speed. 

They also help us to focus on other aspects of our swimming such as race pace training or improved technique and body position. They can even assist us in dealing with shoulder injuries by removing some of the tension created by pulling.

All in all, swimming fins are a great training tool that every swimmer should be taking advantage off.

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