Do you sweat when you swim

Do You Sweat When You Swim? Here’s What Research Says

It seems like a simple question with an obvious answer, doesn’t it? It shouldn’t be difficult to figure out that swimmers sweat. And really, it’s not. But before you just hop in the pool for another challenging workout and forget about it, you want to consider a few crucial factors like hydration, electrolytes, and even …

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why does swimming make you hungry and why do swimmers eat so much

7 Reasons Swimming Makes You Hungry and Swimmers Eat so Much

Imagine you’re hopping out of the pool after a hard swimming workout. You’re feeling accomplished. But all of a sudden, an intense feeling of hunger rushes over you, and your mind races elsewhere.  But wait! You don’t even have to imagine! Because you’re a swimmer- you know this feeling of hunger all too well. But …

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butterfly stroke arm movement

3 Phases Of The Butterfly Stroke Arm Movement (Technique)

Mastering the butterfly stroke arm movement is a critical part of being able to swim butterfly fast and efficiently. In butterfly, the upper body plays a vital role in generating speed and propulsion while the legs set the tempo and pace for your stroke as well as helping you to maintain a high body position. …

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Butterfly Breathing Technique Guide (Styles, Tips, And More)

Butterfly is one of the most physically demanding strokes in swimming, which is why it’s important to ensure that you are breathing properly and efficiently while swimming it.  Correct butterfly breathing technique won’t only help to supply your muscles with the needed oxygen for executing each stroke and kick with maximal force, but it will …

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why does swimming make you tired

6 Reasons Swimming Makes You Tired (& What To Do About It)

Whether you are a seasoned competitive swimmer or a novice lap swimmer, chances are that you’ve experienced the all so familiar post-swim fatigue reported by so many swimmers and triathletes after hitting the pool for a good swim workout. As an experienced competitive swimmer myself, I can also testify to this draining fatigue that sets …

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disadvantages of swimming

5 Disadvantages Of Swimming You Should Be Aware Of

Swimming is well known for its many advantages such as being a great all-around workout, burning a ton of calories, being low impact, strengthening your heart and cardiovascular system, and many more.  Something less discussed, however, are the disadvantages of swimming- and while there aren’t many- and all of the advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages …

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