20 Motivational And Inspirational Swimming Quotes

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Some days will be tough. You might now want to go to training, you are tired, your muscles are sore from the previous training session, the water is cold, you had a bad previous meet.

The excuses are endless and feeling this way is completely normal. Every athlete will feel like this one time or another in their career. It is impossible to avoid feeling this way, to avoid having a lack of motivation.

However, you shouldn’t worry about how you are feeling right now because what matters is the long term success of your swimming and your long term goals that you would like to accomplish one day. In order for you to accomplish those goals, you are going to have to push through now, despite how you are feeling.

And sometimes all you need on a hard day, where you are tired, sore and you know how cold the water is going to be this afternoon is a few quotes to get you going and give you that motivation to go to training and give it you’re all.

After all, how you perform in your next race is going to be dependent on whether or not you go to training when you don’t feel like it.

Here are my favorite 20 Motivational Quotes for swimmers

1. “Every Champion was once a contender who refused to give up”

No one great has ever been born that didn’t feel like giving up at some stage in their career. They still had to work hard, like the rest of us. Yes, some are more talented and might not have to work as hard as others, but to be the best you are still going to have to work extremely hard.

No matter how talented you are or not. You will never be able to reach the top and become a champion if you give up.

2. “Quitters don’t swim, SWIMMERS don’t Quit”

You will never be defined as a swimmer if you give up after losing one race. As swimmers, most of us lose multiple races all the time. Very few actually win every single race, every single time. If you want to be defined as a swimmer you are going to have to work hard and accept failure, accept losing because that is just part of the sport.

3. “Success in swimming comes when you simply refuse to give up, with GOALS so STRONG that obstacles, failure, and loss only act as motivation.

In order for you to become one of the best, it’s important to set goals, long term goals, short term goals, smaller goals, bigger goals. Ultimately goals that motivate you so much that you won’t need another quote again in your life to motivate you to go to training and give it everything you have.

In swimming, sports and life there will always be obstacles, failure, and losses. They are unstoppable, you will experience them at some point or another. That’s why you need strong goals to keep you going and to pull you up, once you do encounter those failures.

4. “Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit”

No one has ever achieved anything great or worthwhile without failing. Thomas Edison failed a thousand times until he finally invented the light bulb and changed the world forever.

Michael Phelps has lost races, big races, and so have many other great swimmers and athletes. The thing is you will fail, but it is about getting up and not quitting once you do fail.

5. “Cowards never START, the weak never FINISH, winners never QUIT”

If you are scared of failure and chasing big goals you will never truly start to go after them, If you are weak, you will give up when the pain becomes too much when the effort is too much for you to handle when you feel like you can’t do it anymore.

But if you are a Winner you will never quit, you will fight until the end to achieve your goals until you have nothing left. And if you still don’t achieve them then, it doesn’t make you any less of a winner, because at the end of the day you gave it your all.

6. “Be patient. Sometimes you have to go through the worst to get the best”

You can’t just always win, smash PBs and break records. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way and it never will. In the sport of competitive swimming, you are going to have to go through some tough times in order to reach your full potential or win that gold medal.

Whether it may be tough times in training or tough times in plateauing, there will always be some kind of challenge. Push through and chase the light at the end of the tunnel.

7. “Just, because it isn’t happening at this moment, doesn’t mean it never will”

Just, because you didn’t swim the time you wanted to today, break that record, win that gold or beat an old rival doesn’t mean it is never going to happen.

Stand strong and keep training, in order to become the best you have to be patient and work hard, day in and day out. If you keep your head down and work, you will reach your goals one day.

8. “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet”

Nobody likes to wait to break their old PB or win that very important gold medal. However, if you keep your head down, stay patient and refuse to give up.

You will smash your PBs, you might even win a few gold medals or break a couple of records. At the end of the day, it’s the swimmer that stays patient, works hard, and doesn’t give up that reaches the top.

9. “Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting”

Let us say you had a bad meet, you didn’t swim the times you wanted to or you didn’t win that race that was so important to you. Now it’s the following Monday after the weekend of the meet and you have a bad attitude about your training because you didn’t perform like you wanted to.

That isn’t going to help you to do what you wanted to do at the previous meet. It’s actually going to be bad for you and you are going to be wasting your time. If you do not succeed now, just go back to training, keep a good attitude and train hard. You will reach your goals if you do that.

10. “Patience and hard work is a key element of success”

Most Olympic gold medalists and professional swimmers started swimming when they were 3 or 4 and really started swimming competitively when they were probably around the age of 7 or 8.

Most of them didn’t go to the Olympics or go pro until they were 22 or 23. That’s a full 15+ years of hard work and patience to reach their goals.

You have to stay patient and keep working hard if you want to achieve success.

11. “Nothing worth having comes EASY”

It is not going to be easy to become the best swimmer in your state or province. It isn’t going to be easy to break that record, win gold or absolutely destroy that PB. BUT it is going to be worth it.

It is going to be worth all the time spent in the pool, pushing your body to the limits, it is going to be worth all the times you had to fail to achieve that goal.

12. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, well we must be crazy then”

This is more a quote that swimmers can just relate to and be proud of. Because YES, we are crazy. We are crazy to get up at 5 am in the morning. Just to go and jump in a freezing pool or do dry-land.

We are crazy to spend hours and hours each day, pushing our bodies to the physical limit to drop a few splits or seconds next time we race. BUT we love it and that is why we do it, over and over, tens of thousands of strokes each week, and a lot of laps swam over and over again in the same pool.

13. “If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful”

There are two ways you can look at this quote. Either it is a more practical way, meaning in a race if you take that one breath less it could be the reason you swim 0.01 seconds faster and win gold.

Or you can look at it in a deeper way, meaning that if you wanted to win as bad as you want to stay alive, then you will probably be successful, because you will chase after that goal like your life is dependent on it.

14. “When your body gets tired swim with your heart”

When your lungs are screaming, your muscles are aching and you start to tighten up that last 25, then it is all in your mind and in your heart. Because your body is telling you to stop, it’s telling you NO, you are tired, don’t do this.

Then it is the will in your mind and the passion in your heart for the sport of swimming that you require to push yourself to touch the wall first.

15. “Swimming is my sport, THE POOL is my home, THE WATER is my friend”

There isn’t much to say about his one. It speaks for itself. As swimmers, we dedicate our training so much to swimming that there isn’t time for other sports.

The pool is where we spend a lot of our time in a lot of cases and the water is where we can calm down after a rough day and just swim away.

16. “Obsession is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated”

I remember I was once told by one of my friends- “you are obsessed”. This stuck with me because yes I am obsessed with the sport of swimming and I knew that, but I love swimming so why is it even a problem in the first place.

It was only a while until I realized that they don’t understand our passion and that they felt intimidated because we as swimmers are willing to spend so much time and effort in the pool to reach a goal.

17. “Everyone wants to eat, few are willing to hunt”

At the end of the day, everyone wants to be successful, everyone wants to be the best, break records and win gold medals. But when the time comes to actually put in the effort to get there, most of those people who said they wanted those things aren’t willing to put in the time, effort and pain.

If you truly want to be the best, you are going to have to work for it. Hunt for it.

18. “I’m not telling you it will be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it”

This is similar to one of the previous quotes- “Nothing worth having comes easy”. At the end of the day it comes down to that you have to work hard for the things that you truly want. Because those things likely aren’t achieved easily.

19. “Work hard in silence, let your Success make the noise”

Don’t be one of those swimmers who is always going on about how good they are. Some of the best swimmers I know never say a word about all of the gold medals that are stacked up in their room or their national records.

If you are truly great, your teammates will notice there is no need to tell them, because your success speaks for itself and they will come and tell you how good you are.

20. “Work harder than you think you did yesterday”

In order to get better, you are always going to have to push yourself a little bit more than you did yesterday, it is similar to the principle of progressive overloading in weight training, meaning you have to add a little more weight each day in order to get stronger. ,

Just like that, you have to push yourself a little bit more each day in training in order to become a faster swimmer.

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I am Benjamin, a competitive swimmer with many years of experience in the sport of swimming. I am very passionate about competitive swimming and love sharing everything I have learned about the sport. I specialize in swimming butterfly and my favorite event is the 100m butterfly with the 50m and 200m fly closely following.

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