approved tech suits 12 and under

7 Best Tech Suits Approved For Swimmers 12 And Under

DISCLAIMER: This article is in no way directed towards swimmers aged 13 years old or younger, but rather to the parents of those swimmers who purchase their tech suits and other gear. Tech suits are well known for enhancing swimming performance in the water. These suits utilize innovative fabrics and technology to enhance certain aspects …

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TYR Venzo Review

TYR Venzo Tech Suit Review (Hands-On)

If you are ready to swim fast this racing season, crush some PBs in the pool, and ace those gold medals and qualifying times then suit up, because today we’ll be looking at one of the most popular racing suits currently on the market, namely the TYR Venzo tech suit.  TYR is one of the …

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What Are Tech Suits For Swimming

What Are Tech Suits For Swimming?- A Guide For Swimmers

If you are a swimmer you’ve probably heard the term “tech suit” being thrown around at your local swimming meets, you’ve most likely also seen a few of these suits- and maybe even their expensive price tags. But exactly what are tech suits? What do they do? And do they really work?  In today’s article, …

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Best Men's Tech Suits

13 Best Men’s Tech Suits For Swimming- The 2022 Expert Guide

It’s no secret that tech suits can enhance your swimming performance in the pool. With entire teams of engineers and researchers behind the manufacturing of these technical swimming suits the technology- and speed- is only improving. Picking the right tech suit is an important part of being prepared for your next big swimming competition as …

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tech suit size chart guide

Tech Suit Size Chart: Speedo, Arena, TYR, Mizuno, Finis

I recommend reading the following before continuing to the size guide for your tech suit. If you are reading this article, I’m assuming that you already know what tech suit you are looking for and what performance benefits these suits hold for us as swimmers. I’ve put this article together to cover the sizing for …

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