food for swimmers

17 Foods for Swimmers to Boost Performance (Superfoods)

Think quick: Are the foods you eat every day contributing to your swimming performance? If your answer is no or you are unsure, you are not alone. Many swimmers lack the knowledge of foods they should be eating- or not eating- to boost their swimming performance.  That’s okay— you’re only moments away from learning about …

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best supplements for swimmers

Best Supplements For Swimmers: Top 8 Picks For Elite Results

DISCLAIMER: This is not medical advice by any means, always consult a registered physician or dietitian if you are unsure. Images are for demonstrative purposes only. There’s a famous comparison made by Michael Phelps, unarguably the greatest swimmer of all time, where he describes his body as being a “high-performance car”. The point? “You’re not …

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meal plan for swimmers

Meal Plan For Swimmers: Pro Guide & How To Create Your Own

Swimming is easily one of the hardest and most energy-consuming sports on the planet. Professional competitive swimmers train up to 30 hours per week and can consume anywhere between 6000 to 10000 calories per day. Meeting these energy needs plays an important role in optimal recovery, performance, and progress in the water and that’s why …

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