upper body exercises workouts for swimmers

11 Top Upper Body Exercises and Workouts for Swimmers

Did you know that upper-body strength is strongly correlated with swimming performance for both sprinters and distance swimmers? This is according to a study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine. So how would it feel to know that you can improve your swimming performance and reduce your risk of injury without spending a single second …

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Leg exercises for swimmers

9 Leg Exercises For Swimmers To Boost Swimming Performance

When you think of a swimmer’s body, you probably imagine- broad shoulders, big lats, and well-defined abs- but something many overlook is the leg muscles. Just as the upper body plays an essential role in swimming, so does the lower half. And it’s probably no surprise that in some swimming events, the legs might even …

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dryland cardio workouts for swimmers

Dryland Cardio For Swimmers- 7 Workouts To Build Endurance

Swimming is well known as being one of the best cardio workouts out there. That said, many competitive swimmers still incorporate dryland cardio into their training schedule to improve their endurance and overall performance in the water.  One of the main benefits of adding additional dryland cardio to your swimming training schedule is the fact …

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jump rope for swimmers

Jump Rope For Swimmers: 9 Reasons Every Swimmer Should Do It

If you are looking to spice up your swim training while simultaneously becoming a better and faster swimmer then you better start jumping some rope.  Jump rope for swimmers is a great addition to your training that holds many benefits for your swimming performance. Some of the many benefits for swimmers include improved agility, ankle …

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resistance band exercises for swimmers

10 Resistance Band Exercises For Swimmers To Build Strength

Resistance bands are a dryland tool that most swimmers are familiar with and that most coaches love to incorporate into dryland training routines. Resistance bands serve as a cost-effective and easy to use tool for swimmers, helping to build strength, improve performance in the water, and even prevent injuries. The number of exercises that you …

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best breathing exercises for swimmers- dryland and pool

7 Best Pool And Dryland Breathing Exercises For Swimmers

As a swimmer, you probably realize just how important proper breathing is, but what you don’t realize is the fact that most of us aren’t utilizing our breathing and lung capacity to the fullest which means you’re losing out on possible performance perks both in training and competition which can aid you in swimming faster …

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Swimmer lifting weights

8 Must-Follow Weight Lifting Guidelines For Swimmers

Are you looking to hit the gym and lift some weights to enhance your swimming? Well, that’s a great idea! Weight lifting holds many benefits for swimmers and athletes in general and can help to enhance your swimming performances by providing you with an added base of strength, power, and muscle that will translate into …

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