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Never feel clueless or lost at the pool again! Unlock the secrets to effective swim training with our expertly designed swim workouts.

Stop wasting your time in the pool feeling lost and doing directionless swim workouts, and start training effectively! Our ebook contains 97 structured and goal-orientated swim workouts to help you become a better, faster, and fitter swimmer. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, there are a multitude of workouts for every type of swimmer.

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Your Blueprint to Goal-Oriented and Structured Swim Workouts That Produce Results.

Swim training is supposed to be enjoyable, produce results, and bring you closer to your goals– whatever they may be. But feeling clueless about what to do in the water, how to progress, and how to reach your goals is frustrating! 

And how do you know the training you are doing is working anyway? Plus, even if you know how to train correctly, you still need to constantly design workouts or endlessly search the web to find ones that aren’t any good! Being a swimmer doesn’t have to be confusing, frustrating, or labor-intensive! 

Quit scouring the internet for answers– you’ve already found one. No more frustration, no more guessing, and no more wasting time! 

We created the 97 swim workout ebook that provides swimmers with structured, actionable, and goal-orientated swim workouts to ensure real progress in the pool every time you swim. (A comprehensive all-in-one resource. Yours to keep. Forever.)

The 97 swim workout ebook is designed to remove the confusion and frustration of going to the pool to train. And you’ll never have to search the web again for swim workouts that don’t work. 

The ebook contains the following: 

  • An entire section explaining how to use the workouts and structure your training.
  • 20 beginner swim workouts. 
  • 19 beginner/intermediate swim workouts.
  • 20 intermediate swim workouts.
  • 18 intermediate/advanced swim workouts.
  • 20 advanced swim workouts. 
  • Plus, take advantage of the exclusive bonuses that come with the ebook to level up your swimming. 

Stop wasting time, eliminate boredom, and avoid the effort and confusion of figuring out what to do at the pool every day.

Are you tired of spending hours scouring the internet for mediocre swim workouts? Do you hate the confusion and effort of figuring out what to do in the pool? 

What about those inefficient workouts that take ages to complete and don’t yield any results?

Or worse– do you fall into the trap of simply swimming continuous, monotonous, boring laps up and down with no real intention or goal? 

Well, you no longer have to. Enjoy access to various well-structured swim workouts and spend your extra time progressing towards your training goals. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or pro, competitive, fitness, or open-water swimmer; with over 90 swim workouts, there is something for every level and type of swimmer!

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Supercharge your results by following structured, goal-orientated swim workouts that target the right energy systems.

Don’t just settle for the best workout you can find searching the web. Or worse– making up your own swim workout on the spot with no real clue of what you are doing. 

Our workouts have a clear, pre-defined, goal-oriented structure to ensure you make real, tangible progress, eliminate plateaus, and train specific energy systems in the body to become a better, faster, fitter, and more capable swimmer. 

Now you can feel confident knowing that you have a plan for what you will do at the pool. And what’s more, you can avoid the embarrassment of looking like you have no idea what you should be doing! 

Not only that, but I’ll show you how to adjust the workouts to deliver an even more personalized fit and maximize your results in the water. 

Whether your goal is to build endurance, improve your technique, swim faster, or be fitter and healthier, our workouts will help get you there.

An excellent complementary resource for those already in a swim club or working with a coach.

They say for every day of swim training you miss, it takes two days to catch up! 

Having an entire ebook of extra swim workouts on hand means you never have to worry about those days when you can’t make it to training ever again! Whether it’s because of school, work, or just taking a holiday, you’ll always know what to do in the pool. 

And what about the off-season? Don’t you hate starting a new training season unfit and trailing behind your teammates? Our swim workouts will help keep you fit and give you a head start for the new season. 

But it’s not just about keeping fit when you can’t attend training. If you have a specific aspect of your swimming that you want to improve and some extra time on your hands, you can use our goal-orientated workouts in conjunction with your regular training to give yourself a boost in the pool. I’ll even show you exactly how to structure it!

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Enjoy your swim workouts in an easy-to-use and convenient format.

No need for a fancy smartwatch or app! If you already own one of these– great! Before heading to the pool, you can still manually upload our workouts in your favorite app. 

But for the rest of us, the workouts are easily accessible via your smartphone’s or smartwatch’s PDF reader, or if you prefer, you can print them out and keep them poolside. 

What’s Included In The 97 Swim Workouts Ebook

Our ebook contains 97 swim workouts for swimmers of every level. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced swimmer– or somewhere in between, our workouts will provide you with structure and guidance so you can reach your goals in the pool!

And you’ll also get access to exclusive bonuses to level up your training. This includes a training log, weekly training planner, and dryland warm-up guide. 

Whether you’re new to swimming and don’t know where to start or a seasoned trainee looking to level up their training and break plateaus, this ebook has everything you need. Here’s a rundown of what the ebook covers:

  • How to use the swim workouts: An entire section explaining terminology, structure, and how to read and understand the workouts.
  • Training recommendations: Guidelines for different levels of swimmers on how to train effectively, including what to focus on and training frequency. 
  • 20 beginner swim workouts: Swim workouts designed to develop technique and build endurance. We also focus on foundational elements of speed. Workouts have an average duration of 28.8 minutes and an average distance of 740 yards/meters. 
  • 19 beginner/intermediate swim workouts: These workouts offer progression for beginner swimmers transitioning to higher levels but will also be suitable for intermediate swimmers looking for more variety. We continue to develop foundational elements. Workouts have an average duration of 37.6 minutes and an average distance of 1070 yards/meters. 
  • 20 intermediate swim workouts: Swim workouts continue to develop the foundational aspects of swimming and incorporate more advanced training techniques. Training goals become more varied, and volume continues to increase. Workouts have an average duration of 53 minutes and an average distance of 1750 yards/meters. 
  • 18 intermediate/advanced swim workouts: We continue developing intermediate skills while introducing more advanced techniques. Training volume increases substantially across the span of workouts. These workouts are also suitable for intermediate swimmers who want to progress and advanced swimmers looking for added variety. Workouts have an average duration of 76 minutes and an average distance of 3150 yards/meters. 
  • 20 advanced swim workouts: A series of fully fledged advanced swim workouts for elite swimmers. Work through a variety of training goals and enjoy a high training volume. Workouts have an average duration of 92 minutes and an average distance of 4540 yards/meters. 
  • Exclusive Bonuses: Our ebook comes with a training log, dryland warm-up guide, and weekly training planner to help keep you on track and elevate your training.
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Exclusive Training Bonuses Included!

*Bonuses are delivered in digital PDF format. Images for demonstrative purposes only.

SwimCompetitive Training Log

Training Log

Tracking your progress and self-reflecting on what went well and what didn’t is one of the most critical aspects of reaching your goals as fast as possible. We provide an easy-to-use training log that helps you do just that! 

SwimCompetitive Dryland Warmup Guide

Dryland Warm-Up Guide

All of our workouts include an in-water warm-up. That said, doing a quick dryland warm-up outside the pool can also significantly help improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. This quick and easy-to-implement guide lets you set up the perfect dryland warm-up before you hop in the pool. (Note this is an extra and not necessary to implement if you don’t have the time). 

SwimCompetitive Weekly Training Planner

Weekly Training Planner

We understand that swim training can take a lot of time and that things can sometimes feel overwhelming. Easily plan your week’s training and stay on top of things with our simple-to-use weekly training planner to ensure you are making optimal progress in the pool and never have to miss a workout! 

Your Swimming Expert

Benjamin Strydom, the founder of SwimCompetitive.Com, has been swimming competitively for over a decade. With extensive experience and knowledge in swimming, he continues to help more and more swimmers reach new heights in the water. 

author image benjamin

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you dive into the Ebook and decide that it’s not as useful as I said it would be, don’t stress it. You have a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee period. Just drop me an email here. No forms, no waiting, and no questions asked. I’ll refund you as soon as possible.

Because here’s the deal: I don’t want your money if I’m not helping you take the confusion out of your swim workouts and reach your swimming goals. Your trust means more to me than a transaction.

With this guarantee, the only thing you stand to lose is the frustration of spending hours browsing the web only to find confusing and time-inefficient swim workouts that don’t produce results. Dive in risk-free, and let’s crush your swimming goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any equipment to follow the workouts?

Apart from the standard equipment like a swimsuit, cap, and goggles, you will also need training equipment. However, the type of equipment varies depending on your level. Beginners will only need a kickboard and pull buoy while using fins is optional. In later stages, I introduce more equipment, such as paddles, snorkels, and parachutes. That said, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have a particular piece of equipment– you can still do the workouts. 

Is there a money-back guarantee?

You bet. We put a lot of work into this ebook to provide you with a comprehensive training resource. But if, for whatever reason, you don’t find it helpful, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Is my payment information secure when purchasing the ebook?

100% yes! We use Lemon Squeezy’s 256-bit PCI-complaint payment gateway to handle the billing and provide secure encryption. Your billing information is safer with our SSL than it is buying gas or at your favorite restaurant. Your transactions are completely protected from fraud. 

Is this ebook suitable for all levels of swimmers?

Yes, the ebook includes workouts for beginners, beginner/intermediate, intermediate, intermediate/advanced, and advanced swimmers! What’s more, is that the in-between workouts double as extra workouts. For example, intermediate swimmers can choose from beginner/intermediate, intermediate, and intermediate/advanced workouts, providing over 55 workout options.

What types of swimmers will benefit from this ebook?

All types of swimmers will benefit from our structured and goal-orientated swim workouts. Whether you’re a competitive, open-water, masters, or fitness swimmer, these workouts will bring you closer to your goals. You may find specific workouts that don’t apply to your goals, in which case, you can skip these.

Can I access the ebook on all devices?

Yes, since the ebook is delivered in PDF format, you can access it on any device with a PDF reader, including mobile phones, tablets, computers, and certain smartwatches. You can also print out the ebook for a physical copy. 

Are there additional bonuses included with the ebook?

Absolutely! The ebook has 3 bonuses to assist with your training and help you become a better swimmer. This includes a training log, weekly training planner, and dryland warm-up guide. 

Can I purchase a physical copy of the ebook?

No, this ebook and all its bonuses are only available in digital format as PDFs. That said, should you wish to print it out for yourself to use at the pool, you can easily do so. 

Are there any prerequisites for using this ebook?

No, whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced swimmer, this ebook will help you to progress and train at your level. That said, for beginners, I advise that you at least have sufficient swimming skills to ensure your safety in the water. You should also be able to swim at least a few lengths. Under no circumstances should you enter the water if you cannot swim. Also, avoid swimming without the supervision of a lifeguard, regardless of your swimming level. 

How will this ebook help me improve my swimming?

Workouts in the ebook help to develop your swimming skills and target specific training goals such as endurance, speed, technique, skills, threshold, race pace, and recovery. There is also progression between workouts on a level basis and as you progress to higher levels. Furthermore, workouts develop specific energy systems in the body based on the training goal to ensure you make efficient progress. 

Why Swimmers Love Our Ebook

In case you’re not entirely convinced yet, here are all the benefits our ebook has to offer:

  • Save time and avoid the effort and confusion of figuring out what to do at the pool every day. Instead, spend that time actually working towards your goals.
  • Avoid wasting time on unstructured and inefficient workouts that don’t produce results.
  • Feel confident knowing that you have a plan for what you will do at the pool.
  • Avoid the embarrassment of looking like you don’t know what you should be doing in the pool. 
  • Make efficient training progress by following structured, time-efficient, goal-orientated swim workouts that train the correct energy systems and produce maximum results. It doesn’t matter what type or level of swimmer you are! 
  • Never feel bored again in the pool by having access to various swim workouts.
  • Enjoy flexible swim workouts and training that can be adjusted to fit your goals and needs. 
  • Enjoy your swim workouts in an easy-to-use format and access it from any device, or print it out to take to the pool. 
  • If you’re already in a club, use the workouts for times when you can’t make it to training, during the off-season, or to do some extra training on your own time. 
  • Enjoy exclusive bonuses to help level up your swim training. 
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