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The Swimmer’s Ultimate Guide To Competition Swimsuits

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Competitive swimming is one of the most complex sports out there. Why? Because there are so many different aspects and things that go into producing the top swimmers. Excellent technique, science-based training, weight lifting, dry-land and of course competition swimsuits, just to name a few variables.

competition swimsuits pinterest imageBelieve it or not, but competition swimsuits can play a large role in helping a swimmer to win a race. If you are not using a competition swimsuit for your important meets and races you are being placed at a huge disadvantage.

The best swimmers from all around the world all wear competition swimsuits and quite frankly the reason being is not so complicated- competition swimsuits make you swim faster.

There are many different variables in a competition swimsuit that allow you to swim faster, but we will dive into that in the next section of this article.

A quick overview of what we will discuss in the article-

  • Why every swimmer should wear a competition swimsuit- mental and physical benefits.
  • The best competition swimsuits for swimmers from 4 different competition swim brands- Arena, Speedo, TYR and MP.
  • 5 Tips to look after your tech suit.
  • Final Conclusion.

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Why every swimmer should invest in a competition swimsuit

Mental Benefits

Ask any swimmer who has worn a competition swimsuit about how it made them feel in the water and they will all answer with something along the lines of how it made them feel faster and more confident in the pool.

(even if the outcome wasn’t faster, which can also be a possibility depending on many different factors.)

The fact of the matter is that competition swimsuits will make you feel like you can win any race, it is like putting on a modern robotic suit that gives you enhanced physical capabilities. (Quite literally.)

In my opinion (and many other top coaches’ around the world), mental confidence that you are able to win your race or swim a good time is one of the most important factors of modern competitive swimming.

20-30 years ago, psychology or mental training in any competitive sport wasn’t taken as seriously as it is today, and that is exactly why world records are still being broken every year- Because the athletes and swimmers believe and have the confidence that they can do it!

(Keep in mind if you are interested in getting up to date on some awesome psych up tips before your race, I highly recommend that you check out my article- “10 Best Psych Up Tips For Swimmers“. Your mind is very powerful and it can be used to enhance your performance in the water. )


Physical Benefits

A competition swimsuit isn’t called a “competition swimsuit” without reason. Every seam and fiber of it is weaved in a way to enhance physical performance in the water.

There are a few different ways a competition swimsuit can enhance physical performance in the water-


(1.) Compression

Most high-end tech suits offer intense compression, and although this may be uncomfortable it is certainly worth the physical enhancement.

Compression allows oxygen to quickly circulate through the blood and move into your muscles, whilst also removing lactic acid and other toxins like carbon dioxide.

In the end, this allows for higher physical exertion and more power in the water, ultimately allowing you to swim faster, better times and possibly winning your race or breaking a record.


(2.) Improved stroke rate and stroke length

Tech suits have widely been known to help swimmers improve body position, stroke rate and stroke length in the water. This basically allows swimmers to swim faster for longer in a more efficient manner.

There was even a study done about this exact topic with French elite swimmers. The results of the study aren’t surprising and simply verify what has already been believed for so long.

The study found that a competition swimsuit created conditions for lower resistance in the pool, while swimmers experienced longer gliding phases and improved efficiency in the water.

Further, the study found that the effects of competition swimsuits were the highest at sprinting speeds. Thus we can make the conclusion that the effects of the suits will vary from swimmer to swimmer depending on size, speed, and technique.


Now, we will have a look at some of the best competition swimsuits for swimmers from 4 of the best swimming brands out there. Namely- Arena, Speedo, TYR, and MP. We will go into an in-depth analyzation of each suit to help you make the best possible decision on which suit you should invest in.


Arena (6 Competition Swimsuits)

Arena Carbon Air Competition Swimsuit.

Arena carbon air 2 men's competition swimsuitWomen's Arena Carbon Air competition swimsuitThe Arena Carbon Air is easily one of the best competition swimsuits out there. It has been released a while ago, but still owns up to its name. (There is now a newer version of the suit- The Arena Carbon Air 2, we will discuss it later.)

The Carbon Air is part of Arena’s all so popular carbon line of racing suits. (We will also talk about some of the other suits from the carbon line a bit later on.)

The Arena Carbon Air is feature packed, like most of the other tech suits. One of its most notable features is intelligent muscle compression.

Like we discussed earlier, muscle compression can have significantly positive effects on physical performance and power exertion, so that alone already gives the suit major physical benefits.

The second feature of this competition swimsuit is the weight. Arena claims that the Carbon Air is 30% lighter compared to most other tech suits and this certainly isn’t hard to believe. The suit is made from 65% nylon, 34% Lycra and 1% carbon fiber, all contributing to it’s light-weight.

The Carbon Air is quite thin and has been known to have a slightly shorter lifespan, compared to other tech suits, but nonetheless, it is still an awesome suit!

The Carbon Air competition swimsuit is designed and manufactured with carbon bands, allowing for intelligent muscle compression, reduced drag in the water, and maximum power exertion.

This competition swimsuit is a great option for swimming all of the strokes and events, although it probably isn’t the best option if you are looking for a pure breaststroke suit. (In that case, I recommend the Arena Carbon Flex VX below.)

Overall, this is an excellent competition swimsuit. It will definitely meet all your needs. If you are interested in this competition swimsuit and would like to know more, I suggest you check out my full review on it and get to know it a little better.


Arena Carbon Flex VX Competition Swimsuit.

Arena Carbon Flex VX men's competition swimsuitArena Carbon Flex VX women's competition swimsuitThe second competition swimsuit we are looking at today is the Arena Carbon Flex VX. This suit is also part of Arena’s popular Carbon line of racing suits and it’s feature loaded.

The Carbon Flex VX competition swimsuit is specifically designed for breaststroke swimmers. You have probably noticed that Adam Peaty, the world record holder in the 50m and 100m breaststroke events wears this competition swimsuit all the time.

And yes, although this suit is a popular option for breaststroke swimmers, I certainly wouldn’t say it is limited to swimming breaststroke. I have seen many swimmers, including my teammates, wear this suit for freestyle, backstroke and butterfly events and achieve excellent results.

The Carbon Flex VX has a multi-panel design that uses anchor points and high-strength elastic tape to create tension along the back of the upper legs. These added tension lines help the swimmer to maintain a good body position in the water and reduce drag and resistance.

When all of this is added together it will allow the swimmer to swim faster and easier at high speeds.

Further, the Carbon flex competition swimsuit V-flex design removes the lower leg side seams allowing for maximum flexibility and range of motion in the hips and glutes. The suit also allows unrestricted flexion in all directions- exactly what you would want when swimming breaststroke.

The Carbon Flex VX is also a relatively light competition swimsuit with a material composition of 52% Nylon, 47% Lycra and 1% carbon fiber, although its weight definitely can’t match the Arena Carbon Air.

Lastly, the Carbon Flex VX also has intelligent muscle compression built in. (Just like in all of the other high-end racing suits.) Once again this is super important since it will allow oxygen to quickly to be replenished and toxins to be removed from the muscles.

All in all the Arena Carbon Flex VX competition swimsuit is an excellent suit. Like I mentioned it is one of the best options for breaststroke swimmers, but it definitely isn’t limited to only breaststroke swimming.


Arena Carbon Ultra Competition Swimsuit.

Arena Carbon Ultra men's competition swimsuitArena Carbon Ultra women's competition swimsuitFor our third high-end competition swimsuit from Arena, we have the Arena Carbon Ultra. As you have probably already guessed this suit is also from Arena’s carbon line of tech suits.

The Carbon Ultra competition swimsuit is one of the newer suits in the carbon line and it is a feature built racing suit, allowing for high-speed performances in the water.

This suit is probably one of your best options if you are looking for something that is fairly optimized for every stroke. The Carbon Ultra’s design makes it a good suit for butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle events, although I don’t think it is the best option for long distance events. (You’d be better of with the Arena Carbon Air in that case.)

The Carbon Ultra has an interesting design called “infinity loop”. This allows for muscle groups to be better linked together when racing and ultimately allows you to swim faster.

The Carbon Ultra also has some of the best compression out there. (The suit is relatively uncomfortable.) The suit uses ultra-compression panels to compress the muscles when swimming, allowing for higher oxygen levels, lower lactate, and more muscle activation.

In terms of the overall weight of the suit, it is quite light. The suit contains much more Lycra and carbon fiber than other suits. The material composition of the suit is 50% Nylon, 47% Lycra and 3% carbon fiber.

The Carbon Ultra racing suit allows for natural movement and freedom of movement, once again verifying that it is a pretty solid option for all of the strokes.

The suit also has movement isolation and targeted compression to allow for better body position and improved stroke efficiency when swimming.

Overall the Arena Carbon Ultra is a really good competition swimsuit for most swimmers. It definitely isn’t as comfortable as some of the other suits, due to its high lycra and carbon fiber content, but it will deliver excellent results in the water.


Arena Carbon Air 2.

Arena Carbon Air 2 competition swimsuitArena Carbon Air 2 women's competition tech suitIf you missed it earlier, I mentioned that Arena has released a newer version of the Arena Carbon Air. It’s called the Arena Carbon Air 2. (I know, very anti-climactic).

The Arena Carbon Air 2 is very similar to the original Carbon Air, but it has been improved on in some aspects. Some of the most notable features are improved compression, comfort, and an even lighter weight.

The suit now consists of a single fabric, instead of 2 separate fabrics that are weaved together, this reduces drag and resistance by removing the seams on the side of the suit. The single fabric design also reduces the amount of water that gets absorbed, it significantly increases comfort and even makes the suit easier to put on.

In terms of compression, the suit now contains carbon bands fabric. This allows for comfortable muscle compression. The integrated carbon bands attach to critical stretch points to provide compression on overextended zones, improve core stability and enhance power when needed.

Lastly, the Arena Carbon Air 2 has been redesigned for a greater range of motion and movement. The internal lining of the Carbon Air 2 consists of 3 different panels to allow for greater freedom of movement.

In the women’s suit that would translate into less compression on the chest, allowing for easier breathing and more movement.

In the men’s suit, it reduces pressure on the hips and improves flexibility around the hip flexors. The reduction of internal lining in the suit allows both men’s and women’s suits to be lighter and absorb less water. Ultimately, reducing drag and improving glide.

Overall, the Arena Carbon Air 2 is definitely an upgrade from the original Carbon Air, but it is still very similar in some ways. The material composition is similar and some of the other features. Nevertheless, this is still an awesome suit for all of the strokes.


Arena R-EVO One (Mid range competition swimsuit).

Arena R-evo One men's competition swimsuitArena R-EVO One women's competition swimsuitNow that we have covered all of the high-end competition swimsuits. We are going to move onto the Arena R-Evo One. The R-Evo competition swimsuit is a good mid-range suit. It still has some of the high-end features, but it comes in at a slightly lower price.

The Arena R-Evo One is designed with a single piece fabric construction. It only has a bonded seam at the back. As you have probably already realized, this reduces drag and resistance in the water, ultimately increasing speed.

Further, the R-Evo One is designed with ultra-lightweight fabric, making it one of the lightest suits on the market. The material composition isn’t the most impressive though. The suit contains 78% Nylon and 22% Lycra. (I guess that’s still pretty good for a mid-range competition swimsuit.)

The R-Evo One racing suit offers decent muscle compression, but it definitely isn’t as good as some of the other high-end suits. The suit is designed for reduced water absorption and it’s comfortable and easy to wear.

All in all. The Arena R-Evo One competition swimsuit is definitely still a reliable option and it will save you some cash. This tech suit should be able to hand all of the strokes and events quite well.


Arena ST. 2.0 (Budget competition swimsuit).

men's Arena ST 2.0 competition swimsuitwomen's Arena ST 2.0 competition swimsuitLet’s face it. Not everyone might be convinced to invest in a high-end tech suit just yet. Especially those who are just looking to buy their first competition swimsuit. Or maybe you might just be looking to pick something up at a lower price and save a bit of money this year. That’s also cool.

The fact of the matter is that the Arena ST 2.0 is an awesome budget competition swimsuit. When I say budget, I mean it literally comes in 2-3 times cheaper than some of the high-end tech suits.

Obviously, this also comes at a cost. The Arena ST 2.0, lacks many of the features found in the high-end competition swimsuits. However, I wouldn’t say it is a problem for most swimmers, especially some of the younger ones.

The suit definitely feels a bit looser than the higher end competition swimsuits. The muscle compression of the suit is decent and in terms of weight, the suit is relatively light and has a decent material composition with 71% Nylon and 29% Lycra.

Further, the suit allows for complete freedom of movement, which is always nice. This will allow swimmers to use the suit for almost any stroke. The suit will be fine for all of the events, including long-distance events since the compression isn’t insanely tight.

The Arena ST 2.0 has an ergonomic construction, allowing for enhanced support, stability and comfort in the water while racing.

Overall, I think the Arena ST 2.0 definitely isn’t such a bad option. It still has some nice features and the price is quite low for a competition swimsuit, which is always a win.

(If you would like to find out a bit more about the Arena Powerskin ST 2.0, I suggest you check out my full review of the suit. In that article, I go into a lot of detail about the pros and cons of the suit and my overall experience racing with it. Click HERE to read the review).



And that concludes our Arena tech suits. We will now be taking a look at the all so popular line of Speedo competition swimsuits.


Speedo. (5  Competition Swimsuits)

Speedo LZR Racer X.

Speedo men's LZR Racer X competition swimsuitSpeedo LZR Racer X competition swimsuit women'sThe Speedo LZR Racer X is one of the best and most popular speedo tech suits out there. The LZR Racer X is a feature loaded competition swimsuit. Like all of the other competition swimsuits, the LZR Racer X is designed for enhanced performance and speed in the pool.

The LZR Racer X features targeted muscle compression in its design. Targeted muscle compression allows for enhanced renewal of oxygen throughout the body and legs and faster removal of lactate and toxins.

The LZR Racer X is designed in such a way that it allows for freedom of movement through the water, allowing the swimmer to gain a full range of motion on each kick, stroke, and push.

The suit is designed to increase vertical stretching. This basically forces the swimmer to stretch mostly vertical, ultimately propelling them forward in the water.

In terms of weight, the Speedo LZR Racer X competition swimsuit is relatively light and has a good material composition with 65% Nylon and 35% Lycra. Unfortunately, the suit does not contain any carbon fiber.

The LZR Racer X has built-in panels, allowing for a better body position and a stable core position in the water. The suit also has “ab-activators” in the core area allowing for better ab-activation whilst racing.

Lastly, the LZR Racer X contains support seams for increased muscular awareness and body position in the water. All of these features ultimately contribute to a faster and better swim.

Overall, the Speedo LZR Racer X tech suit is a great option. It is suited for all of the strokes and surprisingly, it will also be a good option for all of the events, including breaststroke events and long-distance events.


Speedo LZR Elite 2.

Speedo LZR Elite 2 competition swimsuitSpeedo LZR elite 2 women's competition swimsuitThe Speedo LZR Elite 2 is another high-end competition swimsuit from Speedo’s side. It isn’t quite as popular as the LZR Racer X, but it is still a really good feature-packed racing suit, allowing for enhanced performance in the pool.

The Speedo LZR Elite 2 is manufactured from Speedo’s LZR pulse+ fabric. This fabric allows for a type of targeted muscle compression and allows your body to be ‘molded’ into the right position for optimal hydrodynamic results.

The fabric allows for the right amount of tension all over your body to enhance your performance in the pool.

Further, the Speedo LZR Elite 2 uses ultra-sonically bonded seams. Speedo claims that this reduces drag in the water up to 6%. This is because the ultra-sonically bonded seams work together to drastically improve skin friction in the water when compared to regular sewn seams.

Lastly, the LZR Elite 2 has water repelling technology built into it. This minimizes the amount of water absorbed when racing, allowing for a lighter suit and faster times. It also allows the suit to last up to 40% longer since the structure and composition will last longer.

All in all, the Speedo LZR Elite 2 is an awesome high-end tech suit allowing for enhanced performance in the pool. It is suited for all of the strokes and events making it a great option for competitive swimmers.


Speedo LZR Pure Intent.

Speedo Pure Intent men's competition swimsuitSpeedo Pure Intent women's competition swimsuitSimilarly to Arena, Speedo has also released their own share of new competition swimsuits. One of these suits is the Speedo Pure Intent. The suit basically builds on what has already been created and achieved with the Speedo LZR Racer X and LZR Elite 2 and tries to improve it.

The Speedo Pure Intent is designed with dual compression layers and an ergonomic seam construction. This basically allows the suit to connect important and critical muscle groups for greater output in power whilst racing.

The dual compression layers mentioned above will also allow for enhanced oxygen replenishment and lactate removal throughout the body, ultimately allowing you to swim faster for longer.

Like we saw in the Arena Carbon Air 2 the Pure Intent also has a triple fabric construction with bonded seams. This design aspect of the suit allows for a greater range of motion and freedom of movement in the water.

This basically means that the Pure Intent racing suit is a good option for all of the strokes and events, making it a really nice all-around competition swimsuit.

Further, the Speedo Pure Intent has an interesting new feature in its design. Basically, the suit has textured fabric zones that target drag reduction for optimal and enhanced performance and speed in the pool. The design also introduces a new band technology to support a powerful leg kick.

Lastly, the Pure Intent has a premium waistband engineered to reduce water ingress. This way water will never enter your tech suit, ultimately reducing drag and resistance even further.

Overall, the Speedo Pure Intent is a really solid new option. It isn’t as popular as some of the older high-end suits just yet, but it has some cool new features that swimmers probably want to try out and experiment with.


Speedo LZR Pure Valor Competition Swimsuit.

Speedo Pure Valor men's competition swimsuitSpeedo Pure Valor women's competition swimsuitThe Speedo LZR Pure Intent wasn’t the only competition tech suit that Speedo recently released. At about the same time Speedo also released another high-end tech suit- the Speedo LZR Pure Valor. Although the differences between the suits aren’t extremely clear, they are there.

The LZR Pure Valor features the classic LZR construction with very lightweight material. The suit has a good material composition with 65% Nylon and 35% Lycra.

Surprisingly, Speedo is currently marketing this suit with only having moderate compression. We can probably translate out of this that the suit is designed to be more of a middle-distance (200’s and 400’s) to a long-distance racing suit. (800’s and 1500’s).

However, it is important to note that the suit does feature compressive inner leg seams allowing for greater muscle support while racing.

The suit is designed and constructed to support a greater range of motion in the water, also making it suitable for breaststroke swimmers. The suit has flat-bonded seams and improved finishes for optimal hydrodynamics in the water.

Further, the LZR Pure Valor also has new and improved leg and waistband finishes that are specifically engineered to reduce water ingress, ultimately reducing drag and increasing the lifespan of the suit.

All in all, the Speedo LZR Pure Valor is another awesome high-end competition tech suit. It has some nice features and new finishes allowing for enhanced performance in the water when racing at high speeds.


Speedo LZR Racer Pro (Mid range competition swimsuit).

Speedo LZR Racer pro men's competition swimsuitSpeedo LZR Racer pro women's competition swimsuitThe last Speedo competition swimsuit we are looking at today is another mid-range suit, coming in at a slightly lower price, but still packed with some good features- the Speedo LZR Racer Pro.

The Speedo LZR Racer Pro has a 3-piece pattern, this allows for a tight and secure fit and increased flexibility and freedom of movement when racing.

In terms of the suits overall weight, it is quite low with a pretty decent material composition. The suit is constructed from 75% Nylon and 25% Lycra.

The suit’s design includes seam binding. This technology is nothing new and is used on many suits to allow for reduced drag and resistance in the water. Ultimately, less drag equals more speed when racing.

The Speedo LZR Racer Pro has decent muscle compression built into the design. Once again muscle compression allows blood to circulate faster through the muscles, ultimately replenishing oxygen and removing lactate faster.

Lastly, the Speedo LZR Racer Pro has been designed in such a way to help with an improved body position when racing. Body position is extremely important when it comes to reducing drag in the water.

Overall, the Speedo LZR Racer Pro is an awesome mid-range tech suit for competitive swimmers. It has some of the nice high-end features and comes in at a slightly lower price.



Now that we have covered all of the Speedo competition swimsuits we are going to have a look at some of the TYR competition swimsuits. The TYR swim brand also offers some insanely good and premium tech suits!


TYR (3 Competition Swimsuits).

TYR Avictor Competition Swimsuit.

TYR Avictor men's competition swimsuitTYR Avictor women's competition swimsuitThe Avictor is easily one of TYR’s best and most popular competition swimsuits. It is used and raced in by many elite swimmers from all around the world. It is a feature packed, high-end tech suit.

The TYR Avictor probably has one of the coolest features I have seen on a tech suit so far.

The suit has built-in hydrosphere technology causing water to surround the suit, creating a visible hydrospheric effect.

Ultimately, this technology allows for less water absorption, reduced drag and resistance and increasing speed in the water.

It also has supersonic flex bonding seams built into the design. These seams allow for maximum comfort and stretch while racing. The seams even allow for a stretch up to 360-degrees, verifying that the suit is also a good option for breaststroke swimmers,

In terms of weight, the suit is surprisingly very lightweight allowing for higher racing speeds. The material composition of the racing suit is 70% Nylon and 30% Lycra. Once again, unfortunately, no carbon fiber.

The Avictor has an ultra compressive design. This design allows the muscles to quickly remove lactate and replenish oxygen as blood circulates through them.

Further, the Avictor allows for core stabilization and overall muscular support whilst racing. When this is combined with good technique it allows you to enhance your speed in the water.

All in all the TYR Avictor competition swimsuit is a really solid, high-end racing suit. The suit allows for 100% natural movement, making it suitable for all of the strokes and events, including long-distance races.



(I recently wrote an article where I compared TYR against speedo. If you haven’t decided whether you want a TYR, Speedo or Arena suit yet, you can go and read the full article where I go into an in-depth analyzation of TYR and Speedo- “TYR vs Speedo“)

TYR Tracer B-Series Competition Swimsuit.

TYR B-series men's competition swimsuitTYR B-series women's competition swimsuitThe TYR Tracer B-Series competition swimsuit is a relatively new suit. It is loaded with cool features and some new technology. I would still describe this suit as a high-end competition tech suit, but it does come in at a slightly lower price if you were wondering.

The TYR Tracer B-Series suit has a new feature called zone compression. Essentially this allows the swimmer to gain an equal balance between flexibility and compression for enhanced drag reduction where swimmers need it the most.

The suit has bonded seams built into the design, allowing for conform and stretching with the swimmer’s body to create a more compressive and tight fit while racing.

In terms of weight, the suit is decently lightweight with a decent material composition of 79% Nylon and 21% Lycra.

Further, the TYR Tracer B-Series suit is embedded with hydrophobic fiber. This allows for optimized body position, speed, and reduced drag while racing by allowing water to surround the fabric, rather than saturating it.

Lastly, the TYR Tracer B-Series tech suit has a neat feature called core-stabilization. This targets important muscle groups to ensure an optimal body position in the water and preservation of core strength.

Overall, the TYR Tracer B-Series competition swimsuit is a really good high-end competition swimsuit. It has some good and advanced features and comes in at a slightly lower price than some of the other racing suits.


TYR Fusion 2 (budget competition swimsuit).

TYR Fusion 2 competition swimsuitTYR Fusion 2 women's tech suitAs we are finishing off with the range of TYR tech suits for this article, we have another great budget competition swimsuit- the TYR Fusion 2. The Fusion 2 comes in at really low price compared to the high-end competition tech suits and it still has some decent features.

It has a relatively lightweight construction, with a material composition of 79% Nylon and 21% Lycra. The suit doesn’t itself doesn’t have the highest water repelling design, but luckily it is covered in a water repellent coating to reduce drag while racing.

Further, The Fusion 2 has isolated compression technology built into the suit. This allows for decent muscle compression, but still, it can’t really compare to the high-end racing suits. The main reasoning behind the compression technology in this suit is to reduce drag and improve glide.

The Fusion 2 is built with hydrophobic and flatlock stitching, allowing for a tight and secure fit while racing.

All in all the TYR Fusion 2 is a good budget competition swimsuit. It definitely lacks some of the high-end features found in the more expensive suits, but it is still good value for the price.



Now that we have successfully covered some of the most popular TYR competition swimsuits. We can finally move on to looking at MP- Michael Phelps, as you probably guessed the brand is owned and founded by the swimming legend Michael Phelps.


MP- Micael Phelps (1 Competition Swimsuit).

MP Xpresso Competition Swimsuit.

men's MP Xpresso competition swimsuitwomen's MP Xpresso tech suitThe final tech suit we are looking at today is going to be the MP Xpresso. Unfortunately, this is the only competition swimsuit currently available from MP. This is the suit that was worn and raced in by the legend himself- Michael Phelps at the 2016 Olympic games.

The MP Xpresso competition swimsuit uses aqua-core and exo-foil 3D fabric allowing for better muscle compression. Once again, muscle compression is an awesome way to enhance performance by quickly replenishing oxygen supplies to the muscles.

The suit is relatively lightweight with an interesting material composition. The suit has higher nylon content and slightly lower lycra content, allowing for a slightly more comfortable competition swimsuit. The final result is 77% nylon and 23% lycra.

The suit has leg grips that are designed to help with a tighter and more secure fit.

Further, the compression is precisely paneled along the femoral artery. Allowing blood to be delivered faster to your feet and legs.

Lastly, the MP Xpresso racing suit is designed to increase your range of motion and flexibility while racing. This also simply verifies that the suit can be used for breaststroke events.

Overall, the MP Xpresso competition swimsuit is really good and high-end racing suit. Although, I would say it is starting to get slightly out-dated with brands like Arena and Speedo releasing new suits, with new features and new technology.


5 Tips to make your competition swimsuit last longer.

1.) Save it for your big day.

I would recommend that you only wear your tech suits at big races. Or at races where you are trying to qualify for something like nationals. Do not wear your suit at each and every race.

The only time this would be acceptable is if you have a few different competition swimsuits. That way you can cycle through the older ones at the non-important swim meets.


2.) Don’t hang it up.

When drying your tech suit, it’s better to roll it up in a towel and wait it out or to simply lay it out flat on a towel. If you hang it up it can result in stretching your suit. Stretching will make your suit looser and have you lose some of those nice compression benefits.


3.) Rinse it out with cold water.

The high concentration of chlorine in the pool (some more than others) can damage your suit if you don’t remove it. When you are done racing for the day it’s always a good idea to rinse your suit out with some cold water to remove unnecessary chlorine.


4.) Wear pants or shorts over them in between races.

Unless you are planning on taking your suit off and putting it back on every 20 minutes it’s probably a good idea to wear pants or shorts over them. This will prevent your suit from damage or getting caught on something and tearing.


5.) When tying your drawstrings, cross them before pulling to prevent tearing.

This is a slightly more complicated one to explain on paper, but I’ll do my best. When tying your suit before you go and smash another PB cross the drawstring so that it forms an X.

Do not pull them in different directions from each other when tying them. (Meaning like a Y).

When you do this you are essentially putting a strain on the fabric and it can result in an unnecessary tear.

For another 11 tips on how to make your competition swimsuit last longer, I would recommend that you check out my article on “How to make your tech suit last longer”. We all know that these suits are expensive and this article will help you to take good care of your suit, allowing it to last longer. Ultimately, saving you some cash.


Conclusion Of Competition Swimsuits

I think it’s clear that competition swimsuits can provide some awesome performance enhancing features. Both physically and mentally. They reduce drag in the water, increase stroke rate and stroke length and allow muscles to remove lactate and replenish oxygen faster. All while giving the swimmer insane confidence.

It is, however, important to remember that these suits aren’t some shortcut that will turn you into a professional swimmer overnight. They can ultimately only do so much for you as a swimmer. These suits only deliver good results if you show up to training each and every day and work hard.

They only work if you do your dry-land properly and if you do your core training (Speaking about dry-land and core training, I highly recommend that you check out my article about “Strength and Conditioning For Swimmers” and my article about the “10 best core exercises for swimmers” to help you swim faster.)

And if you consciously focus on improving your technique in the water. They enhance performance, they don’t create performance.



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