Laps In A Mile Swimming

How Many Laps Is A Mile In Swimming? (Distance Charts)

The sport of swimming contains a lot of strange terms and jargon which some elite-level swimmers don’t even fully understand. One of the most confusing aspects is perhaps the mile swim.  Although it may seem simple enough there is actually quite a bit of confusion regarding the mile swim as your typical swimming mile isn’t …

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how to improve swimming endurance

How To Improve Swimming Endurance- The Swimmer’s Complete Guide

Whether you are a complete beginner swimmer or an experienced elite-level competitive swimmer. You are going to require a good base of swimming endurance. Even sprint or short distance swimmers can benefit from having higher levels of swimming endurance. And that’s why in this article we will be looking at how to improve swimming endurance. …

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swimming endurance workouts

12 Awesome Swimming Endurance Workouts

Having a solid foundation of swimming endurance is an important part of becoming a good swimmer. Swimming endurance and stamina is essential for maintaining a high level of fitness and performing well on long and hard training sets. And yes, even if you’re purely a sprint swimmer you still require a decent level of swimming …

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butterfly stroke swimming drills

10 Top Butterfly Stroke Drills For Improved Swimming

Swimming is all about reducing resistance in the water as much as possible and being able to swim as fast as you can to ultimately win your race, grab that qualifying time, or break that big meet record. Technique and body position in the water play a critical role when it comes to reducing resistance …

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how to swim butterfly without getting tired

How To Swim Butterfly Without Getting Tired- 5 Expert Tips

Butterfly is one of the hardest and most energy-consuming strokes in swimming with many swimmers being terrified of swimming it. Swimming a good and fast butterfly requires extreme strength, endurance, and power- and can get you quite tired, to say the least. You might also find it interesting to know that butterfly is actually the …

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20 Motivational And Inspirational Swimming Quotes

Some days will be tough. You might now want to go to training, you are tired, your muscles are sore from the previous training session, the water is cold, you had a bad previous meet. The excuses are endless and feeling this way is completely normal. Every athlete will feel like this one time or …

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