why do swimmers shave

Why Swimmers Shave- Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know

It’s a common phenomenon among competitive swimmers to shave their bodies before big swimming competitions and as strange as it may sound to your average non-swimmer, it’s considered completely normal among these aquatic athletes. So with that said, you are probably wondering why do swimmers shave? Or maybe you are a swimmer yourself and you …

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Swimming Vs Gym

Swimming Vs Gym- Which Is Better For You?

Do you want to become fitter and stronger? But not quite sure which training method is best and will provide you optimal results so that you can achieve your fitness goals as fast as possible? Well, don’t worry, because in today’s article we’ll be taking a look at and comparing 2 of the most popular …

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What is a lap in swimming

What Is A Lap In Swimming? Lap Vs Length

In swimming, there is a lot of different terminologies- flip turn and tumble turn, lane rope and lane line, swimming stroke and swimming style, butterfly kick and dolphin kick, a mile and a swimmer’s mile, the list goes on… But if there is one thing swimmers from all around the world can agree on it …

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